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  • Completely unlicensed in the USA
  • Operates from an offshore location
  • No guarantee of player protection
  • The betting odds are sub-par
  • Numerous player complaints noted
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Is legit?

Founded all the way back in 1996 under the name of, is one of the longest operating online sports betting businesses out there. But is legit? The bookie was one of the first to accept credit card deposits and back in the era when online gambling in the USA was undefined by law, the operator was even publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange.

Things changed in 2006 when the UIGEA was passed, at which point switched from a .com domain to its current one and went completely off the grid. The operator continued service American players despite the changes in the law, which clearly meant that it was no longer safe for US players to play there. In this review, we take a closer look at the operator from a legal and technical standpoint and assess how it compares to the competition. We'll also answer the question"is legit?"

Is Legal in the USA?

Ever since 2006 when the Congress passed the UIGEA, all online gambling operators were banned from the country. This changed relatively recently as some states started issuing licenses for online casino operators, but offshore online sites such as are still not legally operating in the country.

When considering what kind of services are offered by Sportsbook for US players, it is not too surprising that the site is used by so many Americans. However, things have changed and legal US sites are now available, which means there is little reason to play with offshore sites.

Is legit?

So is legit? Regardless of anyone’s opinion on the matter, is operating in the US without a license and if the operation was set up within the country, it would get shut down. This is exactly the reason why the operator offers its offshore betting in an offshore location and why players from the US should not be playing there.

From a strictly legal standpoint, players from the US who play at Sportsbook are unlikely to get prosecuted as there is no law that prohibits them from using such a site. However, making deposits into offshore sites can be brought into connection with tax evasion and money laundering charges, which is not something any player needs. For this and countless other reasons, US players should consider as an unlicensed site and avoid it completely.

4.9 / 5
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The Operator Check: Legit Operations

Is legit? Regardless of the fact that we do not recommend American players to get involved with this operator, we thought it only fair to conduct a full Sportsbook review to find out just what the operator actually has to offer. We rated the bookie in some of the most important aspects, and these are our findings:

Betting Offer: Plenty of Sports on Offer

The overall Sportsbook betting offer is quite extensive, as the operator seems to have a solid coverage of all the most popular sports. The main focus is on American sports and leagues such as the NFL, MLB, NBA and MLS, while other international sporting events are also covered to a solid degree. In each of the particular sports, plenty of different events are offered, with a decent selection of different betting markets.

Betting Odds: In Line with General Market

When it comes to Sportsbook betting odds, the actual value of playing with the operator can sometimes be pretty decent. The Sportsbook betting prices appear to be fair in most cases, although the operator can never really match the odds given by the top sites in the industry. Nevertheless, the prices are similar to those at other offshore operators, which is as good as can be expected from such an unregulated site.

Bonuses: Lots of Extra Cash

The Sportsbook bonus policy is quite an interesting one as the site appears to be willing to give away plenty of Sportsbook free play as long as players are willing to make a big deposit. The Sportsbook deposit bonus is worth only 20% but awards players up to USD 2,000 in total if they make a deposit of USD 10,000 in Bitcoin. With the use of an additional Sportsbook bonus code, which is often available, players can get even more extra cash, but the question of why the operator is keen to get such big deposits is certainly one that raises some eyebrows.

Payment Methods: Bitcoin is King

Players looking to make a Sportsbook deposit will have to create a Bitcoin wallet as this is the only payment method available at the site. Sportsbok Bitcoin deposits are made anonymously and instantly and can be quite risky for the users trying to make them. Any Sportsbook cash out must also be made via the mysterious crypto currency, which is yet another reason that players should hardly trust this operator.

Usability: A Reasonable Platform

The actual Spotsbook platform is quite modern and in line with the industry standards. Players can access their Sportsbook account from the main page and quickly make deposits and cashouts or browse the different sports and markets from the lobby in order to make instant bets on upcoming or live events. The platform works well desktop computers and the Sportsbook betting app, with the Sportsbook app available online for both the Android and iOS powered devices.

Customer Support: Slow & Non-Interactive

When it comes to the customer support department at, all player inquiries must be sent to the operator through email, which can be sent out from an on-site email form. All emails sent to are answered by the operator’s staff within 24 hours or so, but the back and forth for the more complicated issues can take a few days, making the support process slow and less than impressive.

The Future of Offshore Betting: Is Scam or Not? was founded back in a time when online gambling in the USA was very much a grey zone and offshore sites were more or less allowed to operate in the country. Back then, Sportsbook gambling was considered relatively normal and the site operated under a .com domain quite publically.

However, Sportsbook and many other sites went from the grey zone into fully no longer legal after 2006, when they continued servicing American players despite the UIGEA being passed. While the US government clearly prohibited such sites from operating in the USA, they simply continued work from offshore locations.

Is legit or going to be? Today, offshore betting is becoming less needed as more licensed US sites are emerging. Nevertheless, these sites continue to operate and appear to be going nowhere anytime soon. While it would not be fair to say that is a scam site, the dangers that playing at such a site brings are simply too great.

When looking at the future, it is very unlikely that will ever become a legal and licensed site in the USA and it is much more likely that the operation gets shut down at some point, either by some government or by the owners themselves should they realize that their operation is too hot to handle.

FAQ: Is Legal and More

Absolutely not! operates from an offshore location and has no operating license in any of the states. For all intents and purposes, the site is completely not permitted from an American standpoint.

While sites like are not allowed to operate within the USA, it is not legal for players to use such sites. Players will not be prosecuted for playing at, unless they break other laws in the process, which can happen.

Players who do play at the site and need some Sportsbook help can get in touch with Sportsbook customer support agents via several methods, including email and live chat, both available on their site.

No! Bitcoin is an unregulated virtual currency with absolutely no control. Not only are Bitcoin funds easily lost or stolen, but the value of the currency fluctuates unlike any regular currency out there, making any deposit highly volatile.

We recommend you don’t! A Sportsbook ag signup can lead to many problems for any player, while there are many legal and licensed American sites where your interests are much better protected. We recommend going to such sites instead to ensure your safety.

Conclusion: Choose a Legal Bookmaker Instead is a site that operates outside of the US jurisdiction and with absolutely no control. The site uses offshore servers, crypto currencies and other shady practices to avoid the law and taxation and is thus far from a safe place to keep your money or make real money bets. Instead, check out our extensive list of legal American sports betting sites [Sports Betting] and pick a licensed and regulated site under control of your state government instead.

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