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Gtbets Offshore Casino 2020

  • Does not own any operating license in USA
  • Registered in an offshore location
  • Player funds are not protected
  • Questionable payout policies
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With a history going back to 2011, Gtbets Casino is a fairly well established offshore online casino that operates under a Curacao eGaming license, which is meant for international casinos, but under no circumstances allows for legal service of American players. The casino is based on BetSoft and Arrow’s Edge software and it continues to accept American players despite it being a clear violation of American laws.

Considering the fact that offshore casinos are not legally allowed to service Americans, we recommend staying away from such sites including Gtbets and we recommend checking out one of the legal American casino sites which offer services to American players within the confines of the law. Let’s take a closer look at why playing at Gtbets Casino is not a good idea.

Should I Play Here: Is Gtbets Casino Legal?

Gtbets Casino is an online gaming site based in Curacao, which means that under local law and its license it is allowed to accept players from just about any jurisdiction. However, this is only thanks to the fact the license is flawed and does not take into consideration the fact that the US government explicitly only allows casinos with a local license to service their players.

Considering these facts, players are advised to stay well away from Gtbets Casino. While American players should not be in fear of legal prosecution for playing at such a site, there is a number of reasons not to play there, the first and foremost being the fact that the US government may well shut the site down at one point, as has happened in the past with numerous sites that chose to break the law and service American players while committing money laundering and many other crimes internationally.

Risk of Losing Money and Tax Evasion Charges

While playing at international offshore casinos, American players cannot make deposits using their credit cards or banking accounts. Instead, the only option is to use shady payment methods such as Bitcoin, which may well cause a player to get charged with tax evasion or money laundering if multiple deposits and cashouts are made over time.

Furthermore, a player may lose money due to the operator choosing not to pay winnings or simply walking off with the deposits made, which has been known to happen with international casinos that were only licensed by bodies such as Curacao eGaming.

Offshore gaming sites are not safe and not recommended even in jurisdictions where all sites are welcome to be a part of the market and the American government is far less forgiving in this sense. With all of these reasons considered, you may stay at a good distance at all times.

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The Operator Check: Is Gtbets Casino a Scam?

Despite not being a casino we recommend you play at, we have done a full Gtbets Casino review and have went over the casino’s various aspects to determine if it would be worth playing at if it was legal. Here is what we found out about this offshore casino site.

Casino Games: A Small and Mundane Portfolio

While online casino sites with US licenses tend to offer hundreds of games by the industry’s leading software providers, Gtbets Casino is only able to give players a chance to play a handful of casino games in the production of BetSoft and Arrow’s Edge, two providers that choose to develop software for such sites. This makes their video slots and online casino games library very limited and not nearly as versatile as those of licensed sites.

Live Casino: Limited Table Options

Many offshore casinos don’t offer live casino at all and Gtbets stands out by actually having a live casino platform. However, the site only offers three tables with roulette, baccarat, and blackjack available at one live table each. This small choice of live games certainly does not make the casino a champion of live gaming, but those players who play there do have a chance to experience play with live dealers to some degree.

Bonuses: Limited Choices and Heavy Wagering Terms

The choice of bonuses at Gtbets includes some bonus options and a Gtbets no deposit bonus, but all the promotions at the site come with a very heavy and hard to meet the wagering requirement. As such, the casino is not really worth playing at from a bonus perspective, since each bonus forces players to log in and bet thousands of dollars before being able to request any cashouts.

Payment Methods: No Legal Way to Deposit

American banks are prohibited from processing payments to offshore gaming sites under serious penalties, which is why it is nearly impossible for Americans to get money online and play at such sites. This is why offshore casinos provide payment methods such as Bitcoin which are both dangerous to use and legally questionable since every such transaction may be linked to money laundering and tax evasion, both serious crimes in all states.

User Interface: A Casino for Early 2000s

Upon the first visit to Gtbets Casino, it quickly becomes clear that the site is well out of date and does not begin to compare to the more modern online casinos that operate under actual licenses and regulations. If you are looking for a site that looks good and runs well on all platforms, Gtbets does not fall into this category at all.

Customer Service: Multiple Options Around the Clock

The one area where Gtbets does pretty well is customer service. Support agents are available throughout the day via email, live chat and telephone and there are dedicated phone numbers available for American and Canadian players. While this does not make their operation any more legal, the fact they offer a reasonable level of service to American players is at least some redemption. The lines are manned by agents with a good level of spoken English which gives some hope of problem resolution despite American players having no real legal standing at such a site.

Can Gtbets Casino Legal Site Ever Exist?

Gtbets Casino and other offshore sites that provide American players with services with no real right to do so are heavily out of favour with the federal government. With such a bad history, it is very unlikely any such site would ever receive a license in any American state, and judging by the looks of it, they will never try to do so.

Playing at Gtbets Casino is currently possible since the site does everything in its power to give Americans a way to bend the laws, but it may well happen that the site is shut down for such practices in the future.

Offshore casinos are not legal, and the future will only make them even less legal as the introduction of local licenses will make any excuse for the existence of such sites obsolete. This is why players are advised to move away from offshore casinos and create accounts with legal and proper American casinos where they can receive a high level of service and complete safety with the help of the state government.

FAQ: Find out if Gtbets Casino is Legit

American laws do not strictly prohibit players from playing at offshore sites, but they do prohibit such sites from accepting American players. As a player, you are not exactly breaking the law, but you may be in violation of other laws by depositing money at such sites or not reporting your winnings.

Bitcoin is an unregulated and unsafe currency which can be misused in countless ways. Purchasing Bitcoin and using it to play at online casinos puts the player in harm’s way in many different ways and we heavily advise against ever using Bitcoin in online casinos.

Like any other income, casino winnings are subject to taxation. If you do play at an offshore casino and you win money, you are obligated to report the winnings, whatever payment method you may use. If you don’t, you are in violation of tax laws and may be prosecuted.

American players should never play at offshore casino sites. Gtbets is such a site and does not have any American state licenses, thus American players should stay away from the site and choose a better, licensed alternative.

Play at a Legal American Casino
We have listed all the reasons that Gtbets Casino and other offshore casinos are not the best places for American players to play at. We advise that you listen to these tips and never play at an offshore site and choose a licensed site instead. Check out our list of legal casino sites and choose a casino with a proper license in your state in order to play online without any fear and with the full protection of the government.

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