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Sportsbetting.ag Offshore Betting 2021

Sports Betting.ag
  • Not licensed in any of the states
  • Actively circumventing American law
  • Not applied for any gaming license in USA
  • No guarantee for player data or funds
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Founded in 2003, Sportsbetting.ag has been around for quite a while and has managed to stay in the industry despite blatantly breaking American laws for nearly two decades. The site operates from an offshore location in Panama and has a licenses issued in this state, which carries no water in the USA whatsoever.

American players who are considering playing with the Sportsbetting.ag sportsbook should think twice before they do, as the site has no legal standing to be operating in any of the states and yet it accepts players from across the USA. In this Sportsbetting.ag review we take a close look at the operator, its US facing operations and the legality of the whole thing.

Sportsbetting.ag Legal or Not?

Why you Should Avoid this Operator

US players can often fall into the trap of playing at offshore casinos without even knowing they are doing anything wrong. Offshore sites like to advertise as US friendly or even straight-up US operations and they rarely give players the information that they are operating in the USA without a license. Before signing up, every player should ask himself is Sportsbtting.ag legal in the state they live in or is it just another unlicensed offshore operator.

In reality, Sportsbetting.ag is a completely unlicensed online casino site from an American standpoint and US players who choose to play on the site are not protected in any way. This means that those who do play there have no guarantee of fair play, no guarantee that their money is kept safe or that they will get paid if they win and no one they could contact in case things go wrong.

In contrast to Sportsbetting.ag, there are plenty of US-licensed sports betting sites at which players can play in a 100% safe and regulated environment. For this exact reason, every American player should always look for sites that have a license in the state they are in and this way be certain that they are receiving fair treatment in every way possible.

Except for the fact that Sportsbetting.ag is in clear violation of American laws, players also need to be careful of their own actions. All transactions made into offshore gambling sites can be considered not legal and players who make them can get into trouble. In addition to this, all play at offshore sites is in fact giving support to tax evasion on the part of the site owners, which should be avoided in every case. Generally speaking, American players should avoid playing at Sportsbetting.ag for a variety of reasons listed above and many others, while there are very few reasons to actually consider playing at this unlicensed offshore site.

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The Operator Check: Sportsbetting.ag Legit Operations

While we have already established that Sportsbetting.ag is not an operator we can recommend to American players, we took a look at the Sportsbetting.ag legit operations and tried to determine how the site compares to other betting sites out there, including the legitimate US licensed sportsbooks. Here are the results of that testing:

Betting Offer: A Small Choice of Betting Options

Compared to many other sports betting sites, Sportsbetting.ag actually offers quite a limited choice of different sports players can bet on. For the most part, the betting options at the site are limited to the most popular sports such as baseball, football, basketball, soccer and tennis. Some other sports are occasionally offered, but the operator’s coverage of such less popular sporting events is definitely nowhere close to what other, larger sites out there have to offer.

Betting Odds: Sub Par Prices and Odds

The betting odds offered at Sportsbetting.ag are definitely not a match for the leading bookies out there despite the operator’s best efforts. While the prices for some major events and the most popular markets are at times close to matching those of the top sites, most other markets are offered at a price that cannot be compared to the odds offered by the leading operators on the American market.

Bonuses: Plenty for Crypto Users

New players who join the site and use the Sportsbetting.ag promo code 100CRYPTO while making a crypto currency deposit can receive a Sportsbetting.ag bonus worth 100% of their initial deposit. In addition to this, the operator throws plenty of other Sportsbetting.ag promotions that offer additional Sportsbetting.ag free play. All bonuses and promotions are subject to the Sportsbetting.ag rollover requirements which are not too hard to meet, making the bonus department one of the stronger suites of this offshore operator.

Payment Methods: Crypto Currency Rules

While Sportsbetting.ag actually offers over a dozen different payment methods, American players can hardly use any of them since American banks are not allowed to process payments that are intended for offshore gambling sites. For this reason, US players who are playing at the site can only use crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum to make a deposit or any Sportsbetting.ag withdrawal. However, crypto currencies are notoriously unstable and unsafe and certainly not the best way to make online deposits or cashouts.

Usability: Not the Shiniest of Sportsbooks

In a world where so many different sportsbooks are available online, Sportsbetting.ag is certainly not the one that gives players the best overall experience. The site is somewhat out-dated in comparison to its modern cousins and it appears it has not seen an overhaul in quite a long time. After their Sportsbetting.ag login, players can access all the operator’s products from the main lobby, but the general vibe of the site does not actually reflect the kind of reliability and confidence that an online gaming site should.

Customer Support: Real Time Support 24/7

The one area in which Sportsbetting.ag does a pretty fine job is the customer support department, which offers plenty of different options and allows players a high degree of interactivity. The operator offers live chat, telephone and email support, with all methods available at all hours of day and night. The support agents all speak very good English as the site’s primary market is the USA and all communication with the staff is made quite easy for this reason.

The Future of Offshore Betting Sites

Is Sportsbetting.ag a Scam or Not?

The offshore sports betting market has been around for a long time and companies such as Sportsbetting.ag have been happy to service American players regardless of the local laws. Currently, the process of legalization for online sports betting is underway in many states so the interesting question is what will happen to Sportsbetting.ag and other offshore sites in the future.

In reality, it appears that there is no intention by the owners to ever form a Sportsbetting.ag legit operation in the USA. In fact, offshore sites have never been too interested in getting a license in the USA and are happy to keep operating from their tropical paradises.

With the expansion of the legal sports betting market in the USA, it is likely that sites like Sportsbetting.ag will eventually lose some of their customer base, but the many advantages these sites offer are going to keep the afloat for quite a while. Nevertheless, one can never tell what will happen to an offshore operator overnight, which is why we still strongly suggest against playing at such sites for players’ safety.

FAQ: Is Sportsbetting.ag Legal and More

For American citizens, it is legal to play at an offshore site like Sportsbetting.ag. While American laws prohibit such companies from operating within the USA, there is no law that says American players are not allowed to play at any site they want to. However, by playing there, players are fostering shady operations, tax evasion, etc.

Yes! Sportsbetting.ag does include a downloadable Sportsbetting.ag mobile app. Downloading the Sportsbetting.ag app allows players to make bets on the go and play other Sportsbetting.ag mobile products wherever they are.

When it comes to Sportsbetting.ag customer service, players can get in touch via email as well as Sportsbetting.ag phone number and Sportsbetting.ag live chat. However, there is no guarantee of quality as the site does not have any legitimate license at all.

At Sportsbetting.ag, there are many payment methods on offer. However, many of these are not available to American players, leaving crypto currencies as the only real way to make online deposits for US players, which is not safe or recommended.

Aside from the sportsbook, Sportsbetting.ag poker, casino, live casino and racebook are all available. These products offer a slur of gambling options, but all of them are unlicensed and quite unsafe.

Conclusion: Bet on Sports Legally Now
If you have read this review, you probably have a good idea of all the reasons one should have not to play at an offshore site such as Sportsbetting.ag. Fortunately, there are more and more alternatives for American players coming up, with legal American sites being opened up across the country. Check out our list of legal sports betting sites [Sports Betting] in the USA, find a site licensed in your state and enjoy betting on sports with the full protection of your state government.

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