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NHL Betting US 2022

For those of our readers who have probably read our article on betting hockey, you will be noticing some similarities between this article on NHL betting and Betting Hockey. It’s alright! Just read along. Though hockey betting is yet to gain popularity like some major sports like soccer, baseball, basketball, horse racing, to name but few, there are some very interesting betting types. NHL betting is simply just a very special betting type that is peculiar to the National Hockey League.

Important Facts to know about NHL betting

  • The NHL is the biggest hockey league in the world.
  • NHL hockey betting in US includes bet options like total line, money line, puck line etc.
  • Has popularity in Canada and the USA majorly

NHL betting Explained

To fully understand the concept of NHL betting, let’s make a very nice overview of NHL. The acronym NHL stands for “National Hockey League”. National Hockey League (NHL) is the North American professional hockey league. Let’s dive deeper. National Hockey League comprises of thirty-one (31) teams. These 31 teams are then divided into two conferences that include 24 teams from the United States and 7 teams from Canada. The NHL has been known to be a league that has a very rich tradition and it has a long-standing history. The National Hockey League has been in operation for a full century; not all leagues in other sports can boast of this. In the NHL, each of the 31 teams plays eighty-two (82) games in a regular season.

By way of competition, eight teams from each conference advance to the playoffs. The playoffs are then played as a four-round tournament with each round in a best-of-seven format. The next stage of the competition features winners from both conferences meeting in the final series. In the final series, one of the teams will eventually emerge as the winner and will be awarded the storied Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup is by far one for the most famous trophies in all of sports. After each season, the Stanley Cup is passed from one Champion to next that eventually emerge as the Champion for the following season. Most other recognized trophies don’t work like this.

NHL Betting: The Journey So far

In terms of success stories as far as the National Hockey League goes, the Montreal Canadians have a track record of success in the league. The Montreal Canadians are the most decorated franchise in the National Hockey League with twenty-five (25) championships. The second runner-up in this respect is the Toronto; they won 13 championships although their last win was in 1967 (that’s a very long time ago in the victory timeline). The third runner-up is Detroit who has 11 championship. Another important point to note about the National Hockey League (NHL) is that majority of its players are form North America (about 45%) and Canada (about 27%). Nevertheless, the NHL attracts talents from different races and nationalities around the world, especially from Northern European countries like Sweden (9.9%), Finland (4.3%), and Russia (4.0%). One could say the reason for this is that one could assume to a reasonable extent that hockey has gain its fair share of fame in this region.

Now that we’ve given a proper introduction to NHL, let’s dive into the available betting options that it offers bettors. NHL is not only the biggest hockey league in the world; it is also one of the four premier sports leagues in the United States. Other three are NFL, major league baseball, and the NBA. With its massive scope of operation, NHL is a multi-million dollar industry and there are variety of bets that are made available on each and every game (should we add that there are plenty of those, so, you understand what that means for bettors who know what they are lot; lots of opportunities to get paid). Let’s discuss some of the betting types that are found in NHL.

NHL betting: The Money Line

The most popular bet in the National Hockey League is the money line bet. A money line bet simply means a bettor place a wager on which team s/he thinks will win the game. Let’s assume, for example, that a bookmaker has the following money line bet offer:

Maple Leafs+120

In the example above, if you back the Rangers for $130, you will make a profit of $100. If otherwise you back the Maple Leafs, you’ll win $120 for your $100 stake. In the event that the game goes to overtime or a shootout, you will eventually be paid out based on the eventual winning team. You will get more Money line bet examples in our article on betting hockey. There we explained betting the money line and the puck line in great depth.

