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NBA Betting US 2022

The NBA is one of the most popular and competitive sports leagues in the world. This sport is televised the world over and the game’s biggest stars are household names. With The league is comprising of 30 team with each team playing 82 regular season games each season, with 41 played at home and 41 played away (on the road). These busy schedules of games present punters with ample betting opportunities coupled excitement that comes with the buzzer sound.

Important Facts to know about NBA Betting

  • Has similar betting techniques to American Football betting
  • There are three major betting strategy in NBA betting
  • Presents Punters with numerous betting opportunities
  • You can control your risk exposure in NBA betting

NBA been a popular game of wide choice, goes hand and hand with gambling. On each and every game there are a huge variety of bets available. In this article we are going to give an explanation of all the bet types you’ll be able to place to make cool cash on your wagers. Below are discussed in details the various betting types. If you’ve read our article on Football betting, you will see they bear similarities.

Money line NBA betting

The Money Line) is also commonly used betting technique in NBA betting because it is simple and straightforward - it is essentially betting on who will win the game. A moneyline wager is one that is placed on either the favorite or the underdog to win straight up. The main focus is who wins the game. To win a money line bet, your team must win the game. It doesn’t matter how many points they win the game by. They can win by 1 point or by 50 points. A win is a win and you take home the money. However, there is a condition! If are betting favorites, you will need to wager a large amount, to win a small amount. If you are betting the underdog, you can bet a small amount, to win a large amount as well.

Look at these money line odds for Boston Celtics vs. Indiana Pacers

Boston Celtics:   1.364                 

Indiana Pacers:   3.440

 Boston Celtics are considered favorites to beat the underdogs which are Pacers -. If you bet $10 on Celtics, you would get a payout of $13.65 – plus your $10 wager. Your gain is $3.65. However, if the Pacers had won, you would have lost your stake with nothing in returns.

If the Pacers win, your return would be $34.42 plus your initial $10 stake making you earnings of $24.42.

Another example is given below between the Golden State Warriors and the Miami Heat

Warriors        -500
Heat               +300

If you back the warriors you’d have to wager $500 to make a profit of $100. Backing the Miami Heat here, for $100 you would make a profit of $300. As you can see, the odds are much worse on the warriors here without the spread, but much better on the Miami Heat because they are the underdog.

Handicap NBA betting

NBA teams have variations in strength, experience and skill, so in order to level the playing field in abilities, sports bookies offer a point handicap or point spread - this is sometimes called “covering the spread”.  The negative sign (–) or positive (+) sign attached to the number shows which team is the favorite or underdog.
Handicap betting is instrumental in betting favorites against underdogs. Let’s look at an example to illustrate this:

Golden State Warriors:   (-8.0) 1.862
Indiana Pacers:   (+8.0) 2.050

 If the game ended in GSW’s favor (110– 104), you will lose your handicap bet on GSW. This is as a result of the -8.0pts handicap they started with, and therefore we have to deduct 8.0 from their final score. This returns the score to 102 – 104 with the pacers winning the game as it were.

If the GSW won 106-96, the handicap effect will make the score to be 98-96, and  GSW still remain winners.

Totals NBA betting

Totals NBA betting is all about how many combined points will be scored by both teams during the game. Bookmakers offer an option to bet on whether or not the total points will be either over or under the totals mark. This is why this form of betting is often called the Over/under. The concept of betting on totals, or Over/Under is very simple. The bettor wagers on whether the TOTAL points scored in a NBA game will fall over or under a pre-determined number set by the sportsbook. Let’s see an example:

Look at the totals odds for the Utah Jazz vs. Cleveland Cavaliers below:

 Over 211.5:   1.995
Under 211.5:   2.210

 A $10 wager on the totals to be over 210.5 points, and a final score was 117-99 (an aggregate total of 216 points), $19.95 ($9.95 profit) will be made on the bet. A bet on total score as under 210.5 with the odds of 2.210 would result in losing the bet.


In NBA betting, you can make combination bets also known as Parlays to boost your earnings. For your parlay to hit, or win, ALL of the bets must be Spot-on. You can include different betting lines in your parlay selections to make the payout bigger.

NBA Futures and Outrights Betting

Futures bets are bets placed on future events in the NBA season. Most times, they are placed long before the start of the season or just before the start of the season, a wager or bet on a future eventuality. An example is a wager placed on who will be NBA champions.  Futures bets can also be wagered on individuals as well. You could wager on who will be the season NBA MVP.

One other major way to bet on the NBA is by betting on what is known as the futures and outright markets. In essence, this type of bet determines who wins any on the following:

  • Western Conference
  • Division
  • NBA Championship
  • Eastern Conference
  • Most Valuable Player in NBA

Every Outright and future NBA markets works in the same way. You typically have to bet on which team or which certain player is going to eventually win the championship, conference, division or award. Your bet wins if they do.

NBA Betting Odds

NBA odds are displayed in three popular formats. These are:

  • Decimal odds

Decimal Odds are just a view of the amount of return you can expect on each single unit of bet placed.

For instance, if the Matchbook is placing a odd of 1.75 for Team Lakers to win, the implication of this is that for every 1.00 you wager on the bet outcome, you stand a chance profit to the margin of 0.75 if Team Lakers eventually wins the game.  

  • Moneyline odds

Moneyline odds, also reffered to as 'American odds' are likely the most unusual odds format for folks outside of the North America. The two instances are: 'minus' moneylines and 'plus' moneylines.

There are two instances of Moneyline odds: 'minus' moneylines and 'plus' moneylines.

The 'minus' moneylines is typically reflection in this format: -120.What is the actual implication fo this? What this means is that if the sportsbook is placing a odd of -120 for the LA team to win a game, then you stand a chance to win a profit of $100 if you wager a stake of $120. 

The second instance is usually reflected for example as, +180. In this case, if the sportsbook has offered the LA team to win a game on a odd of +180, then you stand a chance to win a profit of $180 if you wager a stake of $100.

Many of you reading this article will be familiar with Moneyline (American) odds. As with any sports, understanding betting odds is crucial to profitable NBA betting. If you do not understand how betting odds are calculated and the probabilities they express, you're going to have a difficult time being a successful NBA punter

Which bookmakers offer the Best NBA Betting Experience?

For expert NBA betting odds and sports betting service, live odds changes from the major sports bookmarkers, find out which sport bookies offer the best odds at our sports betting comparison page for profitable bets. The information on our sports betting comparison page is researched critically to help you make the best choices and to ensure you profit maximally from NBA betting. Thus, it is important to use this service to have an eye-opener and edge over NBA betting odds. Our sports betting comparison page now offer a variety of NBA betting odds

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Conclusion: Best Practices for Profitable NBA Betting

The NBA offers punters a rich market to bet on. With so many games to choose from in schedule packed league, and many bets to wager on, finding a successful wager every week during the season can be tough. However, if you make use of our NBA predictions, you'll find it suddenly becomes straightforward to find a great wager every day of the week. Successful NBA punters choose to focus on one or two betting strategy ranging from point spread, moneyline, futures or prop bets of a mix combination of two you know so well as parlays. Remember, don’t be a jack of all trade and master of none. The secret to a successful betting career is focusing and specializing on a strategy you can master.

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