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Betcris Offshore Casino 2021

  • Casino accepts US players with no license
  • Player privacy is not protected
  • Player funds may be at risk at all times
  • Deposits & withdrawals are difficult or impossible
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Is BetCris Legal in the US?

Established in 1998, Betcris Casino is one of the oldest players in the online gambling scene. While this site has been around for a while and they’ve been catering to players for a long time, this operator isn’t the one you’d want to consider if you’re a player from the US looking to try your luck online. Namely, Betcris Casino online accepts players from the US but is Betcris legal?

They aren’t properly licensed to do so. Thus, they are operating in the market without required licenses and approvals, which means your information and your money can be at serious risk here. Therefore, like other offshore casinos, this site should be avoided.

Is Betcris Casino Legit? Why not Play Here

Finding an offshore casino to play may seem like a good alternative for players from the US, especially those living in the states where online gambling hasn’t been locally licensed. Even some players having access to state-licensed sites resort to offshore casinos for a variety of reasons, from better free spins to different games on offer.

However, playing with an offshore operator entails great risk and we seriously recommend that you never do it. These sites operate in a very grey area, which means that you have virtually no protections as a player. Things can go wrong for a variety of reasons and, whatever happens, you’ll pretty much be out of luck and with no one to complain to.

Since these casinos aren’t licensed in the States, there are no control bodies to make sure what they are offering on the paper is the true state of things. So, you can’t ever be completely certain that the advertised RTP on the games, for example, is truly what the casino states it is.

There are many other risks included here as well. Every time you join a casino, you’re required to provide certain personal information such as name, surname, address, date of birth, etc. While regulated casinos do their best to protect this data, there are no guarantees with offshore sites, so you’re running a risk of your information being stolen or abused.

The same goes for your financial details such as your credit card number. When you deposit with a site like Betcris Casino, there are no guarantees that your financial information is actually protected and kept safe. People have had some bad experiences in the past, with their cards getting multiple unauthorized charges, either due to shady practices or system errors, which occur way more often than an online casino should allow.

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Betcris Casino Scam or Not: The Operator in Check

So, hopefully, by this point, it is clear that we have answered the question of whether Betcris is legal and we don’t recommend any US players to play at these offshore sites. Risks connected to these practices are simply too high. That said, we’ve decided to still do a review of Betcris Casino online, as they are licensed to offer their services in other parts of the world and it is interesting to see how they stack up against state-licensed operators.

Casino Games

The game selection at Betcris Casino is hardly impressive. The site offers a decent number of slots as well as some casino card games and roulette but, overall, they don’t have any of the popular titles in their library. This is especially true for slots, as players don’t get to enjoy any well-known games produced by the likes of IGT, NetEnt, etc. While we wouldn’t go as far as to call games offered here bad, they definitely pale in comparison to the ones offered at regulated sites, both in terms of entertainment value and in terms of RTP.

Live Casino

Players who enjoy live dealer action won’t be happy to hear that there is no Betcris Live Casino. Although a live dealer section has become almost mandatory these days, many offshore operators fall short in this particular category. One of the main reasons as to why is exactly because their practices turn away big-name companies like Evolution Gaming that provide the live casino experience. At the same time, most state-regulated sites provide high-quality live casino action.


New players at Betcris Casino can choose between two different welcome bonus offers. The first one is for those who enjoy casino slot machines, featuring a 100 percent match up to USD 250. The second offer is for table games, with the same amount of extra cash on offer.

The main difference between these two bonuses is, as the name suggests, in the type of games they are provided for. The first bonus can be used on all slots available on the site and players need to meet wagering requirements of 35x the total amount. The second bonus can only be used for blackjack, poker, and bingo, and the rollover is 50x the total amount.

While these bonuses aren’t bad, wagering requirements are quite steep and definitely much harder to meet than what you’d find with state-licensed casinos. This once again goes back to regulation, as licensed casinos have to adhere to certain strict rules when creating their bonus policies.

Payment Methods

Betcris Casino suffers the same problems as most offshore operators in the payment department. They are able to offer only a limited number of methods, such as credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and Bitcoin (as an alternative). This can be a big problem for players looking to play here as it limits their options, especially when it comes to withdrawals, which can be very difficult and take a long time.

User Interface / Usability

For whatever reason, most offshore operators have done little to improve their websites and the overall interface of their casinos. Betcris casino online is no exception in this department. While players can get involved straight from their browsers and no download is required, the site looks and feels very outdated. Those players used to playing at modern casinos will have a hard time getting used to this interface and will hardly enjoy their time spent here.

Customer Support

The customer support department is available to contact them around the clock via email and live chat. However, players don’t get the same type of treatment here as with state-licensed operators. Most offshore sites are primarily concerned with getting as many deposits as possible while everything else seems secondary and this is definitely the feeling you get when talking to customer support.

Betcris Casino Activities: Future for Offshore Operators

Not that long ago, offshore casinos and bookies were the only options for US players looking to gamble online. With no state-regulated operators, those players who were looking for some action were forced to try their luck with offshore sites and hope for the best. However, times have changed quite significantly since then.

More and more states are passing their own gambling bills and entering cooperation agreements so it shouldn’t be long before almost all US players have access to properly licensed and regulated sites. When this happens, offshore operators will become redundant and obsolete. With all the risks connected to playing at these sites, it is highly unlikely anyone will choose these casinos over the ones they know operate under state laws and are accountable to regulatory bodies.

However, we may still be a few years away from this scenario, and, in the meantime, these kinds of offshore operators will likely do everything they can to increase their footprint in the States and log in as many players as possible. They’ll continue to tempt potential customers with big no deposit bonus promises and other perks, but you need to be aware that these are usually just empty talk.

Betcris Legal Status: Top 5 FAQ

Betcris does accept deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin but this doesn’t make you much safer in the grand scheme of things. Although cryptocurrencies offer a certain degree of anonymity, they aren’t as anonymous as some people would like to believe.

This depends on the laws of your particular state. In some states, you might be liable to prosecution, although, in practice, states haven’t been going after players and are focused more on offshore operators.

Although they may advertise better-winning percentages, this isn’t the reality of the situation. The fact is, you’ll have much better odds at state-licensed casinos playing at high-quality games with RTPs that have been independently checked and verified.

Yes, you do. Even if you play at an unlicensed, unregulated casino, this doesn’t exempt you from paying taxes on your winnings and failing to do so can be interpreted as tax evasion.

Some offshore operators accepting US players do require players to be at least 21 of age. However, some even accept players as soon as they turn 18, which is against most state laws.

Stay Safe & Avoid Offshore Casinos
Offshore operators like Betcris Casino may be tempting but if you have a state-licensed casino you can play at as an alternative, you should never, ever, play with an unregulated site. We’ve explained many risks and dangers that come with such a decision so it is clearly not worth it.

If you aren’t sure if Betcris is legal and you want to know where to play, check out our list of state-licensed casinos and find something for yourself. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it at one or more of these sites, so there is absolutely no need to give your personal information and your money to these shady companies that could go under at any point, disappearing together with your cash!

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