NHL betting: The Puck Line

The puck line bet in NHL betting has some characteristic feature of Handicap betting. The puck line wager in NHL is one kind of wager where sportsbooks try to modify the situation by either taking goals off the favorite or adding goals to the underdog. Generally speaking, the puck line is typically set at one and a half goals. Let’s illustrate with a simple example. Let’s assume your preferred bookmaker has offered the following:


In the above example, if you back the Kings, this will afford you to win if they win by two or more goals: a $100 bet will make you a profit of $110. Let’s turn the table round, and say you back the Bruins, you’ll only win if they either win, or lose by the odd goal, in which case a $130 wager will fetch you a profit of $100. We should add at this point in our discussion that in some cases, you will see the team that was deemed favorite on the money line bet become the underdog on the puck line bet.

NHL betting: Totals

There is also the option of betting the total line in NHL (Again, we explained all these concepts in great depth in our discussion on Betting Hockey; feel free to read more in there). A total bet simply means you are trying to predict whether the total amount of goals in the game will be higher or lower than a given line that is set by a bookmaker. The “total” as used in the bet name implies the total number of goals to expect in the game. Let’s take this example:

Over 8.5-110
Under 8.5-110

In the example above, what your bookmaker has simply done is estimated that the total number of goals to be expected in the game will be 8.5 goals (of course, there can’t be a decimal goal; it’s used that way to make everyone’s lives a little comfortable). Consequently, you as a bettor will be betting over or under this total line set by your bookmaker (you can also read more about how over under bet works to get more in-depth knowledge). Let’s say you bet Over 8.5 in this example, it means that for you to win your bet, there must be a total of 9 goals or more (regardless of which team score these goals) by game end. Conversely, if you bet Under 8.5, it means there must be a total number of 8 goals or less for you to win your bet. Anything that doesn’t fulfil these conditions means you forfeit your bet and lost your wager.

NHL betting: Parlays

Another very important betting types available in NHL betting is Parlays. In the case of parlay bet, you are betting on two or more teams to win on a given day/night. One condition about parlay bet is that for you to win, all your selections must win and the return from one leg of your parlay bet will go to the next leg of the bet. It is important to know that with parlay bets; bettors have a good chance of winning a very large sum in profit relative to their original stake.

Which Bookmakers offer the best NHL betting?

NHL is a very big deal in the arena of sports. There are quite a variety bet to be placed on a wide range of games available in NHL. There are good potentials for bettors to make very good winning in with NHL betting. Visit our sports betting comparison page today to see a list of bookmakers offering NHL betting with favorable terms and odds. Punters need to understand that while understanding the dynamics of the betting market in which they’ve chosen to play in vital to winning, it is equally important that bettors make their bets with bookmakers whose terms and conditions as well as odds offered on bets are favorable enough for bettors to have a pleasant betting experience.

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NHL Betting US 2022 FAQ 

🔥What are the latest NHL betting promotions?

Betting providers offer a range of promotions over and above standard welcome bonuses. These promotions can be applied to a variety of different sports and betting markets. As such, a fair number of these promotions can be used to bet on all the latest NHL games. To find out about NHL betting in the US, head over to our coverage of this very topic at

🎈Which site offers the best NHL betting in the US?

There are a wide selection of online bookmakers that offer NHL betting options to customers. However, certain bookmakers include added features for NHL enthusiasts. To find out about the best betting sites for NHL in the US, head over to Here, you’ll find a wealth of information pertaining to NHL betting, horse race betting, and Greyhound betting under one umbrella.

🔢Can I bet on multiple NHL betting sites?

Keep in mind that you are allowed to create more than one betting account. This allows you to make use of the top bookmakers without limiting your exposure. However, you’ll need to make sure that you select the best sites that do cover NHL betting markets. You don’t want to create an account with a bookmaker that does not offer NHL betting services. To find out more about creating an account with bookmakers, take a look at our coverage at

Conclusion: NHL Betting

With NHL betting, bettors are presented with massive opportunities to place bet on its many games and events. Different aspects of these games can be bet on. NHL is the biggest league in hockey and one of the four premier sports leagues in the United States. Find yourself a trusted bookmaker today on our sports betting comparison page and start making your NHL betting. With any luck, the sportsbook you choose will give you a range of top sports to bet on as well, including betting on baseball, F1 bets, basketball wagering, and the best ESports bets.

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