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Fibonacci Betting Strategy 2022

Deciding how to wager when placing many sports bets in a row can be difficult but consistency is the key. That’s why having a defined betting strategy is so important. There are many fixed and variable strategies, but the Fibonacci strategy is one of the most popular. This strategy relies on the powerful mathematical Fibonacci sequence, and it works to get money back after losses while protecting profits carefully. It’s simple to follow and can generate impressive win streaks and overall profits when used with care.

Fibonacci Betting Strategy Benefits

  • Simple to follow along with
  • Earns back money on losing streak
  • Protects profits effectively

What is the Fibonacci Betting Strategy?

The Fibonacci betting strategy is a variable wagering system that relies on a series of mathematical numbers known as the Fibonnaci sequence. These numbers are created by starting with 0, then 1, then by adding the last two numbers together to get the next number. This creates an elaborate set of numbers that are used all throughout the mathematical and financial worlds, and they can be used for wagering as well.

The strategy relies on increasing the wager amount when losing, and decreasing the wagering amount when winning. It’s the exact opposite of betting with the Kelly strategy. The strategy is beloved by gamblers from around the world because it can be quite successful for creating balanced wins over time, and it’s simple to make use of as well. As long as gamblers get familiar with the Fibonacci sequence and how to adjust it for their base wager amount, it’s simple to follow the rules for the rest of the betting strategy.

Why it Works so Well

This variable betting strategy goes a little beyond the basics in betting, but works very well because it protects the bankroll when ahead, and leverages the bankroll to catch back up during times of loss. It can be considered risky by some, especially without a large enough bankroll, but the strategy works surprisingly well for leading to profitable streaks of wagers when at least some successful bets are made.

A Simple Guide to Using the Strategy

To make the most of the sequence it’s important to follow each of the rules with care. The rules below outline the strategy and make it simple to follow along with.

  • Start by wagering the base amount
  • Move ahead in the sequence for each lost wager.
  • Move back two places in the sequence for each win.
  • Stop at the base amount when moving back
  • Jump to the base amount whenever profitable.

Follow these steps to implement the strategy easily.

Start with a Small Base Amount

When relying on the Fibonacci betting strategy it’s important to begin with a small base amount and to work up from there. That’s because the wager amount can become much larger than the base amount, and with too large of a base the required wager amount could easily surpass your overall bankroll. Take a look at the sequence down below to see how large the numbers can grow with enough losses. Another system that works similarly to the Fibonacci strategy is the Martingale betting strategy. See our full overview of that strategy.

Make Adjustments Carefully

To make the most of this system it’s important to make adjustments according to the rules listed up above. The rules are simple to follow, but they require you to have an accurate Fibonacci sequence to go with based on your base amount. Calculate this sequence yourself, or use a program to do the work for you to get a chart to go off of while wagering. Players that take the time to get an accurate chart will enjoy more success using the Fibonacci betting strategy over time. It’s also important to watch your overall bankroll, because that amount can influence how the Fibonacci strategy should be used. While it’s important to move up and down the sequence depending on bet results, players should go back to wagering the base amount whenever they have a larger bankroll than they originally started with. This is the best way to maintain profits over time and without following this rule the strategy won’t work as well as it otherwise would.

Read our helpful strategy guide to finding out "What is Bankroll Management?" This is an essential read if you want to learn to plan your wagers more succinctly.

The Fibonacci Sequence

The Fibonacci Sequence is a set of numbers that row by adding themselves together. To get the next number in the sequence you add the last two numbers to one another. A portion of the sequence is below.


The 1 is the base number in the sequence example, and the whole sequence would change if you go with a different base number to get things started off.

For example, here is the sequence if your base is $5.00 instead.


As you can see, the sequence grows much more rapidly and could become out of control after just five or so losses.

Considering the Martingale System Instead

For players that believe the Fibonacci strategy is too complex or that the sequence is too cumbersome to work with, there is a simpler strategy that works on the same basic idea known as the Martingale system. This system protects profits while fighting back hard to recoup money after losses, and it does so in a simpler manner than the Fibonacci system does.

Players follow two simple rules. Double the base bet every single time after a loss until a win is achieved. Keep placing the base bet after a win every single time. That’s it. Those are the only rules to remember with this system.

The danger of this betting strategy is that it can very rapidly outgrow betting limits and bankroll size if the base amount is too large or the losing streak is too long. The Fibonacci strategy takes a bit longer to grow, so is easier for many to implement for that very reason.

Variable Versus Fixed Wagering

The Fibonacci strategy is what’s known as a variable betting strategy because the bet amount changes with the results of previous bets. There are many different variable bet strategies, but only a few fixed bet strategies. When deciding which betting strategy to make use of it’s important to think about whether to go with a fixed or variable betting strategy. A fixed strategy involves wagering the same exact amount every single time. Fixed betting limits wins but also limits losses and can be more dependable and consistent than a variable strategy is. Fixed strategies aren’t as flexible as variable strategies are though, and won’t work as well to help adjust to changing conditions over time. Fixed betting strategies often rely on wagering between 1% and 5% of the total starting bankroll amount each time no matter how the bankroll changes over time.

Many bettors rely on variable betting strategy because they find it helps them to be more profitable over time than a fixed betting strategy. This can be the case for some players, but not for everyone. No matter what the betting strategy is that’s used, it’s important to stick with it closely and to rely on the rules to guide each of your different betting decisions. A good betting strategy helps avoid excessive losses and creates a more consistent wagering environment.

The Fibonacci betting strategy is a powerful tool that can be used to improve wagering success, but it’s not for everyone. Serious bettors should test out the strategy to see if it works well for them. Take time to test it out and to get familiar with the way that it works and whether it results in long-term profits or not.

Join a Sportsbook and Test the Strategy Today

Before you hunker down to gamble, you will need to ask yourself: "Is there a legal betting age in the USA?" Once you have determined the age restriction in your state and know that it is legal for you to enjoy the entertainment, you can prepare yourself to try out your new strategy.

There are many top-level online sportsbooks available to American players today offering various different betting options, which are explained in our "Betting Lines Explained" guide. Take the time to use our comparison chart to look at the different sportsbooks and choose the one that best fits your own wagering needs. Join the sportsbook and start testing out the Fibonacci staking strategy as well as others to find your own favorite wagering system. Get familiar with a good working system and profit from your sportsbook wagers over time as a result.

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Conclusion: The Fibonacci Strategy is a Powerful Technique

The Fibonacci betting strategy is a powerful tool for winning more consistently over time. It isn’t too difficult to start using and can result in more profitable play sessions when used properly. It’s not the only wagering tactic available today though. Players should get familiar with different wagering options available to them and choose the one that is best for their needs. We have a quick overview of a fixed bet and staking strategy here, so take a look at the different options and try some of them out to decide what will work best overall.

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