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Basketball Betting US 2021

How to do It Effectively

Wagering on NBA and college basketball events on popular gambling sites is a favorite pasttime for the American sports bettor, but it’s important to understand basketball betting, the different wagering options and how to make the most of the activity. Basketball offers many exciting wagering opportunities, but it’s important to understand how each of the different wagers works and how to make the most of them when wagering on a favorite team. Serious gamblers can learn more to get answers for questions like how do basketball betting lines work, so that they can place their wagers with confidence.

Basketball Betting Tips

  • Spreads are typically larger in basketball than most sports
  • Leverage moneylines, spreads and totals
  • Place prop bets during major events

Best Sports Betting Sites

Basketball is one of the most popular sports for American bettors to wager on, which is why it’s so important for people to get familiar with basketball betting and all that it offers. Take some time to learn about the different wager options, as well as the special bonus offers that can make a bettor more effective and profitable. There are many different options to consider, and lots of ways for gamblers to win big, or even to win consistently. Learn everything we know about basketball betting and you’ll feel more confident about it as a result. You can also learn more about the 888 free spins code to try out some casino gaming as well.

The Different Betting Options: Use Spreads, Moneylines, Props and More

There are many different basketball betting lines to choose from, making it exciting and interesting to place wagers on this sport over time. Gamblers that want to wager on the NBA and collegiate basketball can do so all throughout the seasons and with enough practice they can become familiar with the best basketball betting sites and all the different options that they offer. Below is an overview of the most common wagering options that players use to bet on NBA games and how each of them functions. Many are common to other sports as well.

Using Basic Moneyline Wagers

Moneyline wagers are the most common type of wager and they’re available in every type of sports betting. In basketball betting players just decide which of the two teams is more likely to win and they wager on that team. Depending on the basketball betting odds for that team, the payout potential will be large or small. Underdog teams come with better payouts but are more difficult to bet on successfully.

Placing Spread Bets: Betting on the Difference

Betting on spreads means wagering on the score difference between two teams while correctly guessing which of the teams is going to win. Spreads of greater than 15 points are common in basketball matches, something that rarely occurs in the NFL. Basketball betting that involves spreads is slightly more difficult than a standard moneyline wager, but it comes with a bigger payout as well. Gamblers that are confident about the outcome of a match can take their wager to the next level using a spread bet to try for bigger prizes and to make watching the match more exciting as well.

Total Bets: Wagering on Combined Score

The last standard type of wager available is the total bet. This is a wager that tries to determine what the total score is going to be between the two teams. The oddsmaker will choose a total amount, say 120 points for instance, and gamblers can wager whether the two teams will achieve a score higher than that amount or lower than it. Pleaser bets and teaser bets can be used to adjust that total number up or down, but doing so also changes up the potential payout for the wager as well.

Exciting Prop Bets: Different and Unexpected Wagers

Prop bets are popular wagers that are available in a large number during major basketball events like March Madness. The wagers include anything other than totals, spreads, and moneyline wagers. Gamblers can wager on the score for part of a match, how many points a specific player will score and many other random statistics with these wager types. Since there are many more prop bets than moneyline or spread wagers, this is the area that many experienced gamblers go when they want to place multiple wagers. In some instances prop bets can even be used for betting arbitrage or hedging. Learn more about betting arbitrage here and betting hedge here.

Halftime and Quarter Lines

While they are usually considered as prop bets, one common type of basketball betting lines are the halftime and quarter lines. These can work like moneylines, like spread bets or even like totals, the only difference is that they are all focused on one specific period of the game. Players can place wagers about what will happen in the first quarter, in the first half, in one of the other quarters or in the final half of a matchup. These wagers often have to be placed like live-wagering opportunities because they become available during the game, except for the first quarter and first half wagers. Gamblers that want to remain engaged in the basketball matchup can place follow-up wagers on what’s going on in the match for later parts of the game as they sit and watch.

Using Parlays

Another common wagering option on basketball betting sites is the parlay bet. This wager just combines several different wagers together into one complete bet. In order for the wager to work out all of the different wagers involved must work out. If even one of them is a loss then the whole parlay bet is a loss. For this reason these bets pay out in a big way, but are mostly avoided by serious gamblers. There are many sites that offer bonuses for gamblers that place NBA or college basketball parlay bets. This is the best time to place these wagers and when serious gamblers should be thinking about making use of parlays.

Live Wagering and Bonus Offers: Making the Most of Every Wager

Along with all the different betting lines explained up above, there are many different ways to have a good time with basketball betting. Interested gamblers can place wagers during matchups to keep things exciting, and there are often bonus offers available to take advantage of.

Parlays and Cash Back Bonuses: Making the Most of Bonus Offers

Basketball enjoy a large number of betting bonuses in particular, making it a desirable sport to wager on even for the gamblers that aren’t interested in the sport. There are often money-back offers that will give gamblers back bonus money on their wager for every three-point shot that a specific player scores, or for another condition that could occur during the match. There are also special offers available for players that make use of parlay bets to help make them more profitable overall. Take a look at our PointsBet review to see what this popular provider has to offer.

Exciting Live Wagering: Betting While Watching the Match

Many bettors that place bets on basketball matches watch the matches from start to finish anyway to see how their wager is going to turn out. Some players take things a step further and place wagers while watching the match and seeing how it changes. With many leading sportsbooks today there are live wagering opportunities that allow gamblers to place wagers during the sporting event. These opportunities are easy to take advantage of and they can result in some impressive payouts while giving players more chances to win.

Try Basketball Betting Today and Maximize Those Bonus Offers

As a new player just getting familiar with basketball betting lines and other sports terms you’re at a distinct advantage compared to the long-term players. That’s because you haven’t already joined all those different sportsbooks. Most online sportsbooks offer impressive sign-up bonuses to their players just for joining up and placing their initial wagers. As a new player you can make the most of those offers and use them to profit in some instances. Take the time to look through our sportsbook comparisons and try out a site or two for yourself. While you do so you can unlock exciting bonus offers, unlock some profits and get started off in the right way. To start, take a look at our latest "Is DraftKings safe?", "Is Interbets legal?", and "Is Bet365 legit?" guides.

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Basketball Betting US 2021 FAQ 

🏀Can I bet on all basketball games in the US?

Betting sites in the US cover a number of betting markets that relate to basketball. At, we aim to bring you extensive coverage of where you can bet on basketball online. This way, you’ll be able to catch the biggest games of the year and place your wagers as you see fit.

🎈What is the best site for basketball betting in the US?

Our bookmaker reviews cover a range of important aspects of each betting provider. In our comparisons, you’ll find a number of awards for the top bookies in certain categories. Finding the best site for basketball will help you capture the best possible betting experience with a number of exciting features. Check out for more on the best basketball betting sites in the US.

💸Can I win real money with basketball betting?

Bookmakers occasionally offer the added service of betting for free by way of a demo account. Here, you’ll be able to find your feet and learn how to place bets online. If you’re looking to win real money with basketball betting, take a peek at our coverage of basketball betting in the US to find out how. Be sure to stay in the loop with our informative betting guides and the latest news on a range of gambling topics.

Conclusion: There are Many Basketball Betting Options to Choose From
Basketball is a popular sport to wager on, but it’s only a good one to place wagers on if you understand how to do so properly. Hopefully the overview above explained enough about the different wager options to help new players get started confidently. There are many ways to wager on an NBA or college basketball game, interested gamblers have a lot to look forward to and there can be some very nice wins with the right approach as well.

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