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Staking Strategies 2022

Staking strategies, or specific methods used to place wagers while practicing sports betting are helpful in bankroll management and for creating win streaks over time. Below we’ll explore the different types of staking strategies, such as the different fixed and variable staking strategies available, and we’ll look at the ways that these strategies can be beneficial to your overall wagering success. You might be surprised to learn about some of the successful staking strategies available today and how other players are making use of them for the biggest benefits.

Staking Strategies Key Facts

  • Staking strategies are the ways that you wager money
  • Fixed strategies are powerful for bankroll management
  • Variable strategies offer more ways to profit over time

What are Staking Strategies

For gamblers that haven’t heard of them before, staking strategies are different ways to wager while placing bets online or offline at a sportsbook. There are different patterns that can be used when wagering, and some are favored by players more than others. Getting familiar with different staking strategies is a good way for players to get familiar with how they work, and if there are any ways to effectively determine the odds of a successful wager by relying on advanced strategies.

Why are Staking Strategies Important

Staking strategies are important because they help with bankroll management and also make it possible to react to past performance when placing wagers repeatedly. By adjusting wagers up or down in different ways, it’s possible to encourage bigger wins while minimizing losses.

The Different Types of Strategies to Consider

Fixed Staking

Fixed staking is when a player wagers the same amount of money for every betting position. The player doesn’t move his bet amount up or down depending on the interest of the matchup, but instead gives every wagering decision equal weight. This is a powerful strategy for a few different reasons, but only if the stake amount is kept at an appropriate level. Gamblers that want to make use of a fixed staking strategy need to make sure they are wagering a comfortable amount that will generate enough in wins to make the wager worthwhile, but a small enough amount to keep the wager from being risky as well. The recommended fixed staking amount is usually between 1% and 5% of the overall bankroll amount. Most gamblers stick to somewhere in the middle of those two figures with their fixed stake wagers, and that results in good profit over time while minimizing risk nicely.

Fixed staking offers a few very real benefits over other types of wagering. The first benefit that it offers is control over a player’s bankroll. By forcing the player to make the same wagers all the time, they instantly become better able to maintain their bankroll and avoid risking too much on any one wagering decision. This gives the gambler more time to master proper wagering tactics and also helps them to learn restraint and to shut off their emotions when it comes to wagering. The second benefit that the method offers is encouraging players to choose their wagers with care. They can’t give a less likely position a smaller wager, and increase their wager for a more likely position, so they must choose each position that they get involved with carefully. This often results in more research and improved wagering decisions over time.

Fixed staking isn’t for every player though, and some gamblers find the practice too restrictive. There are real benefits to being able to change up the bet amount depending on the circumstances of a wager, because some are going to be better than others. That’s why variable staking is so popular and why so many major gamblers practice it in one way or another while placing their sports bets.

Variable Staking

For gamblers that prefer to wager reactively, there are many different variable betting staking strategies that can be used. These special strategies change depending on different conditions and how they work. Some of them will move up and down based on past success or failures, while others will simply adjust with the size of your bankroll over time. There are many different options to choose from when trying to find the best variable staking strategy, but for more information about successful staking strategies and popular options, take a look at our Kelly strategy and our Martingale betting strategy overviews. They offer special benefits and can result in some nice consistent wins as long as the player has a large enough bankroll and the courage to use the strategies to their full potential.

A Quick Look at Different Variable Staking Practices

There are so many different variable staking practices that it can be overwhelming trying to choose one that’s going to work best for you. That’s why we’re going to take the time to get familiar with many of the different options, so that you can start to pick out the ones that sound best and eventually find that one staking strategy that’s going to work or you.

The Kelly Strategy

The Kelly Strategy is an advanced wagering system that relies on a formula that looks at the odds of the position and the potential payout, as well as the actual probability that the position is going to come true. The strategy also looks at the overall bankroll amount and uses all that information to come up with a recommended wager amount for each unique position. The more accurate the probability of success is determined, the more effective this strategy is for the players using it. Gamblers that don’t mind something a bit complex will really enjoy the Kelly Strategy, but it does require wagering very large amounts in some instances, so takes a bold gambler to maximize.

The Martingale System

The Martingale System is a highly simple variable staking system that relies on just doubling the wager amount each time a lost is incurred to help players catch back up. As long as the player is able to double the wager amount after each loss, they should be able to make back all the lost money eventually and start being profitable once again. The system is proven to create winning opportunities, but only when players don’t run out of available money to keep doubling their wager amount. Players on long-term losing streaks may find themselves losing an entire bankroll to this strategy, so it should be approached with caution.

The Fibonacci System

Much like the Martingale System, the Fibonacci betting Strategy relies on increasing the wager amount when losing and decreasing it when winning to try and hold onto profits as effectively as possible over time. The system relies on the mathematical sequence of numbers known as the Fibonacci Series. By shifting back and forth through this series of numbers to use as a basis for wagering it’s possible to help work toward a profitable outcome over time.

Each of the three popular variable staking strategies up above are proven effective for some gamblers. They’re all simple to use and offer good solid results for players bold enough to make use of them. There are many other variable staking strategies that players should explore as well, but it’s a good idea to start with some more established options just to get a feel for what is out there.

Which is Best to Use?

It’s impossible to say for sure which of the different staking strategies is best to use for everyone. Different players can benefit from different strategies. Gamblers that struggle with taking too many risks could benefit with a fixed strategy, and sticking with a conservative fixed bet amount can help preserve their bankroll over time. Players that need to change up their wager amount over time and don’t mind doing some calculations will have fun with the Martingale or Kelly strategies. The best way to decide if a strategy is right for you is to test out several options and choose one that you like the best out of them all.

Find the Ideal Staking Strategy for You

Now that you know about some of the different staking strategies and how they can benefit you, it’s time to start trying them out. Take a look at our sportsbook comparisons and choose a platform that appeals to you. Make your initial deposit and start testing out some of our staking recommendations. With enough testing you can find the strategy you like best and start working toward major betting profits and success over time.

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Conclusion: Staking Strategies can Improve Long Term Profits

Staking strategies are important because they determine how you place wagers online, and how you manage your bankroll over time. Serious sports bettors should all test out different staking strategies and try to adopt some sort of system that gives structure to their wagers. Doing so can offer major benefits over time and can make gambling more enjoyable as well.

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