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Football Betting US 2022

American football is one of the most popular sports event in the world especially in the USA, both the professional and college variety, is the dominant sport in the United States, even more popular than basketball. For sports punters, the best time of year can be said to be the football season, the season that all punters live for. The excitement of the season is something that can’t be fully described as it affords the punters the ability to engage in licensed football gambling.

Interesting Facts about Football Betting

  • American football betting odds come in three popular formats
  • Good understanding of handicaps is a good strategy in American football betting
  • Winning most of your bets falls on 50-50 chance

Having a good knowledge of betting odds is pivotal to profitable American football betting. The ability to understand the betting odds allows the punter to easily assess betting value. If the punter cannot access betting value, then it’s very hard for the punter to be profitable on a long-term betting in football.

Among the numerous many methods of Football betting, the most popular Football betting markets are discussed below.

The Point Spread

This is arguably the most popular way to bet on Football games , also known as handicaps. In American football Point Spreads is an estimated final amount by which an American football game is won. Sports bookies believe there is a 50% chance the result will end in favor of one of the teams. This bet allows you to bet on either team, regardless of who plays who. Punters can bet on which side of the team the winning game result will end on. So how can a punter bet on American football spreads and handicaps? First, find yourself some sports events for today, then consider this example of a typical football betting spread.

For instance, a game where the Dallas Cowboys face the Los Angeles Rams. The point spread for this game is listed by the sports bookie as

                                                   Dallas Cowboys @ + 6.5 -110

                                                  Los Angeles Rams @ -6.5 -110

What’s the significance of the number, -110?

It means for each $1.10 bet made, $1.00 is won back or, for every $110 wager, $100 is won back by the punter, together with your initial wager.  So, based on the regulations of your sports books, you get to bet as you wish.

What do +6.5 and -6.5 represent?

The numbers are a representation of the point spread fixed by the odds makers a.k.a. line movers. So, if you wager on the Los Angeles Rams at -6.5, they must win the game by 6 or more points for your bet to win. If your bet is on the Dallas Cowboys at +6.5, this means you’re betting that the Dallas Cowboys can lose by up to 5 points, but a loss by 6 points or more means you’ve lost the bet.

Betting the Money line

Moneyline betting is the most commonplace form of wagering, it doesn't matter whether you are betting on 'The Bachelor' TV show or a tennis match, you are simply predicting the ultimate winner of a contest. However, moneyline betting is also used as a specific tactic for football betting.  In moneyline betting, a wager is placed on a team to outrightly win without any points spread such as you might find for golf betting. Basically, it involves head to head bets in which you bet on the final result of the game; this includes over time. When betting moneyline, you don’t need to worry about handicaps, or points total. The only thing that matters is the winner.

So, in moneyline betting, your team simply has to win the game irrespective of points used in winning the game, it doesn’t matter whether they used a point or 30 points, all that matters is a win and the money is yours.  Though, there’s something you must NOTE, this is you’ll have to wager a greater amount than you’ll win whereby the team you’re laying wagers on is considered a heavy favorite compared to the other team. But, in the situation where you’re laying wagers on the underdog, betting a small amount rewards you with a larger amount since odds on the underdog are more. For instance,

In the illustration given below, when betting on the New England Patriots, you’d have to wager $10,000 to win $100, whereas for the Cleveland Browns, wagering $100 wins you $10,000.

Example 1

Cleveland Browns and the New England Patriots

 Cleveland Browns +7,000

New England Patriots -10,000

 New England Patriots is the reigning champion and they are a football powerhouse. They are hard to beat, and they very rarely lose at home; even to other powerful teams. Cleveland Browns are the under dogs they couldn’t possibly compete in this game. Money line wagers are set according to strength of the teams

Let’s look at another example

              Cleveland Browns@ 3.45 and the New York Giants@ 1.36

As we can see, the Giants are clear favorites in this game at odds of 1.36 while the Browns are at odds of 3.45.

