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Legal Sports Betting US 2020

Before getting started sports betting in the United States, you are likely wondering if there is legal sports betting available. The answer is yes, but only in specific states. Sports betting is an entertaining and sometimes lucrative activity, but there are many laws managing the practice, and gamblers should be aware of these laws before getting started, especially if they’ll be wagering online. Between the repeal of PASPA and the modern uses of the Wire Act there are some very real considerations when it comes to legal online sports betting.

Facts About Legal Sports Betting in the US

  • Sports betting is legal in the United States
  • The repeal of PASPA made sports betting legal
  • The industry is still regulated by the Wire Act
  • States have control over whether they legalize sports wagering or not
  • More states are legalizing sports wagering each year

Legal sports betting is an entertaining activity that involves wagering on one sports team to beat another. There are many different ways to wager on the different sports matches, and we even show you how to place an online sports bet to help explain the different options if you would like to learn more about them. Sports wagering isn’t legal for everyone in the United States though, and whether or not you can wager on sporting events depends on the current state that you are in. The current laws don’t care about where citizens are residents within the United States, but rather where they are physically located at the moment that they are wagering. Learn more about the laws regarding legal online sports betting and what you have to do if you want to place some wagers of your own.

Is There Legal Sports Betting in the United States?

Yes, absolutely, but sports betting comes with a list of rules and considerations that must all be followed in order to remain legal. Gamblers that are interested in legal online betting, or wagering in person, must be in a state that allows sports betting and they must be old enough to legally wager as well. Both of these considerations are important ones, and if either of those conditions aren’t met then they can’t legally wager.

The Legal Age

The sports betting age is different for different people depending on where they live. Some states allow sports betting for players as young as 18 years old. For other states the age is as high as 21. If you’re looking for an online casino with legal wagering, or a sportsbook, take the time to get to know local laws and to determine if you are old enough in your state or not. Since the laws are different everywhere it will take some research to determine if you can legally wager or not. The legal ages are unlikely to change in the future, so most bettors will have to get familiar with their local laws in order to learn what will work for them and what won’t. For more information about specific sports betting age, see our betting age overview here. The guide goes into detail about the different states and their ages, and how the laws evolved over the years to affect sports betting.

Legal States

One of the biggest concerns of the online sports betting laws is which states the residents are in before they place sports wagers. That’s because each state has the power to decide whether they want sports betting to be legal or not. Gamblers that would like to place wagers need to find out if their current state supports sports betting or not. If it isn’t supported in a players home state, it still might be possible to travel to a neighboring state to place wagers. There are many states that allow sports wagering currently, and more are planning to legalize the activity in the near future. Getting familiar wit the different states that allow the activity will make it easier for players to decide whether they can gamble online or not.

The Laws Regarding Sports Betting

There are several different laws that have been passed about gambling, and sports betting in particular in the United States. While players don’t have to be legal experts in order to know their rights when it comes to sports wagering, it is helpful to understand at least some of the laws that control what they are able to do and what they aren’t allowed to do when it comes to sports wagering. The Wire Act and PASPA are two important laws that players should at least recognize before they start betting on different sporting events.

The Wire Act

The Wire Act is a major sports law that was passed back in 1961. It states that people cannot wager on sporting events across state lines or country lines. That means it is not permitted to place sports wagers with a facility that’s located in a different state or country according to US law. That’s why sports facilities rely on location tracking technology today, and why they only target their services to their specific state residents.


PASPA or the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 was a law that made it no longer legal to wager on sporting events in the United States. That law was recently overturned, making legal sports betting possible once again. Now each of the individual states are allowed to decide whether they want sports betting to be legal or not for their own purposes. Since PASPA was overturned more than a handful of states have started allowing sports betting legally, and more states look like they will approve the activity as well, giving interested gamblers more options to work with.

The two laws above are the main factors affecting sports betting in the United States. After taking the time to understand the current laws it becomes simpler determining what must be done to remain compliant with the laws and to legally enjoy sports betting as well.

Meeting Location Requirements for Legal Sports Betting Apps

One of the main concerns that different legal sports betting sites have today is whether or not the bettors are from the appropriate states to be using the services. In order to make sure this is the case, these sites are making use of location tracking services. Any bettors asking the question “are there any legal sports betting sites?” will be happy to hear that there are as long as they don’t mind meeting some simple location restrictions.

Each of the different sites available today has special location tracking software in place that requires the gamblers to reveal their locations to the service provider before being ale to place wagers. As long as the services say that the person is in the right state they are free to place wagers conveniently. If the service says that the user is in the wrong state, they are kept from being able to place an wagers until they are in the correct state. These location services are simple and easy to work with, and they make it possible to wager online.

Even though legal online betting and in-person sports betting is available today, it’s important to understand the laws around the betting industry. By getting familiar with those laws you’ll know where you can wager, what sort of wagering options are available and how online sports wagering works as well.

Find the Right Sportsbook

Now that you know that online sports betting is legal, take some time to find the right sportsbook for your needs. Take a look at our sports betting site comparisons, and pick out a site that offers the best blend of features and services for you to use. It might take some time, but eventually you’ll find a sports betting site that you’re happy to use, and when you do you might walk away with some nice prize payouts from the site as well.

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Conclusion: Sports Betting Laws are Complicated in the USA
Even though sports betting is legal, legal sports betting online is closely regulated and you must follow the laws in order to wager effectively. Take the time to track down legal sportsbooks in your own state if there are any, and start wagering yourself. You’ll be amazed at how simple and convenient it is to do so today, and you might even decide what you want to start sports betting more often after you test it out.

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