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Best Betting Apps 2021

Best Betting Apps for US Players

You are looking for the best Sports Betting App. Check for those important criteria:

Criteria For A Good Sports Betting App

  • Mobile Sports Offer: How many sports to bet on?
  • Live Betting on Mobile: Placing Bets from the Stadium?
  • Mobile Payment: Deposit money on your Betting Wallet on the go?

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App Comparison

1. BetStars Brand
4.8 / 5
Mobile Payment:
Available for:
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$500 100% Risk Free Bet
T&Cs Apply
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2. DraftKings Sportsbook Brand
4.8 / 5
Mobile Payment:
Available for:
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$1000 20% Dep. Match
T&Cs Apply
Play Now DraftKings Sportsbook Bonus
3. FanDuel Sports Brand
4.8 / 5
Mobile Payment:
Available for:
App Store IconApp Store IconApp Store IconApp Store Icon
$500 100% Bet insurance
T&Cs Apply
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Author: Hannah Craven
Last update on: February 4th, 2021
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Welcome to our guide to the best bookmaker apps. The world of online sports betting can be confusing, with hundreds of new gambling sites and bookmaker betting apps floating around and marketing their services. Captaingambling is here to help players make the best decisions and get the most value for every dollar invested in online sports betting and we do this by showing you the top rated betting apps. So keep reading to see some great legit betting apps.

For mobile players, we have prepared a comparison of the best betting apps for US players. It can be downloaded on betting apps for iPhones or on the best casino app for Android devices. Our team has conducted crucial reviews of all the betting mobile apps out there and we have come up with conclusive ratings to help players choose the best. Our comparison allows you to filter apps by the state you are playing for, including Iowa Sports Betting allowing you to see only the apps that you can actually play at! Is legit? Find out here.

Is There a Single Best Betting App? Our Favorite Legit Betting Apps

Online sports betting sites offer nearly countless possibilities and options, with dozens of sites and betting apps available. While it would be easy to simply name a single best sports betting app, this is not possible as many factors are at play and different players look for different things.

While conducting our reviews, we selected the very best betting apps on the market and tested them for a wide range of criteria. We have made it possible for users to find only the sports betting apps legal in their state and available on their particular device, whether it be an iPhone, Android phone, a tablet or another type of mobile device.

Furthermore, each betting app review contains relevant information about the selection of sports players can bet on, various options and features such as live betting and early cash outs as well as customer support, banking and other key components. By looking into each of these factors, every particular player can make up their own mind about every app and decide which one to use. Keep reading to find out which rating factors we used in our reviews of the top betting apps in USA and our top Michigan sports betting apps.

Best Bookmaker Apps: Most Important Things Of The Top Rated Betting Apps

 Those searching for best bookmaker apps can benefit when they find the right ones providing the right extras you want to cash in with. You should be able to find the perfect bookmaker apps that work with you and the needs you have. Here are some of the specifics you want to watch for when it comes to playing on these apps or choosing which ones to download.

The best betting apps for Android, and even those for the best bookmaker app for iPhone provide you with a way to play and bet while on the go. This is always a good thing for those that want to put some cash down on the table and get some back.

You want to make sure that the app is secure. You don’t want to put your money down on an app that doesn’t have the right security measures. This is not going to be the best bookmaker apps for you to play on. Additionally, the bookmaker apps have to provide you with the right games and races to bet on because you may be interested in something that is not listed here.

It is much different from choosing an online casino, or even a slot machine game to play on. You need to make sure that the best bookmaker apps have the right extras for you to make use of. You also want to make sure you have the right amount of space to download the app onto your phone. You don’t want to find out that you don’t have enough space to place bets when downloading the best bookmaker apps.

6 Criteria of Best Betting Apps

In our rating process, we only considered legit betting apps that offer services to American players 100% legally. However, this was not the only factor and we went to great lengths to check the performance of each of the top rated betting apps in detail. These are the 6 criteria we used while rating the sports betting apps in our comparison.

