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DraftKings Sportsbook App US 2021

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Author: Michael McKean
Last update on: November 11th, 2020
Topic: Betting App Review
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DraftKings first started as a fantasy sports provider in 2012, but has since began offering sportsbook wagers as well. The company offers a full wagering platform on its website, but there is also a DraftKings sportsbook app that Android and iOS users can make use of. These apps allow players to lay down sports bets and to do much more. Gamblers interested in using the DraftKings sportsbook services while on the go should look into the sportsbook apps and whether they offer the necessary features for successfully wagering while on the go. At captaingambling we created a complete DraftKings sportsbook app review below, that looks at the core characteristics of a mobile platform, and creates a list of considerations to make it easy to compare to other sportsbook mobile platforms.

The DraftKings Sportsbook App Review Criteria

Below is an in-depth look at the DraftKings sportsbook for Android app and the app for iOS users as well. These platforms are compared in-depth by looking at the availability of betting offers, how functional they are, the mobile registration process, any specific bonuses, payment options and the requirements of the apps in order to use them.

DraftKings Sportsbook Download: Betting Offers

Players making use of a DraftKings sportsbook download app can still wager on all the available sports. There are a total of 15 different sporting categories, and each one of them can be used for sportsbook bets while in the mobile apps. The betting offers are the same as what’s available on the full desktop website, and the same odds are present as well. That means that mobile players can enjoy all the advantages of playing at the DraftKings sportsbook legit website without needing a full-sized computer to do so. After deciding on a particular sport to wager on, players should look at boosts, or sport-specific bonuses to see if there is a way to improve any positions before placing a wager. There are many bet-enhancing opportunities at the sportsbook site.

Bet at DraftKings sportsbook now!
Bet at DraftKings sportsbook now!

DraftKings Sportsbook App Usability

In order to enjoy DraftKings on the go, it’s necessary to complete the DraftKings sportsbook download for your device. The app will work on both iOS and Android phones and tablets as long as they are newer. Once downloaded, the app itself is setup for convenience. The important options are listed right in the center of the screen with large lettering. Few options are hidden behind drop-down menus, making it quick and easy to place wagers and carry-out bets at DraftKings. Downloading and installing the DraftKings app is a simple process, and once installed it’s simple to place wagers and to take advantage of bonus offers. The app is essentially a full-powered version of DraftKings, in a more compact package. It functions well on smartphone and tablet screens and shouldn’t limit device selection for serious gamblers.

Mobile Registration

The DraftKings sportsbook login process must be completed in a web browser. Registration can still be completed using a mobile device though. Players can easily open up a web browser on a phone or tablet, visit the website and complete the registration process. The following steps are necessary to do so.

Step-by-Step: How to open Account with the Sportsbook App

  • Open a compatible web browser on a computer or smartphone device

  • Visit the website.

  • Select the “Sign Up” link at the top of the screen.

  • Fill out the registration forms

  • Complete an initial payment solution

  • Join now!

    Once you finish each of the above steps you will be ready to use the DraftKings sportsbook app and to place wagers online while on the go. The registration process is simple no matter what sort of device is used, but the registration form works better on a full-sized desktop computer. Players with access to a device with a larger screen should complete the registration process using that device to save time.

    DraftKings Legit: Mobile Bonus

    Players that decide to enjoy DraftKings exclusively on a mobile platform should know that they won’t get any special exclusive bonuses as a result. Whether using the app or the full website, the bonus offers remain the same. Players using the DraftKings sportsbook for Android can unlock bonus offers using that device, just as iOS users can, but the offers aren’t any different. That means mobile users can get free cash offers, bet match offers, friend referrals, bonus boosts and sport-specific wager offers. To get more specifics about the available bonuses interested gamblers should take the time to visit our DraftKings bonus review here. It explains the available bonus offers and the conditions that go along with each one, making it easy to select offers that will have the biggest impact.

    Bonus & Requirements

    Type Value
    Bonus amount $1000
    Bonus Type Deposit Match
    Example 20% bonus up to $1000
    Rollover N/A
    Min. Odds -300
    Min. Payment N/A
    Max. Time 90 Days
    Cashable No

    Mobile Payments

    The DraftKings mobile app comes with a specific section designed for adding funds. This makes it quick and easy to transfer money in while using the app. Gamblers simply tap “Add Funds” and can open up the available deposit methods for use. Select an available deposit method and follow the remaining steps to add funds to the account. Players can even unlock deposit-tied bonus offers using the DraftKings sportsbook app with proper planning.

    DratKings Legal Considerations: The Download & System Requirements

    There are specific requirements in order to use the DraftKings sportsbook for Android as well as for iOS users. Android users cannot access the DraftKings sportsbook in Google Play, and must directly install the app from the website. Android users must have a more modern device, but players with Android 7.0 and up shouldn’t have any issues using the app, and some older devices have had success as well. iOS users must have an iPad or iPhone with iOS 10.0 or later in order to make use of the software. As long as the minimum requirements are met and the users have enough available space to accommodate the approximately 145.6 MB of space, the app should download and function as expected.

    The DraftKings Review: FAQ

    Yes, mobile users must use the Android or iOS app in order to place wagers and to complete bets at DraftKings. Most Android and iOS devices will work, and the app runs smoothly enough to offer a quality gambling experience.

    No, Android players must obtain the Android app straight from the website by downloading a .apk file. Android users must allow third-party app downloads and installation in order to get the DraftKings sportsbook for Android to work. This is a simple process and can be completed quickly.

    Yes, in some instances. The cellular network connection must be stable and high-speed in order to offer an enjoyable play experience. Users must ensure they are gambling in the state of New Jersey, and must be careful to avoid playing in areas with poor service coverage to avoid app crashes and failed wagers. Users should also monitor data usage carefully to avoid overage fees from the cellular provider.

    Conclusion and Rating

    "Value for Android and iOS users"

    "Value for Android and iOS users"

    The different DraftKings sportsbook app options offer value for Android and iOS users with modern devices. The Android download and install process is a bit more confusing, but still simple enough for most users to get the app working. Once installed, players have access to the full suite of features and bonuses that are available on the full-sized version of DraftKings sportsbook website. This makes the apps convenient and beneficial for users. The apps are designed for an optimal user-interface, making them enjoyable to use as well. Most mobile sports bettors will enjoy the apps offered by DraftKings. The apps work smoothly and offer access to all the important features that players could want. The only real downside is that there are no apps for Blackberry and Windows Phone users. Anyone with a compatible device can bring the DraftKings sportsbook experience with them on the go, and that’s the major benefit of the suite of available apps. Interested gamblers will get real value from the apps, and should experience a smooth gaming experience as long as a solid data or WiFi connection is maintained.


    Register on Your Phone & Unlock Over $500 in Bonus Offers

    Gamblers interested in mobile play have a lot to look forward to at DraftKings. Serious gamblers should try out the mobile service for themselves. Sign up for a DraftKings account today, get the DraftKings sportsbook download app and unlock the powerful bonus offers today for more than $500 in potential bonus wagers.

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    Get your DraftKings Sportsbook Bonus

    • Reliable mobile app
    • Excellent feature diversity
    • Many bonus opportunities
    • Enhanced odds on select wagers
    • Includes live betting
    20% on$1000 Deposit Match