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Sportsbet Offshore Betting 2021

  • Without a US gaming license
  • International license with no guarantees
  • American banks won't process deposits
  • Significantly lower betting odds
  • Outdated betting platform
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Sportsbet opened for business back in 1998 and offers customers an offshore online gambling resort with Sportsbook, Racebook, and Virtuals. While it’s been accepting US players for years, the bookie holds no license to do so and thus exposes them to different risks which ultimately don’t allow us to recommend Sportsbet join.

Still, Sportsbet US has been luring customers for over two decades and we now take a detailed overview of the sportsbook to better understand its features as well as the dangers it exposes the players to. Let us start with the all-important questions!

Is Sportsbet Legit? Why not Play Here

Sportsbet online betting takes place in somewhat of a grey area of the gambling industry, where the operator holds no license to work in the United States. So, who regulates Sportsbet? The bookie holds a license in Curacao and the situation there is rather interesting, as four Master License holders issue sublicenses to gambling sites.

However, this means very lenient laws and very little actual control over the bookies and casinos, which gives players no instruments to pursue in case of any wrongdoings. In fact, offshore operators thus keep hold of the arbitration power and players can hardly expect a regulatory body which will actually help in such circumstances.

The US government is yet to hit hard on the offshore online casinos and while there’s still grey to explore, the laws have been changing in several states already – which allow renowned bookies to apply for licenses and legally offer services to US players.

This emphasizes the offshore companies’ inability to guarantee fair play, player data security or fund safety, both currently and in the near future where closing and blacklisting looks like an increasingly real possibility. With such an ax hanging above their heads, it’s impossible but warn players against joining Sportsbet online or any other offshore bookie for that matter.

Obviously, the main reason players have been joining offshore bookies was still the inability to enjoy online betting anywhere else, but there is now hope the things will be changing across the country. Such positive changes in the industry could see the offshore businesses collapsing, which points out to another danger for the end-users.

The state-licensed bookies pay expensive licenses as well as other fees to operate in the United States, which has offshore companies capitalizing with a somewhat better offer when it comes to odds. This has had many complaining and money could ultimately be the reason for more strict laws.

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Sportsbet Scam or Not: More Details on Major Features

As one could surely understand already, we recommend US players avoid offshore bookies at all costs and Sportsbet.io is no different – with many of the obvious and less palpable risks already listed above. However, we now base our Sportsbet review and go through the bookie’s offer, trying to better understand the features in store as well as the potential dangers.

Betting Offer: American Sports and Other Popular Markets

Sportsbet offers a wide range of sports which could satisfy even the picky bettors, especially among US players. These include all major leagues such as MLB, MLS, NHL, and NFL but also have Aussie Rules, Olympics, European soccer leagues, and many more to pick from. The list is rather extensive and offers a well-rounded service.

Odds: Solid Rock-Solid Offer on American sports

The odds at Sportsbet can be displays in different formats and offer a competitive edge, which sits well above the standard on some bets. However, there have been customer reviews indicating many major events lack such odds, which would point towards a worrying strategy on the company’s end. Still, we have not witnessed such changes and odds felt as good as anywhere else in the offshore industry.

Bonus: A Free Bet After Initial Deposit

The Sportsbet bonus is unique and stands somewhere between a free money sign-up bonus and a deposit bonus. To grab it, players need to make an initial deposit and place a qualifying bet of exactly USD 10 to get a Free bet of USD 30. Player Props or Virtual Sports bets don’t qualify for the bonus and neither do odds of under 1.50.

The free bet is then available for 7 days before expiring and in case of a winning bet, the initial free money is deducted from the overall winnings to get your reward. Ultimately, the bookie reserves the right to revoke the promotion at any time and with no further explanation, which is – truth be told – only done if breaking the detailed terms and conditions.

Payment Methods: Devoted to Cryptocurrency

Interestingly, Sportsbet only supports crypto currencies and hugely favor Bitcoin, as it provides anonymity and allows players from regions where betting is prohibited to still play here. Allsportscoin and Ethereum are also supported, where details are somewhat vague and ask for Sportsbet contact for clarification.

There have been reports that players from Sportsbet can't withdraw their funds in a timely fashion or at all, which adds to our premise lacking proper regulatory bodies is a serious problem.

User Interface / Usability: Good Design

User interface sets Sportsbet betting apart from many other offshore providers, offering solid design and great responsiveness in a modern-looking website. The only remark we could make is the website being too serious, as if it was part of an investment franchise rather than a place to enjoy gambling and entertainment.  Still, it also feels very functional and this is the most important segment.

Customer Support: Extensive FAQ and two channels

Sportsbet offers an in-depth FAQ section which provides answers on most questions one could make. However, players can also contact the customer support with all issues and via two channels, either by sending an e-mail or by turning to the Live Chat feature on the website. Live Chat is a lot quicker but more complicated problems are best taken to e-mail.

Sportsbet Legal Issues: Future of the US Market

Sportsbet offers anonymity and fund safety in a sense there’s hardly a way it could go missing. Still, failing to comply with the US regulation and still offering players gambling services entails great risks, which ultimately turn into the players’ problem too.

No proper license usually means no immediate control over the operator and this brings on the question who will help players in a case of unresolved issues with the bookie. Operators thus get complete control over the process and also get to protect their interest in any way they find suitable.

However, the changing US laws have now allowed more renowned bookies and casinos to enter the market with proper licenses, which offers players with fully legal options to enjoy online gambling. This could have two negative effects on offshore operators:

One, players will obviously enjoy safe and state-licensed bookies, which could see the overall popularity drop and would ultimately see the operators unable to produce the same sort of service they are at this moment.

Two, the unhealthy competition from offshore companies in the sense they are able to offer an edge primarily because they don’t pay expensive licenses or fees to leagues and teams. This has already seen great criticism and could force the government into more strict measures to ensure a solid market.

Is Sportsbet Legal: Top 5 FAQ Asked By Players

Players from the United States are not allowed to play at Sportsbet but being a grey area that it is, there little to prevent the bookie to target the US customers.

Offshore bookies are able to offer better odds on many occasions as they do not make as many investments in licenses and other fees. However, fishing for these brings many dangers too.

While the use of crypto currency could hide your tracks to some degree, it’s obvious all US players have to pay taxes on gambling winnings regardless of the fact where they’re made.

No, Sportsbet allows players of at least 18 years of age to join and play. However, this is not yet legal if your state has laws restricting you from doing so!

Government agencies do not prosecute individual players, although there are laws that allow it in many states. They mainly focus on companies and service providers.  

Verdict: Stay Safe and Away
Although there is no immediate danger of legal actions against you, we strongly advise US players to avoid Sportsbet. There are way too many dangers entailing if you do so, from data to fund safety and everything in between, which just makes it too risky to try your like.

Indeed, we suggest you take a look at some of the state-licensed and regulated bookmakers, who offer a unified standard of quality and have to guarantee it in cooperation with the Division of Gaming Enforcement. This means staying on the safe side and is surely the pillar of any online experience.

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