Super Bowl Odds US 2021

The super bowl attracts millions of audiences annually in the United States and around the world. The Super Bowl is much more than a sports event, its world class entertainment at its very core. The extent of the game stretches so far that even a 30-second commercial spot during the broadcast costs companies several million dollars. Nearly 300 million dollars was wagered in the last super bowl from punters. You may wonder “a whopping 300 million dollars? Yes, very correct and the Super Bowl odds account for this mega cash flow.

 Highlights of Super Bowl Odds

  • Has similar betting techniques to NBA betting
  • Super Bowl betting odds come in three popular formats
  • Good understanding of handicaps is a good strategy in Super Bowl betting
  • Winning most of your super bowl odds falls on 50-50 chance

When you wager on Super Bowl games, it’s important that you understand clearly and concisely how to read odds and how they work. This is basic information that you must know in order to make informed bets. Bookmakers use odds to even out the bets, getting punters to wager on both sides of the line by levelling the playing field. When you read NFL odds, you’ll first see the date and time of the game on the left and then immediately to the right, there will be two numbers with the name of each team next to one of each number. That number is called the rotation number.

Rotation numbers are standard among sports bookies. The number becomes a way to refer to the game and team without mentioning the teams’ name. Also, the rotation number allows each book to list the games in the same order—numerically. It is, in essence, a way to keep all of the games that are posted each day and throughout the week organized. That makes it easy for the bettor and the bookie.

As an example, let’s consider a matchup between the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins. In our scenario, the Dolphins are the home team, which means they will be listed last and the Patriots, as the visitors, will be on the odds slip first. If patriots’ rotation number is 101, then Dolphins’ rotation mark would be 102. When you place a bet live at a Vegas sportsbook or over the phone, you would say the number of the team on which you want to wager and not the name.

Date/TimeRotation NumberTeamPoint SpreadMoneyLineTotal
Sep 15101New England Patriots-10.5-38037.5
1:00102Miami Dolphins+10.5+25537.5

From the above table, we will look in details some odds presentation models sports bookies use in super bowl games

The super bowl point spread or Handicap

NFL teams have variations in strength, experience and skill, so in order to level the perceived bias in abilities, sports bookies offer a point handicap or point spread - this is often referred to as “the spread”.  The spread, or line, is a type of side bet that equalizes the chance of winning a bet

NFL wagering is dictated by the point spread. The line offered for any given team will be followed with a (–) or (+) symbol to indicate whether a team is a favorite or an underdog. The example below displays the spread

Let's say that the Dallas Cowboys are playing the Los Angeles Rams in a super bowl game. The point spread for this game is listed by the sports bookie as

                                             New England Patriots @ + 10.5 -110

                                            Miami Dolphins @ -10.5 -110

What does this -110-number mean?

This number means that for every $1.10 the punter bets he or she wins $1.00 back or, for every $110 the punter bets, he or she wins $100 back, plus your initial wager. You can bet however much you chose, within the rules and guidelines of your sports bookie.

What does +10.5 and -10.5 mean?

These numbers represent the actual point spread set by the odds makers or otherwise known, as line movers. If you bet Los Miami Dolphins at -10.5, this means that for you to win the bet, Los Angeles Rams must win the game by 10 points or more. If you bet New England Patriots at +10.5, this means that New England Patriots can lose the game by as many as 9 points, if they were to lose by 9 or more; you lose the bet.

The Super Bowl Moneyline

Like at the best rugby betting sites, The Money Line (1X2 without the draw) is also commonly used betting technique because it is simple and straightforward - it is essentially betting on who will win the game. A moneyline wager is one that is placed on either the favorite or the underdog to win straight up. All that matters is who wins. To win a money line bet, your team must win the game. It doesn’t matter how many points they win the game by. They can win by 1 point or by 50 points. A win is a win and you take home the money. However, there is a condition! If the team that you bet on is a heavy favorite than the team that you are betting against, you will need to wager a large amount, to win a small amount. If you are betting the underdog, you can bet a small amount, to win a large amount. Look at the example below.

Cleveland Browns@ 3.45 and the New York Giants@ 1.36

As we can see, the Giants are clear favorites in this game at odds of 1.36 while the Browns are at odds of 3.45.

As we said, there are no handicaps involved in American football money line bets.  The punter is simply betting on who he or she thinks will win the game. If the punter believes there is value with New York Giants, he or she bets on them to win the game at odds of 1.36. On the other hand, if he or she believes there is value with Cleveland Browns, he or she bet on them to win the game at odds of 3.45.

Another example to look at is the game between

  • New England Patriots -380
  • Miami Dolphins +225

To win $100 dollars wagering on the New England Patriots one must lay $380. Whereas, a $100 bet on the Miami Dolphins earns a profit of $225. Due to the high risk and low reward presented by betting on the New England Patriots, punters may choose to go against them, and place a smaller wager on the Patriots.

Super bowl Over Under Odds

This is not a bet type that you will find in The Bachelor odds, Oscars betting or any other events gambling outside of sports. To get the total score, the punter adds up the final scores of both teams of a super bowl game. For example, the total score between the Los Angeles Rams and Dallas Cowboys in a particular Super Bowl game was 23-28. The total score is thus 41(23+28) points. You will often see a predicted total of 40 in American football betting unlike predicted total of 3 in soccer in over/under odds or NBA betting totals which can range anywhere from 170 to 230.

Sometimes, a sports bookie will present the odds with (-) and (+). The signs, (-) and (+), represent the less likely to win (the underdog with the positive sign) and the more likely to win the game (the favorite with the negative sign) as well as how much you need to bet and how much you can win

Let’s consider examples of over under bet

                                        Baltimore Ravens vs Dallas Cowboys

Over 37.5 (-110)

Under 37.5 (-110)

The number next to the Over and under is always going to be the same, and represents the set game total. In this case the game total was set by the sports bookie at 37.5. You would then have the choice to place your bet on both teams scoring more than 37.5 combined points (the Over) or less than 37.5 combined points (the Under). “-110” represents the NFL betting odds.

If the final score ended up being Cowboys 21 Baltimore 14 we would have a total score of 35 points and therefore the “under” bet would win.

Another example is

In a game between the Patriots and the Browns

In this example, the over under line is set at 40 points. As you can see, whether you bet the over or the under, you’ll get paid the same. If the final score of the game were Browns 18, Patriot 22, the punter wins if the  bet was placed on over and lose if the  bet was placed on  under, but the point is that it does not matter which team scores the points, the final score is the most important thing.

Let’s look at another example

Let us say the Oakland Raiders are playing against the Dallas Cowboys. In this match, Raiders are the favorites and Cowboys are the underdogs. A sports bookie predicts a total of 40.5, with the odds listed as follows:

Totals: 40.5                      Over (-110)                            Under (+110)

In this case, if you are betting $110 that the total score will be over 40.5 points, and then you could win $100. Similarly, if you are betting that the total score will be 40.5 points exactly or under, then you could win $110 by betting $100.

Which bookmakers offer the Best Super Bowl Odds?

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Conclusion: Super Bowl Odds

The most successful super bowl betting punters typically focus on one, maybe two betting markets. It's not uncommon for experienced American punters to focus only on point totals, while others focus on point spreads. The key to long term profitability is in focus and specializing. Discover which super bowl betting markets you're consistently able to identify value in and stick to them. Definitely the NFL season and ultimately the Super Bowl will be something you will always look forward to.


At, we have a broad love for sports and betting in general. Be sure to explore guides like our "Highlights for Oscar Betting" or "Best Soccer Betting Tips" and many more to learn all you can about making money at the bookies.

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