US Gambling Sites / Betting Sites for CS:GO US 2022

Betting Sites for CS:GO US 2022

CS:GO or Counter Strike Global Offensive is one of the first eSports available for wagering on, and because of that there are many different betting sites for CS:GO today. The trick isn’t finding a site that supports the eSports game, but rather finding a site that offers favorable wagering conditions. This means searching through the different options for the site that’s going to offer the best odds, the best bonuses and other perks as well. It takes time to uncover these sites, but they are available and finding them can result in more consistent wins for interested gamblers.

Tips for Finding a CS:GO Sportsbetting Site

  • Look for the most favorable odds
  • Search for the best bonus offers
  • Look at the available prop bets
  • Choose sites with

Betting on CS:GO

CS:GO or Counter Strike Global Offensive is a popular competitive game that’s been around for many years, and that’s why there are many different betting sites for CS:GO. With so many different sites available it can be overwhelming trying to pick out the best option from all the different selections. That’s why it’s important to take the time to get to know the different sites and to think about what makes a good site and what doesn’t. There are many betting sites for CS:GO matches, but some offer bigger bonuses than others. Some have more match coverage, more prop bets available and more options to work with. All of these things need to be considered for success. Take the time to think about these considerations and they will help with choosing the very best sportsbook overall.

Looking at the Odds

One of the first factors to consider when choosing CS:GO match betting sites is what odds each of the different sites offer. While many of the online betting sites will have the same odds, there are some that will be different. It’s these differences that are most important. Interested gamblers should familiarize themselves with the differences between the sportsbook sites and choose sites that offer the best odds overall. Choosing sites with better odds can result in better profits over time and is an excellent investment for any gambler that’s trying to win more consistently.

Look very closely at the different odds available as well as the payouts for the wagers. By examining these two figures, and by using a calculator it’s possible to determine how much of a cut the sportsbook is taking before paying out prize money to players. The bigger the cut taken, the less desirable the sportsbook is to play at. Gamblers that take the time to really examine these facts will find a more favorable site to play at and will likely be happier with their decision as well. It takes time to find the ideal sportsbook, but once it’s found it’s more enjoyable to use than many other options out thee today.

Look for Live Betting

While it’s not a necessity, some gamblers like being able to place live wagers on different CS:GO matches. Only some sportsbooks support live betting though. While examining the different sites it’s a good idea to look for which of the sites offers live betting and which do not. The ones with live betting often come with other additional features as well, giving gamblers more wagering options to work with.

Examining the Bonuses

There are different bonus offers at each of the sportsbooks, and these are an important part of choosing which site to play at as well. Some of the sportsbooks offer more favorable bonus offers than others. Take the time to get familiar with the different bonuses and to decide which of the offers is the best overall before joining up with a site. This can take time to do as well, but choosing the best bonus offer means starting at the sportsbook with better options to work with and bigger and better rewards as well. That’s exciting for any sports bettor interested in CS:GO.

Consider the Wagering Options

Finding the best betting sites for CS:GO isn’t always as simple as just looking at bonus offers or even odds. Making the decision often means looking at the different wagering options available for CS:GO specifically. Some sites offer basic moneyline wagers, while others offer more unique wagering opportunities. The sites with many different prop bets are often the best and should be considered strongly. Look at the number of wagering options available for each of the CS:GO matchups, and use that information to help decide where to play as well. The information can make choosing a site to play at a bit simpler and can help with finding the highest quality option or the most versatile option at least.

Look Closely at the Prop Bets

Another key way to decide on different sportsbook locations is by looking at the different prop bets available. The prop bets are things like the number of kills a certain player will achieve, the total number of maps that the team will win, how long a round will take for a specific team and many other specifics. These wagers are specialized and there are often many of them to choose from. The sites that offer the most options are the ones that are worth playing at because they give gamblers lots of room to pick out the best odds. The best betting sites for CS:GO typically have many different prop bets to choose from, so look for the sites with many prop bets and compare different sites together to get the best odds as well. Pay close attention to the number of prop bets on a site, and use that to help determine whether to play there or not. For more information about how prop bets work, read our overview of the prop betting strategy here.

Consider Parlays and Advanced Wagers

There are some sportsbook sites that offer parlays, pleasers, teasers and other advanced wagering options for CS:GO and other eSports matches. These sites give advanced players more room to maneuver and to make the most of their wagers. Gamblers that want to win in a bigger way, or that want to win more consistently can leverage these different wagering options to come ahead with some nice wins.

Parlays are groups of wagers put together into one. For parlays to work all the different wagers involved in the bet have to work out. If any of them fails, the whole bet fails and you’re left without a win. This is an important concept to understand, because it’s the main reason that many gamblers avoid parlay bets. To learn more about how to use parlays, see the parlay betting strategy here.

Pleasers and teasers are modified terms of a standard spread or total bet. Teasers make the bets easier to win and offer a lower payout. Pleasers make them more difficult and offer a higher payout. While these wagers are difficult to use effectively, gamblers can get good at leveraging them over time and start using them to effectively win more wagers.

Testing out Sites: Try the Features Out

The final step to finding the perfect online sportsbook is to test out different sites and to see how they feel. There are many different options to choose from and it will take some time to pick out the perfect one as a serious gambler. When looking for the perfect option it’s okay to play around with different options before settling on one. Test out many different sites and place some wagers. After going through this process decide on the site that stands out the most and you’ll have a sportsbook to wager at all the time.

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Learn to Place an Online Bet and Start Wagering Today

CS:GO is an entertaining eSport to wager on, but it’s best to wager at a leading sportsbook. Take the time to look through our different sportsbook suggestions and to use our charts to help you find the best site for your own wagers. Once you’ve found one of the best betting sites for CS:GO you can enjoy the bonuses and the odds that are offered by the site. Who knows, you might find betting sites for CS:GO with no deposit bonuses to make it easy to test out the features. Join today and start testing all the different features.

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Conclusion: Choosing the Right CS:GO Betting Sites is Important

CS:GO is a leading eSport for sports bettors to wager on because it has a long history and is available at so many different sportsbooks. It still takes time to choose the best sportsbook to wager at though. Interested gamblers should take the time to evaluate different options before deciding on the one to go with. Hopefully our chart will help with that process and with choosing a site with good odds and bonus offers for gamblers that want to wager on CS:GO.

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