  1. Betting Offer: One of the most important criteria of top rated betting apps is certainly the availability of sports and competitions that users can bet on. Whether you are looking for betting apps for NFL, betting apps for soccer or betting apps for cricket, our comparison has something in store for you. We looked into the main sports markets as well as the unique and special markets to make sure we present every app to the fullest. After checking out the individual reviews, users will get an idea of the types of sports and markets they will be able to bet on at each mobile site out there.
  2. Functionality & Usability: Perhaps even more important than the choice of markets with the top rated betting apps for sports is the actual usability of the app in question. Various apps offer different types of user experiences, with some available for multiple devices and others only available on one type of system. Additionally, we look at how the apps perform on each device and whether they are available in instant play or downloadable form.
  3. Registration: The process of signing up for legit betting apps is another crucial step. For US players, it is crucial to get access to get to betting apps legal in their state, which is why we looked at which players can sign up for all legit betting apps. We also look at the process itself to give players the idea of what kind of information they need to provide the legit betting apps and whether or not they can sign up within the downloadable betting app itself.
  4. Mobile Bonus: When looking to download betting apps for real money, players inevitably look for the best possible value. A solid betting app bonus adds plenty of value to any deposit made with the app, which is why we checked the bonus offers available on each app. In addition to regular bonuses, we looked for special mobile and live betting bonuses which are available on some apps, which add even more value to the real money that players wager.
  5. Payments: Playing at betting apps for real money is impossible without making a real money deposit first, which is why banking methods are another key element of all legit betting apps. We tested the payment methods available on each app as well as the general availability of banking in the app itself. We also look at the potential fees players must pay for deposits and cashouts as well as cashout speed and efficiency of the app provider. Each review contains a detailed look at the payment options and all details of the banking process in the app.
  6. Downloads & System Requirements: Most of the good betting apps on the market are available for Android, iOS and some other mobile systems, but we took a look at each one and found out which devices players can use them on. We also tested each app on various devices in betting apps download and instant play form and checked how it performs on high end as well as less expensive and older devices.

8 Criteria of Best Betting Sites

Whether you intend to bet on sports in a mobile app or through your web browser, there are certain things you should look for in a sports betting operator. With years of experience in the industry, our experts know exactly what those things are and they have reviewed dozens of betting sites according to these crucial criteria. These are the criteria we use in determining the best sports betting operators and ones that you should be using while looking through our online sports betting comparison as well.

  1. Betting Offer & Live Betting: When choosing a site to bet with, make sure they offer the sports that you prefer to bet on. Also look for live betting apps in order to get access to in-play betting on your favorite sports betting events and markets.
  2. Betting Odds: The price you get on your bets is the most important thing in sports betting. Make sure you are betting with an operator that regularly offers competitive prices that actually allow you to make money from your bets and play on a level field with the bookie.
  3. Bonus & Promotions: The value of bonuses and promotional offers with online bookmakers cannot be overstated. Make sure you find operators that offer plenty of extra value through bonuses and various promos for real money players.
  4. Customer Service: If you intend to wager real money, you better look for a site that cares about its customers. Make sure that the site offers support at all times and is timely with responses to any inquires you may have.
  5. Deposit & Withdrawal: Another key element in a sports betting site is the way they handle your money. Make sure you know what betting apps use PayPal or another payment method you prefer before you sign up with them.
  6. Limits & Payout: Some sites place limits on the minimum and maximum amounts one can deposit, cash out or wager. Make sure you know what limits are in place and how you can get a hold of your winnings if you do beat the bookie.
  7. Usability: The best betting sites are easy to navigate and use in every way possible. Look for betting apps with cash out, adjustable layouts and smooth navigation on all devices you use to make sure you are always getting the best possible user experience.
  8. Devices & App: There are dozens of betting apps for iPhone and betting apps for Android out there but if you own one of these devices, you better know which ones are which. In order to get the best experience, you will want apps that you can download on your phone instead of using the instant play version in your internet browser.

Our Top 5 Sports Betting Sites

We tried and tested all the best betting apps US and rated the according to the above mentioned criteria. Each betting site got an overall rating that places it on the list, but this does not mean that the comparison winner is necessarily the right choice for you.

All the betting sites on this comparison, especially those rated in the top 5, provide an extremely high level of service and offer a lot of value for the players. When all is said and done, each player should choose for himself, so make sure to check out our reviews of the best American betting sites or guides such as no risk betting explained and rate them yourself according to the most important rating criteria for yourself. We'll also let you know if these top betting sites are available in your state; take a look at our New York bookmakers, Pennsylvania bookmaker and top Delaware online sportsbooks guides for a good example.

4.9 / 5
PayPal Icon Skrill Icon
$500 100% Risk-free Bet T&Cs Apply Play Now 888Sport Review
4.8 / 5
PayPal Icon Skrill Icon
$300 100% Bet Match Welcome T&Cs Apply Play Now Caesars Sports Review
4.7 / 5
PayPal Icon Skrill Icon
$500 100% Bet insurance T&Cs Apply Play Now FanDuel Sports Review
4.5 / 5
PayPal Icon Skrill Icon
$100 100% Risk Free Bet T&Cs Apply Play Now Golden Nugget Review
4.4 / 5
PayPal Icon Skrill Icon
$600 100% Risk-Free Bet T&Cs Apply Play Now Unibet Review

Our Top 5 Betting Bonuses/Promotions

Betting bonuses are another important aspect of any betting site and we have done our best to list the very best bonuses that US players can make use of in this comparison. If you are looking to use betting apps to make money, than getting good bonuses is a great first step in the process.

Our list of the best sports betting bonuses and horse racing betting promotions you a rundown of all the top bonus offers you can claim. Make sure to check it out for yourself and decide which bonuses you want to claim. The table below gives you a quick peek at the top 5 rated bonuses that add the most value to any deposit you make.

