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Betting Age 2020

What is the Minimum Age for Online Sports Betting?

Gamblers that are interested with getting involved in sports betting should know that the sports betting age when it becomes legal is different depending on the state. That means the state you live in can determine whether or not you are legally allowed to place sports bets, especially if you’re just 18 years old. Many states follow the same age restrictions, but it’s helpful to know about the variance in wagering age so you know what to expect based on where you live. The betting age is just one legal concern that players have to think about, and we’ll go over those as well.

Betting Age Key Facts

  • The legal betting age is determined by the state
  • The age changes depending on the state
  • Legal age is the same for online and offline wagering

Sports betting, like most other activities in the United States is carefully regulated including betting age. This activity is available in many states throughout the country, but there are some requirements that you must meet in order to be able to place a wager. Age and location are two major concerns, and both of those things matter when trying to remain legally compliant. Gamblers must be in the proper states in order to place online sports bets, and they must be old enough. Below we’ll outline the different gambling law requirements, and explain what betting age requirements there are in general. After that we’ll go into detail about location requirements as well.

Is there a Legal Betting Age in the USA?

Yes, there is an age that everyone can legally place sports bets in the United States, but that age changes depending on the state tat the person is in. That means if you are interested in knowing what the betting age in NJ is, you wouldn’t be able to ask someone from a different state and expect the same answer. Instead, you must research the information yourself. We put together a simple guide explaining how things are different between the states, and giving everyone a quick way to find out there state’s wagering age requirements as well. Keep reading and you’ll soon know how old you need to be to wager in your home state.

States Regulate Sports Betting Independently

Ever since the overturn of the PASPA law that made online sports betting illegal, each of the different states throughout the United States handle sports betting laws independently. That means that betting ages can be different from one state to another. Each state, other than South Carolina, has different gambling laws that must be learned. Below is a quick overview of the state age requirements to get interested gamblers started.

Sports Betting Ages by State

Any gamblers that would like to know just how old they have to be to wager in their home state are in luck. Below is an overview of the states that have age requirements that are different than 18 years old. If your state is included on that list, you must be older than 18 and may need to be as old as 21 in order to participate in sports betting in your state. If it isn’t on the list below then you must be 18 years old in order to place a sports bet.

  • Alabama – 19
  • Arizona – 21
  • Iowa – 21
  • Kansas – 21
  • Nevada – 21
  • New Hampshire – 21
  • North Dakota – 18 at the track, 21 off track betting
  • South Carolina – N/A
  • Texas – 21
  • Utah – N/A
  • Vermont – N/A
  • Virgin Islands – 21

Any of the states with an N/A as part of the gambling law likely don’t support sports betting or many other forms of gambling at all. It’s important to get very familiar with the laws in these states before attempting to wager in any way.

Sports Betting is Restricted by Location as Well

With sports betting age is just one of the factors when determining whether it is legal to take part in the activities or not. Another important factor is the location of the person that wants to wager. Some parts of the country allow sports betting while other parts do not.

Sports Betting is Legal on a State-by-State Basis

Sports betting, especially online wagering, is only legal in some states throughout the country. This is because when PASPA was overturned it made sports betting legal in the United States at the Federal level, but the US government decided to leave it up to the states to decide whether they want legal sports betting or not. Since that occurred in 2018 some states have legalized online sports betting, while others haven’t. More states are legalizing the practice in the combing years, but it’s nearly impossible predicting when the different states will legalize sports wagering if at all. That’s why it’s so important to know whether your state allows sports betting or not, and to know how to get from one location to another if you would like to enjoy sports betting yourself.

Betting Providers Use Location Tracking Tools

According to the Wire Act of 1961 it is illegal to place sports bets with sportsbooks that are located in a different state or country. For that reason, each sportsbook operating online in the United States has powerful location tracking tools in place. If gamblers would like to wager using those platforms, they must allow the provider to track their location before they can get started.

Gamblers are now free to use computers, smartphones and other devices to place sports bets in select states. In order to use those devices they must make use of location-tracking software though. That means giving the sportsbook a way to see where your device is located before placing any wagers. If located outside of the approved state at the time of trying to place a wager, the wager won’t go through. Players that work to deceive the system in some way will risk being fined for doing so.

Finding an Ideal Sportsbook

After taking the time to learn the local laws regarding betting age, it’s time to start tracking down the right sportsbook to play at. There are several different sportsbooks per state that allow online gambling, so it can be time-consuming trying to find the perfect fit for your needs specifically. Players that are looking for a new sports betting site should take the time to get familiar with the different options available and to choose an option with the best set of features. After spending some time looking over the different options it is simple to pick out which site offers the right mix of wagering options and features as well. For gamblers that aren’t sure which of the different sportsbooks can be trusted, we put together a full review of different sportsbook options to consider. We also made up a guide explaining the different types of staking strategies making it easy to decide how to wager as well. Get familiar with the different sportsbook offerings and choose a site that stands out in terms of performance and the features that it offers as well.

Choose the Ideal Sportsbook

The betting age at horse racing and other sportsbook activities depends on the state that the sportsbooks are located in. After learning about these laws, it’s time for gamblers to choose the sportsbook that they want to wager at. For each gambler this decision will be a bit different, so it’s important to focus in on the different options and to select one that’s the most appealing. Players are encouraged to look at our best online sportsbook comparison chart to help them make the best decision about where to play. After looking over the options players can choose an ideal sportsbook, sign up and start playing for chances to win big. Sports betting is exciting, but it takes time to get started. Get familiar wit the options today and choose an ideal sports betting website to play at.

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Conclusion: Gambling Laws Vary by State
There is a different age for sports betting depending on the area of the country that a player lives in. Interested gamblers should take a moment to learn more about these different age requirements to help them determine if they can wager or not. There are also location requirements to think about. After getting through all the different laws regulating the industry, sports betting can be a whole lot of fun and an excellent way to spend time. Try out sports betting for yourself, or get more familiar wit the different laws and then decide whether it’s right for you or not.

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