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Prop Betting Strategy 2020

Prop Betting Strategy and Wagering Techniques for Success

Prop bets are common on sportsbooks from around the world, and they’re powerful wagering tools that can be used to place more wagers and to have more winning opportunities as well. These unique wagering opportunities are on random occurrences for matches

Prop Betting Key Facts

  • Non-standard betting opportunities
  • Offer more chances for profitable wagers
  • Prop bets are common during major sporting events
  • Offered at most sportsbooks today

What is a Prop Bet?: Understanding this Unique Betting Option

In the simplest terms a prop bet is a wager that’s not a moneyline bet, a point spread or a game total wager. There are prop bets for things like the total yards a running back will run during an NFL game, to the titles that a professional player will win. These wagers are exciting, they are unique and dynamic and there can be a large number of them surrounding major events such as betting for the Super Bowl. Prop bets are often considered to be risky, but they can actually be very calculated and simple to win when placed with care.

Why Prop Betting is Exciting to Do

Using a prop betting strategy is very exciting because it allows for many different gambling options to choose from. Players that want to be able to place many different wagers can do just that with prop bets. There are different options to wager on, and it’s possible to wager on specific players or events as well as making broader wagers. For some gamblers prop bets are much more appealing than standard bets are.

Not only are prop bets more diverse, but prop betting offers more room for strategizing as well. With so many different betting opportunities being made available there is more room to analyze the different options and to choose better paying options, or even to use something like betting arbitrage. Prop bets also work for advanced wagering tactics like hedging where there are additional ways to profit and come away with a big win.

Advanced Prop Betting Strategy

With betting options as diverse and as many as prop bets are it’s easy to use some advanced strategies with them. Learning how to leverage all the different options available from different prop bets can also improve your profits from wagering over time. Learning how to use a prop bet can result in some nice wins when you can locate the high-value opportunities.

Research Sportsbook Offerings Carefully

One of the most important steps to making the most of different prop bets is to wager the different sports betting offers carefully. There are literally dozens of different prop bets, and it’s essential to research with care to make sure you’re getting a good deal. Serious gamblers should spend the time to overview and review different prop bets, to make sure they’re getting the best odds, and also to uncover opportunities like potential arbitrage situations.

We offer an in-depth view of different sportsbooks with our sports betting comparison chart. Interested gamblers can use that information to find the best wagering opportunities and to join up with one of the top sportsbooks available today. There are dozens of sportsbooks, and choosing the right one is all about learning about bonus offers, betting offerings, sports coverage and more to pick the ideal option.

Hedge Bets Using Props

As an alternative to placing multiple wagers of the same type, some advanced bettors also rely on prop bets to hedge their bets. A prop bet can be used to hedge a basic moneyline bet, or a point spread bet when it’s focused on the success of the opposing team. By using a few careful prop bets it’s possible to insure a wager and even to make some profitable wagering situations when played carefully enough.  Since there are so many different prop bets available, especially during the Super Bowl, the World Cup and other major sporting events, hedging becomes a very useful prop betting strategy. Betting arbitrage is another tool that can be used to great effect. We do a full betting hedge overview here for anyone that wants to learn how hedging works and how to make the most of the strategy.

Use Betting Arbitrage to Enhance Wagers

Prob bets offer one of the best opportunities for betting arbitrage overall. That’s because there are so many of these wager options to choose from. Players that spend enough time looking through different prop bets, and that know how to run the maths on the options can effectively place wagers that guarantee them a profitable payout by wagering at multiple sportsbooks. The players simply place wagers for each of the sides of the wager at the same time. Thanks to the way that the odds are set up they will enjoy a profit when the game is finished because they earn a profit no matter which outcome occurs.

Usually prop betting arbitrage doesn’t come with a huge prize payout, but it’s a powerful tool  when used properly. For instance, when prop betting with Super Bowl matches there are countless betting opportunities and it’s a way for players to unlock some guaranteed wins. The only thing better than a likely prize win is a guaranteed one, and betting arbitrage is one of the only ways to secure that with sports betting.

Add Prop Betting for More Diverse Wagering

Instead of going with something risky like a parlay bet, going with a single prop bet is often the better way to add diversity to your wagers and to make things more interesting as well. There are many prop betting opportunities, especially during the Super Bowl and other major events. By using these special betting tools it’s possible to unlock some impressive prize winning opportunities.

Is Prop Betting Legal to do?

Some new gamblers wonder if using a prop betting strategy is legal to do online or in a sportsbook in person. The answer is yes absolutely. While there are some restrictions about what can be offered as a prop bet within the United States, as long as the bet is available to players, gamblers from within the same state are free to place bets on those offerings. There is nothing illegal about using prop bets and they can come with some nice returns as well when used properly.

Prop betting is a fun tool that’s very popular around major sporting events. There are many players prop betting the Super Bowl most years, and the dozens of different options to choose from just make things even more interesting and enjoyable. Any gambler that wants to try out some different wagers should take their time to try prop bets. They can result in some exciting odds, and most of the time offer alternatives to more common wagering options that most gamblers are used to already. Interested players should take the time to get familiar with different prop betting offerings and how to leverage them for more frequent wagers, arbitrage opportunities, as a hedging tool and just to make gambling more exciting.

Can Prop Betting Be Done by a New Gambler?

Yes, and no. Prop betting is something that a new sports bettor can do easily, but it’s not always something that a new gambler should make use of. Sports bettors benefit by knowing the teams and the players well, but they also have to know about odds, different payout opportunities and more to get the most out of their wagers. New players should stick with standard wagers like moneyline wagers first until after getting more comfortable with all those other concepts.

Test out Prop Bets and Unlock Bonuses

Many of the leading sportsbooks that offer prop bets also offer sign up bonuses that apply to those wagers. New gamblers that want to test out some of the different prop bets can join up with the sites and qualify for the bonus offers at the same time. Look through our sports bet site comparison charts and choose the options with the largest selection of favorable prop bets and other wagering opportunities. After choosing a site it’s possible to start making use of prop bets and the powerful bonus offers that come with joining. Make use of these offers to up your profits and reap the rewards of choosing a high-quality sportsbook.

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Conclusion: Try Prop Bets for More Excitement
Prop bets are all over the place at modern-day sportsbooks. They’re a useful tool for making wagering more interesting and for giving gamblers more options to work with. Serious gamblers can make use of these tools to place more wagers and also to use advanced betting strategies. Players especially around major events like the Superbowl should pay attention to prop bets for some very good betting opportunities and a chance to use hedging and other advanced techniques as well.

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