4.9 / 5
PayPal Icon Skrill Icon
$500 100% Risk-free Bet T&Cs Apply Play Now 888Sport Review
4.8 / 5
PayPal Icon Skrill Icon
$250 100% Dep. Match T&Cs Apply Play Now Sugarhouse Sports Review
4.8 / 5
PayPal Icon Skrill Icon
$300 100% Bet Match Welcome T&Cs Apply Play Now Caesars Sports Review
4.7 / 5
PayPal Icon Skrill Icon
$500 100% Bet insurance T&Cs Apply Play Now FanDuel Sports Review
4.5 / 5
PayPal Icon Skrill Icon
$100 100% Risk Free Bet T&Cs Apply Play Now Golden Nugget Review

Why You Can Trust Captaingambling To Help You Find The Ultimate Bookmaker Betting App

captaingambling is not just another betting affiliate site. In fact, we are a fully licensed company with a license in the state of New Jersey and our main job is to rate and compare various online gambling services in order to help players get the very best experience when playing.

captaingambling provides players with objective and unbiased site and app reviews, and we are not paid by any operator to write untruthful things about them and you can expect to always get up to date and objective information about the services, bonuses and other features provided by every operator.

At captaingambling, we pride ourselves with helping players always get the very best of the online gambling world. We don’t even consider sites that are not regulated and licensed by the state governments and we do our best to expose false claims of the offshore sites posing as proper US bookies.

Quality of the Best Bookmaker App

You need to know the quality of the app before you download it. You don’t want to download something that is not going to be fun or provide any sort of value.

Ease of Use for the Best Bookmaker Apps

Knowing how easy the top rated betting apps are to use for anyone and everyone out there is going to help determine if they are one of the best bookmaker apps for you to use.

Security Found on the Bookmaker App

You need to make sure that the security on the app is some of the best out there. The encryption of the top rated betting apps is going to matter, and if they do not have any then it is not a secure app for you to make bets on.

Bonuses and Extras for the Bookmaker Betting App Users

Look into the bonuses and any promotions that are being offered with the bookmaker betting app. You want to go with a bookmaker betting app that provides a decent number of extras that you can get your hands on and play with. It will make a huge difference to how you enjoy the bookmaker betting app.

Versatility of Using the Top Rated Betting Apps

Making sure that the best bookmaker apps can be used on a number of different platforms is also important. Can you use it on the computer? Is it the best bookmaker app for iPhone? How about the best betting app for Android?

Game Selection Offered From the Best Bookmaker Apps

Knowing more about the app versatility is going to be something to think about. You don’t want to download a bookmaker betting app that is not offering a decent amount of games to choose from. The best bookmaker apps provide a decent amount of versatility in them.

Legal Situation in the USA for the Best Bookmaker Apps

Knowing whether or not using the best bookmaker apps is legal in your state is important, but you have to keep in mind that every place is different. You will have to look into your own specific state to find out how they take bookmaker betting apps for your specific area.

Where can you use legit betting apps?

NJ is one of the areas where betting and gambling is legal and online playing is also just as legal. You will want to think about looking into the many places that are offering the bookmaker apps to find out if they are offering the right app for your particular area.

With more and more states jumping on board with making online gambling legal, you can be sure that the best betting apps for Android are going to be next. The best betting apps are going to make a huge difference on how you play and where you play.

Every state is different, which is why it is important to take a look at our American betting sites comparison to learn more. For example, here you can check out Sports Betting New Hampshire, the best New York bookies, and the best FL bookies.

Top 10 Betting Mobile Apps FAQs

Sports betting apps are created by betting operators to allow users to use their sites while on the go. These apps can be downloaded to mobile phones and tablets and allow users full or partial access to the operator’s services.

Our comparison of the top betting apps provides a full list of betting apps available to American players. We urge you to bet only with licensed betting apps and avoid any apps that operate in the USA without a license.

The mobile betting apps provide a long range of betting options. Choose your sport and market as you would in a live bookie and place your real money wagers on your phone.

The top sports betting apps are compatible with Android and iOS powered devices as well as other mobile gadgets such as Blackberry and more.

The vast majority of licensed US betting apps that we listed on this page offer a cash out option, allowing players to cash in on their bets before the event in question is over.

In order to use the mobile betting apps, players must be of legal age in their state, which usually means 18 years of age.

Many of the top rated apps allow users to use credit cards, PayPal and other payment options in order to fund their accounts and cash out their winnings.

Yes! If you end up winning and cashing out money from your online betting account, you will have to pay taxes. The taxes you have to pay will depend on the state you are playing from.

Many of the top rated betting apps listed in our comparison offer free bets to new users. Check out our top betting bonus comparison in order to find the best free bet offers out there.

By betting on your mobile phone, you get to bet anywhere, anytime. The operators give you access to the full range of betting options as well as exclusive mobile bonuses and much more if you are betting from your mobile device.