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Betting for Election US 2020

Betting for election can be categorized as a subset of “entertainment betting” that has been going viral of late: political betting, which has seen an increase over the past few years majorly in America. Given the excitement and thrill accompanying elections in America these last few years, it is not surprising that punters would take an increased interest in political proposition and future bets. The unpredictable nature of the last election between Hilary and Trump shows how interesting the election period can be and with that comes exciting wagers for punters.

Highlights of Betting for Election

  • There are two main ways of betting for election
  • Odds reduce as the election draws closer
  • To make huge returns, place your bets early

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Gambling on political elections and events in the United States is a legalized activity under federal and most state laws. The technicality of betting on political happenings and occurrences is not quite different from that of entertainment or sport but the information behind each bet will. Informed wagers are the best kind of wagers, so do your research before putting any money on the line. Whether you decide to participate in prediction markets or go online to find some interesting prop bets. The election season is a good time to cash in some cool odds.  Let’s see the types of betting available for punters during the election season.

Types of Election Betting

You can bet on political happenings in two major ways: through online sports bookmakers and the prediction market.

Prediction Markets

Prediction markets offer bettors a 50/50 chance on political happenings. It presents bettors with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question. Examples of such questions include:

Will John Kerry declare his ambition for US Presidency Candidacy?

Will Hillary Clinton contest for US presidency in 2020?

Will Donald Trump emerge as the president of the US for the second time in 2020?

Will David Cameron step down as British Prime Minister?

The above questions require ‘yes’ or ‘no ‘ answers and their odds depend on public opinion. If you predict correctly, you claim your return in the odds.

Online Sports Bet

As said earlier, the technicality of betting on political happenings and occurrences is not quite different from that of sport betting. You can easily place your bet on specific political happenings, occurrences and instances at an online sports site. Major political betting instances you’ll commonly come across before the end of December 2019 are:

2020 US Political Parties Presidential Primary Election – Odds to Win

With this betting prop, you are given the chance to predict the flag bearers of the different political parties in the US for the 2020 general election. If you place your bet quickly on this prop, you’ll have quite a large number of candidates to choose from. Thus, it might be very difficult for you to pick a clear cut winner, but this makes your potential return huge. Please put it at the back of your mind that if you bet early, your bet will be tied up till the result is announced.

2020 United States Presidential Election – Odds to Win

If you are placing your bet on this betting line, you are only concerned with the winner of the US general election. We are taking the US 2020 general election as our case study. Some bookmakers display the list of the presidential candidates with spin off props such as:

    • Odds on the party to win the 2020 US Presidential Election.
    • Odds on a female gender winning the 2020 US Presidential Election.

The electioneering process in the United State of America is always packed with actions and entertainment, however to claim a huge return during this period, you must place your bet early.

US Presidential Election 2020 Winner Odds

       Donald Trump -11/10

       Joe Biden            5/1

       Bernie Sanders   9/1

       Kamala Harris    14/1

For example,

During the 2012 US general elections, President Barack Obama was tipped as the favorite to win the election early in spite of having economic problems and polls slumps. Pitching your tent with Obama in 2012 even with the problems will give you favorable odds if you place your bets early.

But in 2016, Hillary Clinton became the early favorite to win the US Presidential Election after the first debate. She had a huge 91% probability ratio of winning the election. It was therefore a great upset for bettors when Donald Trump was declared the winner because Hillary Clinton’s odd remained the same throughout the electioneering period. So betting on Donald Trump would have yielded huge returns since was a clear underdog during the election.

When placing your bets on political happenings, you need luck and foresight just as other betting types because placing your bets on favorites can be very risky too.

State Elections – Odds to Win

Bookmakers also display odds on the outcome of specific state elections especially when it’s a key swing state. The election outcome of key swing states can make or mar your candidate’s chances. This makes this type of bet an interesting one to partake in. All you have to do is to make your research on the party you think will win that particular state. Base your research on the running candidates.

Election Odds on Candidate Mannerism

Election candidates use different antics when canvassing for votes, but some words, manners and antics are repeated by these candidates during the election period. Many bookmakers take advantage of these repeated words, manners and antics by offering odds on candidates doing some peculiar things. For example, a bookmaker may display odds on ‘how many times President Donald Trump will repeat a particular phrase or word during a debate.

Election Odds to Win the Popular Vote

Betting lines on the popular vote do not typically appear until one or two months out from the actual election date. Though the popular vote does not make a difference in the actual election results, there is generally a lot of talk surrounding who wins.

Betting the Odds

Punters have different strategies on placing election bets, while some neglects the media controversies and campaign schemes, others see opportunities in them. This also means that you are willing to place your bet on candidates when the odds are long and against them when the odds are short.

For example, placing your bet on President Donald Trump while he is an early favorite is not as lucrative as wagering on him after a negative public poll, this will increase the odds.

This strategy opens bettors to great risks but with large profits and if you are given the opportunity of cashing out your bets early by the bookmaker, you can claim your return even before the end of the electioneering process. This usually occurs when you bank on a strong candidate in hard times when the odds increase and you will be smiling to the bank afterwards.

Trends for US Presidential Election Betting in Recent Times

The outcome of the 2016 US presidential election raised all manner of questions as to whether the opinions of voters or polls are reasonable and practical methods of predicting winners. In 2016, President Trump had a very low possibility of winning the election so many bettors banked on Hillary Clinton to win because of her incredible 91% probability. The odds of Trump winning the 2016 US presidential election was 25/1 in August 2015 and it dropped to 6/4 before the first presidential debate.

Donald Trump ruthless style of practicing politics made bookmakers increase the odds of him winning and decrease the odds of Hillary Clinton winning, so many bettors placed their bets on Hillary Clinton to win. In fact, some bookmakers gave bettors the option of cashing out early because of Donald Trump’s awful odds. Donald Trump’s victory at the polls caused a great upset to bookmakers.

The above scenario has made US presidential election betting one of the most popular types of petting in the United States. So a bettor needs more than voters poll to place their bets and earn massive returns.

Which Bookies Offer the Best Election Betting Deals?

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CONCLUSION: Betting for Election, a Smart Trend for Political observers.
As shown in this article, you can place bets on election odds during election seasons expecting a lot of profit. Aside from your profit, you also expect to have some excitements that come with the election frenzy. Therefore, we advise that you start placing your bets on the forth coming 2020 US presidential elections and start earning your profit and at your convenience. To make it even better, you need not worry about finding bookies who offer great odds; all you need to do is to visit our sports betting comparison page to choose.

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