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eSports Betting US 2022

eSports is getting more competitive with each passing year, and eSports betting is now a popular activity that gamblers are taking part in all around the world. eSports wagering is available to gamblers in the United States, and there are many different sports to wager on for a good variety to choose from. As the activity expands and bigger and more frequent tournaments are released, eSports wagering is becoming a bigger and more exciting activity. In fact, eSport gambling is probably bigger than cricket betting in US.

Interested gamblers have countless betting opportunities including some interesting prop bets and other advanced wagering opportunities that are available with more established sports. eSports wagering is an exciting activity that feels very similar to traditional sports wagering, and it can all be done online today for American players.

Tips for Placing eSports Wagers

  • Get to know the eSports teams well
  • Make use of simple wagers first
  • Look for powerful bonuses
  • Analyze past performances

Many sports bettors aren’t as familiar with eSports even though they might have seen listings for League of Legends of CSGO, but eSports betting is a powerful activity that can result in some exciting wins. Like Betting sites for election runs, eSport options are not as popular as traditional sports betting. Even though the eSports betting scene is still small compared to traditional sports, it has a strong following and can offer some really good wagering opportunities as well. Many of the sports have fewer teams than something like the NFL or the NBA, this makes it quick and easy to do research and to place more accurate wagers. For this reason, and because of the large number of prop bets available many people are beginning to place regular eSports bets.

Get to Know the Teams: Study Past Performances with Care

Like with basketball betting today, or any other team sport for that matter, one of the first and most useful steps to eSports betting is getting to know the different teams. There are usually just a few different teams to worry about in any major eSports competition, which makes it easy to get familiar wit the different teams. Interested gamblers should look closely at the different eSports betting odds and try to determine if those odds are a good fit for the different teams or not. If the odds seem too poor for a team that isn’t likely to win, the wager should be avoided. Experienced gamblers will et a feel for the wagers that are worth betting on and the ones that should be avoided with care.

Those who are new to wagering on eSports need to take time to get familiar with the teams and the different sportsbooks available, but they also need to learn about the different betting lines and which are the right to choose. All of that’s explained down below.

Get Familiar with the Bet Options: Moneyline, Total, Point Spread and Pro

There are many different types of betting lines available to gamblers wagering on eSports games, this makes it easy to place any sort of wager that the player is interested in laying down. The simplest and most obvious type of wager is the money line bet. This bet focuses on choosing one team over the other to win. Moneyline wagers are the most common, and they are also the simplest to place. They don’t pay out as well as other types of wagers though, so this must be kept in mind when placing the wagers.

For more interesting wagering gamblers can consider point spreads and total bets as well. One of the most important eSports betting tips is to learn how each of the different wager types works well to take advantage of the most favorable betting options. Point spread bets look at how big of a difference there is between the score of one team and the other. This could be measured in kills, in time to complete a level, in maps won or in many other ways depending on the game. That’s why it’s important for players to get familiar with the game and the different options available. To place a point spread wager players must predict which of the two teams is going to win, and then decide whether the team is going to win by less than a certain amount or more than a certain amount. The wager is more difficult to complete successfully than many other wager types, but it offers an impressive reward payout in the end.

Total bets are another common option that gamblers should at least consider. These wagers are determined by the total score that both teams accumulate together. The two scores are added up and players are asked to guess whether the two teams will get above or below a specific score. This type of wager can be very difficult as well and is often more difficult to guess with accuracy than something like the moneyline wager is. Total bets come with better payouts as well. To successfully place a total point bet get to know the defense and offense of each of the different eSports teams and use that information to try and decide how much both teams are likely to score.

Try Live Wagering

Live wagering isn’t just available for football and basketball, it’s something that interested gamblers can do on eSports matchups as well. While watching a favorite CSGO team gamblers can wager on the number of kills, the map count won and other key statistics that will occur throughout the match. This helps make the wagering process more immersive and it keeps things exciting for gamblers that are willing to take the time to lay down some wagers. The betting odds will change as the match goes on, and by watching those odds closely it’s possible to place more favorable wagers and unlock bigger prize payouts or more consistent wins by guessing which way the odds will swing.

Look for Prop Bet Opportunities: Hedging and Arbitrage

When searching for helpful eSports betting tips, a simple piece of advice is to look for powerful prop betting opportunities. There are some situations where prop bets offer a powerful advantage and make it possible to use hedging and betting arbitrage to win more consistently. There are many different prop bets for most eSports types, and out of all those different wagering opportunities thee are going to be some inconsistencies in the odds. Where those inconsistences occur is where the opportunities lie. Interested gamblers can find guaranteed profit opportunities in situations where betting arbitrage will work. In these situations they can wager on both sides of a wager using multiple sportsbooks. The wager will be so positive that no matter which of the two teams wins the prize payout the player will get will be larger than the two wagers together. This is the power of betting arbitrage and it’s why experienced eSports betting experts look for the opportunities. To learn more about betting arbitrage see our betting arbitrage guide here and find out how to make this technique work.

Hedging is another powerful technique that allows gamblers to minimize their losses for a small cost. By spending a bit of money wagering against a bigger bet, gamblers can guarantee that they won’t lose much, or at least cut down their losses that they will incur if a wager doesn’t go well. Hedging is an important strategy and something that experienced eSports gamblers will use when they can.

Try eSports Betting and Unlock Exciting Bonuses

If you’re interested in eSports betting at all, now is the time to try it out. It’s available to many players in the United States today, and it’s simple to do as well. Interested gamblers can start placing wagers on different eSports at online sportsbooks almost immediately after going through the initial signup process. They’re encouraged to take the time to look through the different signup options and to pick out the sportsbook that looks most favorable. Take a look at our comparison chart to help you with finding the best eSports-friendly sportsbook to play at and you’ll be ready to start placing those wagers. Join today and you could unlock some impressive bonus offers and start your eSports betting career off with bonus money to keep things interesting.

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Conclusion: Proper eSports Betting can Be Learned Quickly

eSports wagering is exciting, and it still feels somewhat new to most players even though it’s been around for years now. It offers many of the same advanced wagering opportunities that other types of sports betting offer, and that’s why many gamblers are happy to take part in the fun. There are some serious sports bettors that only wager on eSports matches and many of them understand the market and how the different teams will perform well enough to profit from their wagers consistently.

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