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Betting on College Football US 2022

College football season provide punters with a wide line up of games throughout the week, with Saturday featuring more than thirty fixtures in all. Betting college football is a robust market with first division NCAA football encompassing over more than 100 teams with the popular teams like Michigan, USC, Alabama, Oklahoma, Southern California and Ohio State constantly featuring. We will dive into betting college football by discussing the popular college football betting types, including: point spread, totals, moneyline, parlays and prop bets.

Quick Highlights of Betting College Football

  • College football odds are displayed in three ways
  • Good understanding of handicaps is a good strategy in American football betting
  • Winning most of your bets falls on 50-50 chance

College football is a great sport that has a ton of games for you to bet on. College football betting is entertaining and profitable if done with the right strategies, wagering on college football odds need quite some education and knowledge to bet in the right way. Some terms like moneyline, rotation number, point spread or spread betting, and totals should be well understood. When you get done with this article, you’ll be fully equipped and ready to make serious cash off betting college football. Let’s look at some important facets of betting college football.

The Point Spread

The most popular way to bet on college football games is the Point Spread or spread betting or handicaps. The point spread allows you to wager on any team, irrespective of the team strength. Here’s how this works.

Let’s say that USC and Wisconsin are playing in an upcoming game. Let’s also say that USC is a favorite and Wisconsin is the underdogs. Here is what the spread bet would look like.

Date/TimeRotation NumberTeamPoint Spread
Oct 2nd102USC-8.5  -110
7:00103Wisconsin+8.5   -110

On a careful study of the above table, accompanying each team are two different number with plus and minus signsUSC is accompanied with ( – 8.5). What this means is that the sportsbook thinks that USC is going to win the game by 9 points and above. The minus sign shows the team considered as a favorite, and the number after the sign is by how many points they will win the game.

Meanwhile, the table indicates +9 for Wisconsin. Wisconsin is the underdog in this game as clearly explained by the (+). This translates that the bookmaker thinks that Wisconsin is going to be beaten by 9 points and above. This is quite straightforward, because if USC wins the game with 9 or more points, Wisconsin will lose by the same equivalent point and in this case 9 points.

So, what does this mean for college football betting? Well, as we stated, the team that performs more than expected wins the game. if a punter wagers on USC and they actually beat Wisconsin wins by more than 9 points, the punter wins. Moreover, if Wisconsin were beaten with anything below 9 points, the punter loses his or her respective bet.  But If USC wins by 9 points exactly, and then there is a “push” situation where the punters wager is returned

This translate that Wisconsin can lose the game without the punter losing his or her bet. If the game score is USC 42, Wisconsin 38, the punter will win if he or she wagers on Wisconsin.

The second number (-110) in the table is what the punters wager will pay out for a successful selection each the bets. With spread betting, the punters earning is not affected by odds as irrespective of which team is wagered upon, be it underdog or favorite, the payout remains the same

Betting the Money line

Another strategy of betting on college football games is money line bet is when the punter bets a team to win outright such as golf betting, with no point spread involved. This simply means head to head bets where you are betting on the final result (including over time). No handicaps, no points total. The punters concern is who wins the game.

 for example

Team                   Moneyline                    Final Score                 

USC                               +360                                     7

Alabama                    -375                                     49

The ‘+360’ is the money line for USC. The ‘-375’ is the money line for Alabama. What this means for USC at +350 are that a punter need only bet $100 to win $360. The total payout when “cashing in” that winning ticket would be $460 (the original $100 bet + the $360 won). To win this bet, USC would need to beat Alabama, outright. (The point spread has no bearing on this bet.) What this means for Alabama at -375 is that a punter would need to bet $375 to win $100. The total payout when cashing in that winning ticket would be $475 (the original $375 + the $100 won).

Totals (over/under betting)

Totals is another popular betting type for college football. The bookmakers set what they believe will be the total points scored by each team at the end of the game and the punter makes a bet on the over or under of that total score set by the bookie. The example below explains this strategy in details

Team     Over/Under                  Closing Over/Under             Final Score

USC         62.5over -100              65.5over -100                        39

Ohio      62.5under-110           65.5under -100                     15

A wager of $110 on the opening under would earn a profit of $100 since the total score came to be 54

This makes it possible to enjoy the game as you want both teams to either score very much to beat a wagered total score or score few to go below a wagered score, the tempo of how the game is perceived should guide your wagers. Two prolific scoring teams will definitely influence you to wager or bet over, ifyou reason that its going to be a scoring filled game, bet the over. For example a game between the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets will be and all out scoring game and so a wise punter will most likely bet the over.

College Football - Other Betting

Apart from betting on College football games, it’s also possible to bet on NFL and College football futures and outrights. This can be an alternative to live football Betting.  College football futures involve betting on the winners of the following:

  • NCAA National Champions
  • NCAA Heisman Trophy Winner

This bet will of course pay out much higher when it is placed before the season actually begins, and the odds get worse and worse as the season goes on.

Of course if you want to be really different, you could always try your hand at betting on fantasy football. It's largely confined to the NFL at the moment, but it can be a whole lot of fun!

Proposition Bets

Prop bets are quite popular, this just means you are wagering on an eventuality or a probability. This are bets on whether something will occur or not. Examples of proposition bets include

  • Will a wide receiver drop the ball on receive?
  • Will a wide receiver score over or under 5.5 touchdowns?
  • Will the final total score of the game be odd or even?


Parlays means combining multiple elements (or totals in a single ticket, where all of the elements must win for the bet to pay out and be a winner. This involves a large risk but the payout is huge and rewarding

Which bookmakers offer the Best College Football Betting Deals?

Thanks to the explosion in online football betting, sports bookies now offer a deep menu of college football odds to bet on. For expert sports betting odds and sports betting football service, live odds changes from the major sports bookmarkers. Find out which sport bookies offer the best odds at our sports betting comparison page for profitable bets. The information on our sports betting comparison page is researched critically to help you make the best choices and to ensure you profit maximally from betting college football. Thus, it is important to use this service to have an eye-opener and edge over college football odds.

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Conclusion: College Football Betting Worth the efforts?

College football offers punters a robust market to bet on. With so many games to choose from, and many bets to wager on, finding a successful wager every week during the season shouldn’t be an issue. Successful football punters typically focus on one, maybe two betting markets. Remember, don’t be a jack of all trade and master of none. The secret to a successful betting career is  focusing and specializing on a strategy you can master.

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