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MyBookie Offshore Betting 2021

  • Site with no gaming license
  • American operations are not regulated
  • The bookie offers poor betting odds
  • No guarantee of safety and privacy
  • Player funds may be in jeopredy
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Is MyBookie legit? Some of the founding members of infamous Bet on Sports opened MyBookie for business in 2014, basing the operator in Costa Rica and largely focusing on customers from the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. However, the operator holds no license to offer gambling services which begs the questions can MyBookie be trusted, is MyBookie legal in NJ, as well as many others.

While we have seen a mixed bag of MyBookie reviews from users across the web, we cannot recommend testing your luck with this or any other offshore casinos operator. Let’s get into a detailed MyBookie ag review and find all the crucial facts - first up, we'll answer the question to "Is MyBookie legal?".

Is MyBookie Legit? Why not Play Here

MyBookie ag bases their headquarters in Costa Rica and holds a license in Curacao, which has many players asking is MyBookie as an offshore online casino legal to play at. However, getting a straightforward answer to the age-old question is legit is not an easy task. Is MyBookie legal? The operator has been around the block for five years already but has no intention of pursuing a license in the United States, in truth making it impossible to recommend playing here to US bettors.

Indeed, no regulatory body to consult in case of any dispute with MyBookie means the operator serves as the judge and the jury on such occasions, which provides no guarantee of fair play or player safety.

Furthermore, the ties MyBookie has with Bet on Sports feels reassuring but also brings on fears, where the old operator’s staff was prosecuted and the site was blacklisted. This has to trigger one’s thoughts the same could happen again, especially with the recent changes with US legislation.

MyBookie ag gives promises on fund safety but this also implies no guarantees to such claims, for both of the reasons listed above – where it would surely be next to impossible to retrieve funds if the site was closed or a player has an ongoing dispute with the operator.

Furthermore, sportsbook software here is provided by Digital Gaming Solutions but there are undisclosed details on data encryption and security, which holds further dangers when players engage.

Additionally, there is a history of closing player accounts and while MyBookie lv justifies this with a rule against professional bettors, sharp side movers, syndicate or propositional players – which can also be translated into plain English as those who win too much. While this is not a very common occurrence, it still comes off as a major worry for players looking to actually make MyBookie payouts.

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MyBookie Scam or Not: Major Features Taken into Concern

For all the reasons above, we strongly advise against making accounts and betting with MyBookie but it’s only fair to check out all the important features in more detail, seeing what the bookmaker has to offer as well as the actual dangers related to them.

Betting Offer: Pointed Towards US Market

We’ve already stated that MyBookie is largely focused on US markets and this most apparent in the betting offer, where bettors can find a number of popular sports and leagues – including NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL, MLS. However, lacking International betting opportunities and even some major events cannot be justified by such focus.

Odds: Solid and Early

The odds at MyBookie have the competitive edge and while they're not the top of the industry at this point, it's obvious they can cope well and the fact they come in early for all major sports, together with a low MyBookie minimum bet, all adds to the value. Still, there are offshore operators who will get you more money for the same bets won.

Bonus: Many Ongoing Promotions

While MyBookie Bitcoin deposit bonus is no more, there is a MyBookie free play bonus for both new and existing players depositing. This includes a first deposit bonus of 50% up to USD 1,000 with a 10x rollover requirement – as well as a USD 20 risk-free bet where any stake up to 20 is reimbursed in case of a hit-and-miss.

Additionally, the bookie offers reload bonuses of 25% up to USD 500, which holds a 5x rollover requirement but still has players arguing these seem unlikely to hit especially if one redeposits in order to cash in on the first bonus.

Payment Methods: More Limited Withdrawal Options

The banking methods are many but the bookie doesn’t allow payments with e-wallets, rather turning towards Bitcoin, debit cards and bank transfers, ACH, and Person to Person transfers. These are limited between USD 25 for a minimum deposit to USD 10,000 for maximum, both represented by Bitcoin as the popular choice.

Withdrawal options include fees from USD 10 to USD 50, depending on how much players actually cash out. The methods at hand include wire transfers, ACH, and Bitcoin as well as MyBookie MoneyGram – who charge a fee of up to USD 37 with a maximum withdrawal amount of USD 375.

User Interface / Usability: Interesting Design Choices

MyBookie betting is done through a quick and steady website, which offers a modern design and good responsiveness found crucial for providers. One account is enough to get the ease of access to Casino and MyBookie live betting as well, together with quick links at the bottom and check on MyBookie points the Account area.

Customer Support: Creative Ways to Get in Contact with The Players

Aside from standard support channels in e-mail, telephone lines, and on-site Live Chat, which all complete well-rounded customer care and go a long way to solve the issues players might have. They have taken a step further and the agents can now be found on Social media too, including Facebook and Twitter. However, they are not available 24/7 and this could be more worrying for players enjoying different times of the day.

Is MyBookie Legal?: MyBookie Legal Issues

Is MyBookie legit?: Problems with Not Holding a US License

MyBookie holds a license in Curacao and this can mean trouble for US players to pursue any potential claims against the operator, as it comes hard to expect the regulatory bodies help out in such cases. This means one relies completely on the bookie to solve all issues on their behalf, which brings worries of protecting interests.

Furthermore, history of Bet on Sports and the government’s breakdown of their operations also brings immediate attention as it just could happen again with MyBookie, as a result of providing gambling services without a proper state-issued license.

The changing US laws and the availability of fully legal operators on US soil also adds to such worries, as offshore companies now provide competition to operators paying costly licenses as well as a number of additional fees. This means near future could bring more serious repercussions for offshore providers, which would ultimately hurt bettors just as well.

So, Is MyBookie Legal?

State-regulated casinos and bookies, on the other hand, provide more stability and security – now imposing as prime choices for players in the United States. The lucrative bonuses and odds could be fading to hook players but only the future will tell if the gambling market sees stricter control. So, Is MyBookie legit? Not in the US, at least for the time being.

MyBookie Review FAQ 

❗Is MyBookie legal in the United States?

MyBookie works in somewhat of a grey area of the industry and while there’s been no prosecution, the operator holds no license to provide gambling services to US players.

☄ Are the odds at MyBookie better than with legal operators?

Not necessarily. The offshore bookies have the chance to offer edge to players with no fees and taxes paid but this doesn’t always bring it to the table, although advertised markets will feature such lines.

💸 Do I have to pay the taxes on my winnings?

Yes. All winnings require you to pay taxes according to laws in the state of your residence, regardless of where they were made.

🔖 Is 21 years of age the MyBookie age requirement?

No, bettors can register and place bets at 18 years of age or older. However, if the applicable state laws say otherwise, you still need to follow them.

🔗Am I liable to prosecution if I play at MyBookie?

While there are laws in some states which allow government agencies to prosecute players, this hasn’t been happening and it’s usually the operators who are targeted. Stay abreast of the latest gambling news at

Verdict: US Players Need to Stay Away
While we’ve seen many reviews rating MyBookie legit, it’s obvious betting with offshore operators by itself brings many dangers and we just cannot advise players to do so. MyBookie has a history of issues with winning players too, which adds to such a belief and brings an overwhelming feeling bookie is to be avoided.

Furthermore, there is now a number of state-licensed operators to choose from and this adds to the equation, as you’re better off investigating those options and making accounts with US-based bookies. The rather new addition to the portfolio of offshore providers, MyBookie has many lucrative offers on the table but this just does not feel enough for us to risk parts of the bankroll just to enjoy such traits.

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