Oscars Betting US 2021

The Academy Awards held annually, also known as the Oscars, are a set of awards for artistic and technical merit in the film industry. Given annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), the awards are the pinnacle of recognition for anyone in the film industry as assessed by the Academy's voting membership. With a lot of categories of nominees and would be winners, there’s a lot of bets to wager by optimistic punters. It’s not uncommon to see bets on popular award events as tv series betting like Game of Thrones betting is also in vogue.

Highlights of Oscar Betting

  • Its highly volatile as news affect odds and outcomes
  • It consist of “yes” or “no“ bets majorly
  • Odds decrease as the award night draws closer

With the various categories ranging from best in  directors, producers, composers, editors, writers, costume, makeup, hairstyling, and design, but the three most coveted Academy Award titles are: Actor in a Leading Role (Best Actor), Actress in a Leading Role (Best Actress), and Best Picture, this offers punters the best moments to wager on outcomes with amazing odds.

What differentiates the Oscars From Sports Betting?

Betting on the Academy Awards is very different from making a legal online Greyhound bet or backing the betting odds for Daytona 500, in the sense that the results of the event are based on predetermined information. The voters vote a while before the awards even take place. Once nominations begin, the betting markets open till the ceremony takes place, while the deciding votes get tallied about a week before the ceremony.

This time lapse gives you as a bettor up to a month to look at the nominees, get enough info, and analyze precedence which helps inform your potential bets. Basically, in Oscar betting, as a punter, you're competing in a race against the market as you try accessing the same information in order to be a step ahead before the odds conform to the circulating information. This technicality makes Oscars betting different from sports betting because sports betting outcomes are determined when the game is played.

Oscars Betting Odds

The various big Oscar categories have betting markets with odds.

The persons considered to have the best chances of winning are placed at the top of the odds list of the Oscars and given the shortest odds. The Academy awards generally have the biggest odds before Oscar nominations are publicized in January, however you risk making selections which do not get nominated –

For instance, using these examples

Will Lady Gaga give her “100 people in a room” speech if she wins Lead Actress at the Oscars?

YES -170

NO +160

Will Lady Gaga’s dress be oversized?

YES +170

NO -160

Will Lady Gaga wear a red dress?

YES +160

NO -150

Will Lady Gaga be brunette?

YES +145

NO -130

Will Bradley Cooper’s mom be his date, again?

YES -170

NO +155

Obviously, also put some money on the issues around the actual Oscars broadcast itself, on ABC this Sunday.

Will the Academy find a new host to replace Kevin Hart at the last minute? 

YES +550

NO -600

Will Ryan Gosling come as Emma Stone’s date?

YES -145

NO +135

How many acceptance speeches will musical cues cut off?

Over 5 -160

Under 5 +150

Will presentation of awards be spoken against by an actor during commercial breaks this year?

YES -130

NO +125

Now, the meat of the odds of the Oscars are the Academy Award winners themselves. From the Best Picture, to the lead and down to the supporting actor trophies, you make your choices

Best Picture Award

Roma 6/1

Green Book 13/2

Black Panther 13/2

BlacKkKlansman 17/2

The Favourite 19/2

Best Director Award

Alfonso Cuaron 33/10

Spike Lee 37/10

Yorgos Lanthimos 7/2

Adam McKay 7/2

Pawel Pawlikowski 7/2

Best Actor Award

Rami Malek 33/10

Christian Bale 37/10

Bradley Cooper 7/2

Viggo Mortensen 7/2

Willem Defoe 7/2

Best Actress Award

Glenn Close 33/10

Olivia Colman 6/1

Lady Gaga 6/1

Yalitza Aparicio 7/2

Melissa McCarthy 7/2

Best Supporting Actor Award

Mahershala Ali 18/5

Richard E. Grant 37/10

Sam Elliot 6/1

Adam Driver 7/2

Sam Rockwell 7/2

Best Supporting Actress Award

Regina King 33/10

Rachel Weisz 46/1

Amy Adams 6/1

Marina de Tavira 7/2

Emma Stone 7/2

From the examples above, it’s obvious that the odds have a similar format as sports betting odds. This takes us to:

Oscars Over Or Under Bets

The Oscars Over orUnder Bets

In both Academy awards and even sports betting, the totals are regarded as one of the easier bets. Based on the number of nominations given to an actor or a picture, a middle number on the number of awards they will win is set by the bookmakers. Punters are allowed to bet OVER or UNDER the number which was set.  It’s the classical over under bet.

The Oscars Prop Bets

One of the most enjoyable types of bets are the Oscar proposition bets. This bet covers any sort of situation through the show as well as the red carpet, such as: Will anyone swear while giving their acceptance speech? Will anyone fall on the way to the stage? Will the winners get messed up by the announcers? It really has so many options.

Oscar Betting Tips and Strategies

Follow Top Academy Award Insiders on Social Media

  1. You should follow the best Academy Award Insiders on Twitter or Facebook.

There are academy award insiders you can follow on Twitter. They usually have up to the minute news and provide opinions of different members of Hollywood who may make predictions on the award winners. So, you should ensure you follow the Oscars news on Twitter weeks before the awards are given.

  1. You should look for the Major Award Winners preceding the Oscars

Some awards serve as foresight to the Oscars, such as the Golden Globes, Critics Choice and Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards. Those with votes for the Oscars usually tend to avoid selecting the exact winners, though predicting 70+% of the night winners such as the Critic’s Choice Awards is quite a solid rate.

  1. Do not Bet on Underdogs

Generally, one huge mistake in betting, is seeking value when there isn’t one. Usually, we’re aware of which film is to win Best Picture, but sometimes chase the underdogs for a minute chance of more substantial returns. So make a correct bet, as a good bet is a correct bet and it doesn’t matter if the favorite is the one which gets you making money.

  1. You should watch the Red-Carpet Show

Another useful option is to closely follow talking heads on the red carpet. It’s natural for opinions to be voiced, some opinions are even regarded as expert opinions as the Hollywood community is a closely wound one with its members privy to useful information.  So, hours before the Academy Awards begin you can enjoy the red-carpet show for tips. Though the questions and answers might seem trivial, they actually aid in predicting the significant categories for Oscar betting. You shouldn’t do away with them as the talking heads you see on TV have sources privy to them as well as friends who could have leaked some info to them.

  1. You need to pay attention to Social Media Trends

Right from the Oscar nominations to the week of the Oscar award ceremony, social media apps like Twitter are really beneficial. Some movements in the Academy Awards, come with political intentions, for instance the movie” Moonlight” was awarded the Best Picture in 2016 after a protest that the 2015 nominations were all white.

The best bookies who offer the best deals for Oscar betting?

Over the years, the Oscar betting has become very popular and because of its high profit earning, it keeps gaining more popularity, that it why there are a lot of bookies out there who now offer these deals. However, not all bookies offer great deals as regards.  All you need to do is just to visit our sports betting comparison page to select the bookie of your choice from a long range of options. You can choose whichever bookie meets your taste, convenience, requirements and offers the best odds deals!

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Conclusion: Oscar Betting Is a fun place to put money

The Oscar betting is profitable. As discussed in the article, it is always an exciting time to have a room packed full with celebrities from the entertainment industry all with the potentials to put some money in your pocket. Use the information we have provided in the article prudently and you will find out there is quite a decent profit you can make from Oscar Betting.  Remember to turn to CaptainGambling for all the best guides/articles on betting. If you are wondering, "What is the best basketball betting strategy?" or "What is Hockey betting?" or you simply need NHL betting explained - we have a helpful article to guide you.
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