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Youwager Offshore Betting 2021

  • International offshore bookmaker
  • Has no US operating licenses
  • Offers limited banking options
  • Accepts US players against the law
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Is Youwager legit? In operation since 1994, Youwager is one of the bookmakers that made its name back in the day when international sites were more or less allowed to service American players. The passing of UIGEA in 2006 saw the site change its policy and its domain from Youwager.com to Youwager.eu in order not to get closed down by the US government.

The operator is currently based in Costa Rica and it operates under a license issued by the authorities of this state. The legality of Youwager’s operations in regard to American customers is questionable to say the least and those who ask the question is Youwager legit are certainly onto something. In this Youwager sportsbook review, we explain the legal situation of the operator and take a look at its platform to find out if US players should use the service or not.

Youwager Legal & Licensing Situation: Is Youwager Legit?

Before signing up or depositing real money with the site, every player should ask himself one simple question; is Youwager legit in the USA? To answer that question, we need to look at the legal situation of offshore online casino sites in general, as this is the category that Youwager falls into.

Since 2006, no online operators are allowed to offer gambling services on American soil without a license issued by the government of the state they intend to operate in. Offshore operators found a way around this law by continuing to offer services to Americans, while keeping their offices and servers well outside of the reach of US authorities.

Playing with an offshore operator that runs an operation like this can be dangerous for a multitude of reasons, all related to player safety. For starters, Youwager is unregulated, which means there is absolutely no one to turn to in case of disputes with the operator. For this exact reasons, many offshore operators have been known to not pay out player winnings or make various claims to diminish the amount of money won by players.

Additionally, playing with an offshore operator means encouraging the company to continue to break American laws and avoid paying taxes or accepting responsibility for its actions. While players cannot be directly prosecuted for playing at such sites, moving money into offshore accounts can lead to potential involvement in money laundering and tax evasion, which are federal crimes. Generally speaking, from a legal standpoint, US players are best off avoiding Youwager.eu altogether.

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Youwager Review: Operator Check

While our opinion is that US players should most definitely stay away from this operator, we went ahead and conducted a thorough Youwager.eu review nevertheless. The goal of the Youwager review was to compare the operator to other, licensed sportsbooks, so we tested both the desktop version and the Youwager app in all the relevant criteria. Our findings in each category can be found below:

Betting Offer: Limited to Popular Sports

Like most offshore betting sites, Youwager does not offer an overly extensive portfolio of sports that players could bet on. While the likes of football, baseball, basketball and soccer are all in there, there are plenty of sports missing from the list. We found in our Youwager review that the Youwager sportsbook would definitely benefit from offering more betting markets within each individual sport.

Betting Odds: Average Prices across the Board

Betting odds are often the only reason for American players to look to offshore sites, as such operators sometimes offer reduced juice and better prices than their counterparts. However, this is not really the case with Youwager, as the majority of odds are the same or even less favorable as those with licensed bookies. The sportsbook occasionally offers special reduced juice promotions, but these are definitely not valuable enough to make the bookie stand out from the bunch.

Bonuses: Unfavourable Wagering Terms

The welcome bonus offer at Youwager could potentially be a good enough reason for some players to play with this offshore bookie, as it does provide a 50% bonus worth up to USD 500 in Youwager free play for players who make their first deposit. However, the bookie also imposes a 10x rollover requirement on this Youwager bonus, which must be cleared within 30 days, meaning players are forced to make big bets and risk a lot, making the bonus less valuable than one might think at first. Special Youwager promo codes may award additional bonuses to players, all with similar wagering terms.

Payment Methods: Primarily a Crypto Site

While Youwager does offer classic credit card deposit options, American players are forced into using alternative Youwager deposit options, which really means using crypto currencies such as Bitcoin in the first place. Along with Bitcoin, the site also accepts Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple as a method for making a deposit and Youwager payout. When trying to make a Youwager withdrawal, players can also request a check to be sent to their address, but this is a tiresome and slow process that can take an extremely long time to finalize.

Usability: Less than Impressive

Our Youwager review found the overall look and feel of the Youwager site is out of date and not in compliance with the modern standards. From the first Youwager login, players will feel like they are betting in the early 2000s, with all aspects of the operator out of tune with what’s going on in the gaming industry as a whole. The Youwager mobile site is even less impressive, as the optimization for mobile devices was not done which means players will have to navigate the regular site on their phones, which is often very difficult to do.

Customer Service: Phone, Live Chat & Email

When it comes to the Youwager customer service department, this may be one of the strongest points of the bookie. Players can contact the operator by sending in an email or using the Youwager live chat on their computers, or simply pull out a phone and call the Youwager number for customer support. Youwager phone and live chat support provide access to instant help, while emails may take some times to get processed. In either case, players are left with plenty of options when it comes to communication, which is always a good thing to see, even if we cannot guarantee the quality of service provided by Youwager support agents.

The Future of Offshore Betting Sites

Is Youwager a Scam or Not?

There is often a lot of confusion about the legality of sites like Youwager and questions such as; Is Youwager legal? The truth of the matter is that only sites that are physically located and licensed in the USA are legal in the country, while all offshore and international casinos are acting outside the confines of the law.

With online gambling regulations passing in numerous states, the number of legal US betting sites is quickly growing. Once such sites are established nation-wide, there will be little reason for players to bet with offshore sites, which may mean the end of an era for these operators.

This process is likely to take some time, so offshore betting sites are probably not going anywhere in the near future. However, remember that playing at such sites comes with plenty of dangers and very little real reward, so your best bet is to avoid them.

Finally, speaking of the future of Youwager as such, we can say that it is extremely unlikely that this operator will ever be licensed in any of the states of legalized in any way. Considering the site’s practices up to this day, it is far more likely that it will continue operating from offshore for as long as possible, until shut down or run out of business by legal American sites.

FAQ: Is Youwager Legal and More

While Youwager often advertises as an American site and mostly services American players, it is actually located in the island of Costa Rica. That way, the offshore operator manages to stay out of reach of the American authorities.

If you play at Youwager, you will not be prosecuted under any law. However, the owners of the site may be at some point and the site could be shut down at any time without any notice.

No, they are not! All offshore operators are working without any proper license or supervision, which means they can do with your money as they please. Plenty of cases from the past have proven that keeping cash in offshore betting sites is not a good idea.

No! The betting odds offered at Youwager are average at best and often even worse than those you could get from a proper and legal online betting site.

For many Americans, online betting is not yet available, but the process of legalization is underway. Check out our list of legal US betting sites and find out which sites are legal in your state.

Conclusion: Turn to Legal Betting Sites Instead
Offshore betting sites such as Youwager are promising American players safety and fairness, but they cannot hold to this promise. The past has shown that offshore sites are unsafe to play with and the complex legal situation makes it so that betting at offshore sites is never a good idea. Fortunately, online betting is now legal in a growing number of states, so check out our comparison of the top legal sports betting sites [Sports Betting], find the ones legal in your state and start betting with the full protection of the government today.

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