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Betting Odds Daytona 500 2022

Racing sport events like NASCAR is a good market for punters to place their bets and reap the rich rewards of a good wager. NASCAR racing has been gaining much buzz in recent times. Special racing events like the Daytona 500 make the rounds covering all media front pages and creating racing stars. Accompanying this buzz and excitement is also the money-making betting industry which never sleeps. Millions of punters explore different markets and place wagers before and during the Daytona 500 racing. This article discusses, in details, all you need to know about betting odds Daytona 500 and how you can take a slice of the profitable punting pie.

Highlights of Betting On Daytona 500

  • Break-even point of any NASCAR odds is enough to win a wager
  • The ability to make a future bet with heavy amazing odds
  • It’s fairly simple to understand
  • Risk exposure can be controlled

As the first Cup Series race of the year, Daytona 500 NASCAR race presents punters with opportunities for betting on Daytona 500. Let’s dive straight in and get a full picture and understanding of betting markets available for Daytona 500 and how you can bet successfully.

Outright NASCAR Betting

Betting NASCAR is quite similar to golf betting. but differs quite a bit from team sports wagering, like betting on hockey or football, etc.

It can also be likened to a moneyline betting. It is simple and straightforward - it is essentially betting on who will win the race or who will come first. You only need to place your wager on one driver out of the 40 or more drivers in the race. All that matters is who wins. The odd on this market are usually very large and so pays out very well should your bet come out right. You could make your bets safer by making multiple selections’. All you need to do is divide your wager on more than one driver.


Lets say you wager $100 on Brad Keselowski at +1000 to win the Daytona 500 race. Your bet pays out $1000 if is successful.

Group Matchups Bet

This is more like a safe bet as all you need to do when betting group matchups is to wager on your favorite driver coming top 3 or top 5 etc. in this case, the Daytona 500 odds on group matchups is not as large as the outright and so the payout is much lower because of the reduced risk. Below are some odds outlined for each player in a group matchup.

Daytona 500 Odds to Finish Top 3:

Driver A: +250, Driver B: +250, Driver C: +200, Driver D: +150, Driver E: +1000

Daytona 500 Odds to Finish Top 5:

Driver A: +300, Driver B: +200, Driver C: +200, Driver D: +100, Driver E: +500

From above, it’s very clear and crystal that the outright betting odd is much than a group match up. Definitely, payout will differ as well with outright betting paying more than a group match up win.but if you are looking for a way to minimize risk and still make same cool cash in the process, Betting Daytona 500 odds on  group matchups bet is a way.

NASCAR Matchup Betting

Driver matchups pit one driver against another and pay out winning bets on whichever driver finishes ahead of the other.

NASCAR matchup bet is in two categories;

  1. Betting on a NASCAR qualifying matchup
  2. Betting actual race matchup.

Betting on NASCAR Daytona qualifying matchup is just a wager on a particular Driver who will qualify a to have the best pole position in the qualifying race. Meanwhile betting on a NASCAR actual race matchup in this case the Daytona 500 race, is just wagering on the driver who will finish the race in the first 5 or first 3 or first 6 in the actual Daytona 500 race. It’s always best to place your wager early enough because the odds are much better way before the race. Let’s illustrate this with examples shown below.

 NASCAR Qualifying Matchup  Bet Example

 Driver A -120 vs. Driver B -115

Judging by the above odds for Driver A and Driver B, it’s obvious to see that Driver B is a favorite to finish higher.

 Below is an example of how an actual Race Matchup Bet looks like:

                                   Driver A -150 vs. Driver B +250

So, if Driver A  (-150) vs. Driver B (+250), If Diver A finshes ahead of Driver B and you wager on Driver A,   your wager will pay at -150 odds. Contrariwise, should Driver B finishes ahead of Driver A, your wager on Driver B will payout at  +250  odds.

NASCAR Prop Bets

Proposition bets are wagers where something is proposed to either happen or not happen. It requires a prediction with skill most times, and sometimes they require a guess. If you’re only looking for the excitement and thrill, you can bet any NASCAR props you want, and you’re sure to have a great time. If you’re worried about blowing your betting account and are looking to make money, you should stick to prop bets that require skill to predict properly.

A skilled proposition bet might be a bet on whether a particular driver will finish higher than other set of drivers. This is quite similar to the NASCAR matchup bets. This bet clearly requires skill and study of driver performance statistics to predict. A well-thought-out prediction will have a much better chance of winning than blindly picking any driver to win the race just for the fun of it. Other forms of prop bets are which car manufacturer will win the Daytona 500 race. Options available include Dodge, ford, Toyota or Chevy. Odds varies based on how widely loved a car manufacturer is or what special engine specs the car was built with.

NASCAR Futures Bets

Like with popular F1 bets, a popular Daytona 500 bet to make is a futures bet. Futures bets as the word future entails are bets on who or what team will be the Champion at the end of the season. In NASCAR racing event, the punter can bet which team he or she thinks will win the Constructor’s Championship or which driver will snatch the Driver’s Championship or both. The finest period to make this bet is usually before the racing event as the odds are wonderful before then. This means that for a particular driver, the payout odds you can get are most likely going to be worse than what you could have gotten before the racing event started. Likewise, if a driver starts out less than expected, you may be able to get better payout odds on them winning the Championship if you still think they’re going to bounce back and make the headlines at the end of the race.

This bet will of course pay out much higher when it is placed before the Daytona 500 race actually begins, and the odds fluctuate as the race goes on.


Daytona 500 future bets odds:

Driver A: +600, Driver B: +900, Driver C: +900, Driver D: +1000, Driver E: +3000, Driver F: +2000

As shown in this example, Future bets comes with  great odds and so it’s an avenue to make quite some large amount on a single wager.

Which bookmakers offer the Best NASCAR (Daytona 500) Betting?

For expert sports betting odds Daytona 500 service, live odds changes from the major sports bookmarkers. Find out which comparison sport bookies offer the best odds at our sports betting comparison page for profitable bets. The information on our sports betting comparison page is researched critically to help you make the best choices and to ensure you profit maximally from this option. Thus, it is imperative that you give a glance at this page and do yourself bag loads of favors.

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Conclusion: Opportunities arising from Betting Odds Daytona 500

There are some very interesting NASCAR betting events like the Daytona 500 race, with good opportunities to make bets which are very profitable. Finding angles on your bets and doing the proper research is very important though, so always be sure to give yourself sometime between when you check out the betting options and when you make your final bet. Be sure to check out all the rest of the sports, events, and leagues that we have researched for your betting education and profit. With us you can learn more about understanding Greyhound betting, discerning the best horse bets to make, NHL betting in US, and much more.

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