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BetAnySports Offshore Betting 2020

  • Not licensed by American regulators
  • In breach of state and federal laws
  • Not in compliance with safety standards
  • Payout options are scarce
  • Bonus & cashout issues possible
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BetAnySports opened its virtual doors in 2001 as a sister site to then-five years old sportsbook, licensed and working from Costa Rica as one of the first offshore bookies to offer services to US players.

The operator offers a more modern approach to betting than 5Dimes and many other offshore bookies but it feels even this up-to-date design cannot cope with state-regulated bookies, with an oversimplified and tough interface to get used to. However, the dangers of betting with Bet Any Sport are no less than other offshore providers so we rather focus our BetAnySports review on that!

Is BetAnySports Legit? Why not Play Here

While BetAnySports certainly looks slicker than most of its competitors, players who got used to a high standard of service and user-friendly sites will be quick to notice its downsides. However, the interface is not the stopping point when getting around suggestions why no to play here.

Going through players’ BetAnySports reviews gives a glimpse into a reality why many experienced aficionados avoid this and any other offshore operator, where worries of one’s data protection and fund safety become very real despite the luring possibilities widely advertised.

Indeed, offshore betting operators tend to promise smooth sailing with great odds and overwhelming promotions but it’s obvious the regulators outside the US hold lenient standards which can often mean no guarantee of such traits, as players hardly have the means to pursue arbitration if denied any claims by the bookie.

State-licensed operators, on the other hand, offer service regulated by the US agencies and have to abide laws as such. This means they are closely monitored and reports of misdemeanor get actual results, aside from spreading among the player base much quicker with free access to information.

While there are many features advertised in favor of the offshore bookies, this rather denies them as utter uncertainty. Furthermore, the changing laws largely affect the number of players with more reliable operators now in the offer, which creates a generally safer environment when it comes to online gambling.

Ultimately, BetAnySports sportsbook could be taken down at any given point. More specifically, the company could be forced to stop offering services to US players with more strict laws and it’s fair to say that pursuing the BetAnySports payouts would be a huge pain in the neck in such circumstances, with many reports of problems getting one’s money out after winning already available across the web.

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BetAnySports Scam or Not: Salient Features in Check

While it’s surely already clear we don’t and cannot recommend taking your money to BetAnySports, we now put BetAnySports complaints aside and take a look at some of the most important features bookie offers its players to see how well it bodes when put against the industry standards

Betting Offer: Focus on Popular Sports

BetAnySports wagering covers a long list of sports but can hardly cope with the industry big guns in the variety of markets, with their main focus on major sports such as football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, but also tennis and soccer. Still, spreads don’t really instill the feeling of value and sets it back even in offshore standards.

Betting Odds: Solid for Top Markets

The odds markets a competitive and conquering odds but in reality, 1x2 markets have a margin of 101.7% while spreads, as well as the Over/Under betting, vary and stand around 104.5%. The few vague markets available hardly offer a great edge over the state-regulated bookmakers despite being one of the offshore companies’ boasting points.

Bonuses: A Small Deposit Bonus

BetAnySports promotions are not on the high end either with just a 20% free money deposit bonus of up to USD 200, which has a wagering requirement of 5 times the deposit + rollover. Interestingly, the bonus is not available for customers already claiming it with 5Dimes, Island Casino, Sportbet, ChineseBookie, Vietbet, Bombaybets, or Nicabet.

The wagering requirement is implied even if you’re not fishing for bonuses, which has had many players complaining about the inability to withdraw funds and the customer support aiming to have players claim the bonuses rather than explaining this and helping with the issue.

Payment Methods: Limited Number of Transactions

The banking options add more worry to the players’ minds, where the depositing options include Bitcoin, Money order, Debit cards, and Person to Person transfers with minimum amounts ranging between USD 50 and USD 1,000. However, withdrawing can get tricky as it’s often the case with offshore online casinos.

Withdrawal methods include Bitcoin, Wire Transfers, and Checks which brings us to a major objection as there’s no Credit or Debit cards in the offer. Furthermore, deposits made by cards or e-wallets require a 3x rollover as well as a seven-day hold before one can issue a withdrawal request. There are also fees which differ by the method and multiple withdrawals within a week take a fat amount of USD 100 for processing.

Usability: Not the Strongest Point

The BetAnySports EU site does offer a modern and up-to-date interface which adds some graphics to the experience, with a simple and easy-to-use interface – with most of the crucial controls available from the top menu. However, the operator has seen criticism for hiding odds and some features from users before they set up accounts, especially coming from those used to seeing the odds in question at one’s fingertips with the most prominent regulated operators in the United States.

Customer Support: Live Chat During Business Hours

Of course, it’s impossible to complete the review without taking a look at the Customer care. The operator offers customer support through most of the day, starting at 8 AM and ending during half-time of the last offered event. The support can be reached via a phone line, e-mail as well as the Live Chat on the site.

A quick survey of the channels gives a feeling of timely response and knowledgeable agents but there are still many reports of CS failing to cope with unsuccessful requests for withdrawals and even extending the timeframes of a complicated process to get to an actual solution.

BetAnySports Legal Issues

US Legislation and Its Effect on Offshore Operators

Getting a simple answer to the question if BetAnySports is legit feels crucial for many players but it is rather vague, as the offshore operators are themselves. While the operator doesn’t allow players from the United Kingdom or the Netherlands, for example, US players are allowed to sign-up for accounts and deposit almost immediately.

However, the operators holding licenses work in grey areas of the industry and only have to thank no strict implementation of anti-gambling laws in the United States. Namely, players in certain states can be prosecuted but this was never the case and the operators have seen no serious repercussions either.

Still, with the quite new regulation of the market and states licensing online gambling sites enable a fully legal way to gamble. This surely means a hit to the offshore companies who lure players with no options, enjoying the restricted markets such as the US and consequently booming. The tables have seemingly turned and players rightfully fear this could mean fiercer government measures against non-regulated operators, who do not pay fees or take licenses from the agencies. Even without such measures, it feels as an overtake in business as many players prefer staying safe rather than risking it all for slim margins.

Is BetAnySports Legal: Top 5 FAQ Asked By Players

Offshore bookies have been using loopholes to offer US players services and while this is a shady business, it’s just a matter of time before more strict regulation is imposed by the government. Some states have laws allowing player prosecution but this has not happened to this day.

BetAnySports allows a number of banking methods but these have been a matter of controversy. Bitcoin is available for both deposits and withdrawals, while debit cards and e-wallets can only be used to deposit – which also imposes a turnover to withdraw and takes fees for the process as well.

Players in the United States are obligated by law to pay taxes on gamble winnings and this comes as a must even with offshore providers, regardless of their location and/or tax obligations.

BetAnySports does not allow new players to check out the odds before setting up an account. After registering, you can access the odds by marking events, clicking to continue, and listing them on the new window you’re taken to.

No, BetAnySports’ age of majority is 18 and while this is not yet legal in some states, it also points towards the differences and the company’s failure to align with regulations.

Verdict: Better to Stay Safe
Like many offshore companies, BetAnySports promises an enhanced service but it also goes a long way to offer a more modern user experience through the up-to-date site. However, there are many downsides as well, which largely focus on the players’ inability to solve issues with customer support or get any real insight into the company’s dealings without regulation.

This brings us to the fact that many players enjoy taking their bankroll to regulated bookies and casinos, enjoying more of an industry standard with top-quality service and a user-oriented approach.  You should thus stay away from the site and rather follow such footsteps!

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