Betting on Fantasy Football US 2021

As the word “fantasy” clearly suggest, fantasy football is a make believe sport or as I like to call it “virtual sport”. Fantasy sports betting have actually been around for quite some time, but never in the scale at which it’s potential for money making as it is now in this age. This is definitely good news for smart punters like you who are constantly on the lookout for good money making opportunities. It’s like having fun and making money at the same time.

Good Facts about Betting Fantasy Football

  • It’s a virtual game and has no effect on the real life odd
  • It involves sound research in to the NFL to make a good draft for your team
  • You are more in control of outcomes compared to real life games

So what is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy sports or as in this case fantasy football is a game type where the players get to create virtual simulations of real professional players from a certain sport. The Fantasy players will then have to compete against other participants in varying agreed formats. As points are being scored, the winner is eventually determined based on how the fantasy players have performed in the actual live games. You are like a coach or a club manager in your own world making decision that you think can effect real change to your team in real life. It’s like building a prototype team of your design and testing it with real life condition for the enjoyment of the fantasy or like I would term it “in your live dreams”

Playing fantasy football is all about creating a virtual roster of real players and using this roster to challenge other people’s rosters. Fantasy football is played by using the stats of real players. You don’t need to worry about the real NFL team’s losses or wins, all you are concerned with is the performance of individual players you added to your fantasy team. Performances such as the individual player’s catches, touchdowns, yards etc. matters a lot.

Fantasy football lives up to its ‘fantasy’ quality, because it is just like a dream come true to draft in different top players from around the world or league into your team and competing with other persons using the players real life statistics.

How does Fantasy Football work?

Fantasy football is very simple to play, all you have to do is to register at a fantasy football website to get your own team. Give that team a name and you will be pitted against other teams to play in a full season virtual league.

Before the commencement of the season, you will be required to hold draft with other players in your league (often 11 or 13 in the league). It is at this draft that you choose the NFL players you need on your side. You cannot have the same player on more than one team in your league. However, you can reshuffle your roster immediately after the draft or during the season by choosing the players that were not drafted, dropping the ones you don’t need or trading players with other roster owners.

When the league finally starts, you will have to select some of your players as ‘starters’, they will feature for you week in week out throughout the season. Your essential needs for the season includes one tight end, 2 running backs, a quarterback, one kicker, 2 running backs and the teams defense, but these may vary from one league to another. You also need to make little changes to your team by taking out injured players.

Your players compete against the players of other owners in the same league week in week out for yards points, field goals, touchdown points and several other statistics raked up by your players in real life, same thing applies to your opponent. The owner with highest points at the of the week’s game wins, this process repeats itself throughout the season. The owner of the team with the highest point wins at the end of the season.

Betting Fantasy Football: The Working Principle.

The basic principle of fantasy sports betting is that you put together a team of NFL players based on certain selection criteria and those players then earn points for your team according to how they perform in games. You can then place real money wagers with other people who have put together fantasy teams, with the winner being the one whose team performs the best. The betting can work in a number of different ways, including taking part in leagues that run over an entire season.

Engaging in fantasy sport betting gives you the avenue to test your knowledge of sport against that of others and also offers you a lot of entertainment in the process. The working principle of fantasy sport is comprehensively explained below. Wagering on your fantasy sport team can be done in various ways. For example, you might be asked to pay your way into the league which has other opponents with fixed league duration. This fixed duration may be for one round of games or for the entire season. The owner of the team with the highest points over the fixed duration wins the prize pool.

In some leagues, the winner will only get a percentage of the prize pool and smaller prizes will also be paid out to others whose teams finished in the top few positions.

Another way to bet on your fantasy sports team is to go up against a single opponent. You would both place wagers of an equal amount, and the one whose team scores the highest amount of points wins their opponent’s stake.

You can take part in two major competitions while playing the daily fantasy football. They are the Tournaments and Cash Games

Tournament Explained

Tournaments are also known as the Guaranteed Prize Pool format (GPP format). The GPP format uses similar scoring rules and team selection process as explained above.  The scoring rules and team selection process is also not different from the cash game format. The only difference is that you are contesting against all the team owners in the tournament for the prize pool too.

Tournaments payout are usually fixed to the fields percentage, it is always around 15%. So you must try to finish within the range of 15% to earn more amounts. For example, if you pay your way into a tournament which has close to 100 opponents, don’t be surprised that the 15 team owners at the top of the tournaments will receive some amount of money with the money gradually reducing in value as the position goes down. Thus, the team owner in the 12th position will earn more money than the team owner in 13th position, but the team owner in the first position wins the most money.

Cash Games

Cash games are also known as ‘head to head competition’ or ‘50-50’. The 50-50 league offers double of the money paid to enter the game to half of the participants while the remaining half earns nothing.

For example, if you paid $20 to get into a 50-50 league that consists of 400 players. You must be among the first 200 (50%) to claim a return. You will claim a return of $40 (an extra $20 profit), if you are among the first 200. But if you are among the last 200 (50%), you won’t receive any money. This format places much emphasis on the first 200 (50%) and not on whether you are 1st or 2nd. Everybody in the first 200 receives the same payout.

The head to head competition pits you to contest against another player. Your return doubles if you amass higher points than the other player. You may be pitted against a random player or a person you know. You can also extend an invitation to a friend to compete against you in the competition. All you are concerned about is entering the payout zone and nothing else.

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Conclusion: What’s the Catch in Betting Fantasy Football?

Successful football punters typically focus on numerous income sources wagering money on juicy opportunities. Betting fantasy football is one way to make cool cash in a virtual world. The key to long term profitability is in focus and specializing. Discover which fantasy football markets you’re consistently able to identify value in and stick to them.
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