Rugby Betting US 2021

Though not as popular as some other sports like soccer, basketball, baseball, and some other sports that have made name for themselves on the world stage of recognition, rugby is fast becoming an evolving sport and it is ranking as a choice sport for betting. Of all the aspects of rugby where lengthy discussions can be gained, the most important attribute of rugby as a sport that we are interested in is the interesting fact that rugby has a rich buffet of markets and it has a pretty  great scoring intensity (like basketball).

Important Facts to know about Rugby betting.

  • Rugby betting offers punters a wide range of betting options to maximize profits.
  • There are tonnes of markets in Rugby.
  • Rugby betting offers bets that span over the 80-minute game period

Rugby betting

The elementary rules guiding Rugby as a game includes :

  • The team with the highest score wins the game.
  • A typical rugby game is 80 minutes long with two halves having duration of 40 minutes.
  • Game points are accumulated through:
  1. Try (5 points)
  2. Penalty (3 points)
  3. Drop goal (3 points)
  4. Conversion (2 points)
  • A complete team consists of 15 players.
  • The ball must always be passed backwards while in play, forward passes are only allowed when a player kicks the ball with the foot or head.
  • In event of forward passes which is not allowed, a scrum (players pack tightly together with their heads bent down and struggle to gain the rugby ball) is used to restart play.
  • Play is started with a free kick and likewise a restart as well after a score.
  • A tackle occurs when a player with the ball is held on to and held to the ground, each team is entitled to tackles of 6 each. The opponent gets possession after 6 tackles from the opposing team.

We can write a whole article on the differences between Rugby Union and Rugby League, but the aforementioned differences highlighted in bullet point will do to help you understand the various bet types that are available in Rugby.

Handicap Rugby Betting

Just like with the best hockey betting strategy or best NHL betting tactics we’ve looked at in our other articles, the option of playing handicap is also available in Rugby.

Handicap betting is used when one of the team playing is believed to be outrightly tougher and better-performing than the other team. In such case, bookmakers offer to adjust the scale to make it attractive; hence, the handicap betting. Handicap is performed in Rugby by bookmakers when team believed to more likely win is started with minus points. On the other hand, the corresponding reaction of this is that the other earns a plus point. The main logic behind this is to level the chances of the two teams and make the bet more even, theoretically.

Let’s use a very simple example.

A bookmaker offers the following options: Team A -6.5, Team +6.5, or draw. As a bettor, if you wager on Team A to win, it implies that Team A must win with seven points or more for you to win your wager. If you wager on Team B to win, that means you win your bet if Team B win or lost by not more than six points (6 points or less).

Let’s look at other betting options in Rugby.

2-Way Bets

This is a two-way market in which the two available options are always “Overs” and “Unders” (we discussed at length on this in our article on tennis betting; also check over under bet for more explanation of these two terms). Basically, with a total 2-way, bookmakers make options for bettors to bet ‘under’ or ‘over’ a total number of goals or points to be expected by game end.


Draw no bet is also another two-way market in Rugby. Its distinguishing quality is that it completely eliminates the ‘draw’ option in the possible outcomes that punters can expect. Basically, if the game finishes in a draw, the bet is a push; it is invalid, and your stake is refunded. Otherwise, punters claim winning is it’s a win, and forfeit their stake if it’s a loss.

3-Way Totals Bets

A total 3-way is similar to total 2-way. You are simply betting on a total sum of goals or points to be scored at games end. Bookmakers set three sets of points or goal total expected at the end of a particular game.

Match Draw Option

This is a 3-way bet market with the option of draw (meaning there are three possible options) where punters place the bet on their preferred team to either win, lose, or wager on the match ending in a  draw.

Race To (Points)

This is another lucrative bet in Rugby. In this bet, bookmakers simply set a number of points for punters to wager on. The bet is basically on which of the teams will reach this number of points first. Punters wager on which of the team will first hit this number of points. In this bet, there is also an option to place a ‘neither’ bet, which simply implies that neither of the teams will reach this number of points throughout the game.

Halftime Handicap 2-Way

Let’s not bore you with too many words. This is a very simple bet. We already discuss handicap in Rugby. Now, recall that Rugby is an 80-minute game, played in two halves of 40 minutes each. Now, while the handicap bet applied to the whole game period (80 minutes), the 1st half handicap 2-way simply applied handicap to the first half of the game, and all decisions are made at the end of the game as the game as end (if it were to be handicap, at the end of the 2nd half).

Double Bet

This is two bets in one. For the first bet, punters predict who will score the most points at half-time of the game, and it’s a three-way market: a win, lose, or draw. For the second bet, punters predict the outcome at the end of the game. 

Winning Margin

In a very simple term, this bet is made on predicting by what margin a team will win the opponent within the normal game.

First Scoring Play

Here, punters are betting on how the game first point will be scored. There are three possible outcomes: a penalty, a try, or a drop goal. The lowest odds are typically assigned to penalty kicks. 

First Team to Score

Just as the name implies, this is simply a bet where punters bet on the first team to score in the game.

Which Bookmaker offer the best Rugby betting?

The simple truth is that there are a whole lot of bets to be explored in Rugby. It’s a rising star and gaining popularity and given the way the sport is organized, there often always a game for punters to bet on, not to talk of many betting types that are available in Rugby. We try our best to keep it as short and interesting as possible, but know that there are still some other very interesting betting types in Rugby that we are not able to cover in this article. However, don’t feel left behind. Visit our sports betting comparison page today to select a bookmaker of your preference among the trusted and reputable ones we’ve compiled for you; they are known for their reputation in the industry and great odds that they offer punters.

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Conclusion: Is Rugby betting Really Worth it?

Like we mentioned earlier, if you think the bets we are able to mention in this article are all Rugby betting has to offer, you are already missing out big. There are quite a significant number of betting available in Rugby. The first line of action to shoot your shot and stand to earn from Rugby betting is to find yourself a suitable bookmaker that suit your style and taste. Choose from a number of them that we’ve compiled on our sports betting comparison page.


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