As estblished, Football money line bets do not involve handicaps.  You simply lay wagers on who will win the game. If the punter believes there is value with New York Giants, he or she bets on them to win the game at odds of 1.36. On the other hand, if he or she believes there is value with Cleveland Browns, he or she bet on them to win the game at odds of 3.45.

Another popular American football betting type is the Over Under bet.

Total Over/ under Bet

This is another simple strategy of betting in football, for instance, just like the point spread betting, the sports bookie fixes a total number of points hey believe will be scored in a game, with a 50% chance that the final score of the game will record more points than the fixed number and also, another 50% chance that the final score will record  fewer points  than the points  set.

The illustration below uses a game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Arizona Cardinals to display how the Over Under points total work. As indicated, sports bettors can lay wagers on either side of the 50.5 points scored in the game.

The Atlanta Falcons and Arizona Cardinals at over under 50.5, 1.91

If you wager Over 50.5 points, you’ll need both teams to score 51 points in total. Whereas, for a punter who wagers Under 50.5 points, the punter needs both teams to score at most 50 points in total.

Similar to point spreads, online football betting sites offer odds which range from 1.90 to 1.95 for bets on total points in Football. You can also wager bets on total points for individual teams. It’s quite the same as the game total but rather than consider the total points scored, your concern is on the total points of one team.

Futures Betting in American Football

Also, you have the option of betting on NFL and College football futures and outrights. This could serve you as option to live football Betting.  In American football futures, this entails laying wagers on the winners of these competitions:

  • The National Football League Most Valuable Player
  • The National Football League Division Winners
  • The National Football League Super Bowl Winner
  • The National Football League Conference Champions
  • The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) National Champions
  • The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Heisman Trophy Winner

This bet will of course pay out much higher when it is placed before the season actually begins, and the odds get worse and worse as the season goes on.

Simple Steps to successful Live Football Betting

  1. Bet only when there is value by identifying genuine betting value
  2. Understand American football betting and knowledge of the markets that you want to bet on.
  3. Place your bets on the teams you are most familiar with if you are new to American football betting
  4. Bet the market you understand the most (betting lines, handicaps, head to head, match winner (over under)
  5. Occasionally bet against favorites
  6. Follow American football prediction and analysis tipsters
  7. Have at least three different online sports bookie accounts for your American football betting.

Which bookmakers offer the Best Football Betting Deals?

With a proliferation of online football betting, sports books now offer you variety of American football markets to wager on. For expert sports betting odds and sports betting football service, live odds changes from the major sports bookmarkers. Find out which sport bookies offer the best odds at our sports betting comparison page for profitable bets. The information on our sports betting comparison page is researched critically to help you make the best choices and to ensure you profit maximally from American football. Thus, it is important to use this service to have an eye-opener and edge over American football odds. Our sports betting comparison page now offer a variety of American football betting odds. We'd also suggest checking out the most recent DRF bets promo code or TheScore promo code to maximise your bets!

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Football Betting US 2022 FAQ 

🏈How do I bet on football in the US?

American Football is massively popular throughout the US. As such, there is wide coverage of football matches on betting sites. Here, you’ll be able to place a variety of wagers by utilizing exciting bet types. At, we talk you through the process of betting on football in the US.

💻How do I create an account for football betting in the US?

In order to bet on your favorite American Football games, you’ll need to create a valid betting account. There are a number of exciting bookmakers that you can choose from. By reading our bookmaker reviews, you’ll find reference to creating an account with each of these providers. Once you have created your account, you’ll be able to delve into the betting markets on offer.

❗How do I fund my football betting account?

Prior to placing a bet on your chosen betting site, you’ll need to fund your account. The process whereby you add funds to your account is quick and simple. Linking a payment option is just as straightforward. To find out how to fund your football betting account in the US, check out our reviews at

Conclusion: Profiting with American Football Betting

Commonly, the best football punters concentrate on one or at most, two betting markets. Expert football punters tend to focus on point totals alone, whereas others face just point spreads. This signifies that to profit on the long term, you need two things; which include specialization and concentration. So, you need to realize your preferred football markets of value to you and concentrate on this market. Putting these into practice, you’ll always eagerly await the Football season.

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