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What are the best horse racing betting sites? Here at Captain Gambling, we’ve gone to great lengths to seek out and reward the best sites out there. While it’s fair to say that some sites excel in some areas and not others, we only present our awards to the most well rounded sites. That way, you know that the sites we award will suit your needs.

We've tested and reviewed all of the good gambling sites that legitimately operate in the United States, and have only granted an award only to the very best. As well as presenting you with our list of award winning operators, we’ll also tell you the strengths and weaknesses of each site we’ve tested.

Find your Horse Betting Site in the US now

When searching for an award winning horse betting site, there are several different aspects to take into account. These include; accumulators, cash out, bonus offers and withdrawal limits. In terms of the actual functionality, we’ll test and rate how well the actual site and app performs. We’ll also rate and reward betting exchanges, for those sites who have them. This allows you to understand the ins-and-outs of the best horse betting system online.

Different aspects of online horse racing betting sites matter more to different types of bettor. For example, you may be an accumulator specialist, or they type who’s looking for a top level betting exchange. That’s why, as well as a general award for the best betting site, we also have categorized awards to help those looking for a specific niche.

Our range of awards should help you easily find the best site to suit your needs. From the best overall betting site, to the best odds and exchanges, we’re confident you’ll find the top site to suit your needs. We'll even help you find the best bookmaker by state - just take a look at our top Pennsylvania betting sites and best Delaware sports betting site guides!

Finding The Site With The Best Odds In Horse Racing

The first thing that many people look for when seeking out the best horse racing betting sites, is sites offering the best odds in horse racing. After all, betting on horse racing is about winning money. The better the odds the more cash you can potentially end up going home with.

That said, the best odds sometimes come at a price. They will give you great odds, for sure, but then hit you with a ton of fees on your deposits and withdrawals. If you are betting very heavily and winning a ton, then these fees may seem meaningless. But if you are a regular bettor they can really cut into the profits you end up taking home at the end of the day.

Therefore, you can't just rely on the posted odds. You also have to look at the general way the bookie runs things. Only then will you have a sense of whether or not they are among the best horse racing betting sites out there. A site with slightly lower odds, but more promotions, no fees on deposits or withdrawals, and quick processing of your withdrawals may end up, in the long run, being a much better deal than a site with great odds that is lacking in nearly every other way.

The site we’ve awarded as the ultimate #1 horse racing betting site encompasses all of the above aspects and more. So let’s take a look at what other areas we rate when selecting an award winning site.

Checking Out The Best Horse Racing Tips

Something else we look at is the tips provided by the horse racing sites. Not every site offers tips, but for a site to be presented with our award, it’s an absolute must.

The online bookies that do offer the best horse racing tips should also have done their research correctly to be considered award winning. This means looking at everything from the pedigree of the horses, to how that horse does on a particular track. Additionally streaks the horse and jockey have gone on lately go into the mix, as do a variety of other aspects.

We make sure that any site that offers horse racing tips covers everything we can think of when they put their tips together. If what we think should be part of their tips isn't included, then the site won’t be considered for our #1 award spot. You as a punter only want to be betting on the best horse racing betting sites. And that means that their experts have to look at the full package when it comes to ranking and selecting the horses that they recommend to you. Accordingly, that’s why you should only bet using one of our award winning sites

Does The Site Offer A Betting Exchange?

Not everyone needs a site with a good betting exchange. However for those who do, it is of paramount importance. That’s why we'll show you the best horse racing betting exchanges currently available as. Additionally, we’ll also name our ultimate #1 Award Winning Betting Exchange.

A horse racing betting exchange is for people who are experts at betting.. Instead of simply betting on the odds and possible bets offered by the track or online betting site itself, you send off a proposal of what you want to bet on and at what odds. Other bettors will then look over your proposal. If someone takes you up on it, then the bet is locked in and whoever will win will win.

You can also go to a horse racing exchange betting site and look at all the betting proposals that are offered, which will include back and lay odds. Then you can pick one if you think it is a good bet for you. Our award winning exchange won’t charge you a fortune in fees for this. A charge of 5% or less on your winnings is fair in our opinion. After all, the site has to provide hosting and a place for you to find bets and they deserve some compensation for that.

Sites that charge  you 10% or 15% of your winnings, however, won’t even make the top 10 ranking of our best betting sites. Most certainly, they won’t ever be in contention for our best betting exchange award. Betting with one of our award winning exchanges means being guaranteed lower fees.

What Is The App Like?

One of the most important things to consider about the best horse racing betting sites is the quality of their app. Our award winning sites also have a top class app to go alongside them.

Today most people search the web through their phones or personal devices. Laptops and desktops are just for work and only in the office. As we go about our busy lives, we work and play on our phones. And it's fair to say the browsers in phones aren't very good. Instead, you need an app to connect to your site. That way you just click on it and are brought right there.

Our award winning apps have all of the features you can find on their laptop or desktop version. You'll be able to make all the bets you are used to making on the app as well as the desktop version. Additionally, you'll be able to collect the welcome bonus and make deposits and withdrawals as seamlessly as usual. You'll see nothing different on our award winning best horse racing app than you would on the desktop version.

This kind of seamless experience is expected from apps these days. If an app is missing a feature from their desktop model, it certainly won’t be considered as award winning by us. Additionally, we also pay attention to how often the app is updated. New security features come out all the time and our award winning apps always take advantage of them. Beyond that, phones update their operating systems all the time, but our award winning apps should always still work efficiently after each update.

Finding Out What Site Has Either No Withdraw Limits Or Limits You Can Deal With

When you place a bet online, you want to be able to collect it as soon as possible. After all, betting sites charge you the second you make a bet. You want to get that money back fast. And so you'll want to use the best bookmaker without limit.

Many, if not most, online bookies though do have limits. This can be very bad if you have a great day. Say you bet a seven-horse accumulator and each and every horse comes in. You could be looking at collecting tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. But then you find out that your online bookie has a withdrawal limit of $5,000 a month. That's going to not feel very good.

Our top end award winning sites have either high limits or no limits at all on what you can take out. If you’ve placed a bet and won, then we believe you should have your money sent to you, no matter how little or how much you’ve won. That being said, we do understand that limits might not be so restrictive for everyone, especially not the casual bettor.

That’s why we’ve named award winning sites to suit different types of bettor. In our list of award winning horse betting sites, you’ll find the best sites without limits as well as low limit sites for the more casual bettor. No matter how much you’re staking each month, we’re confident you’ll find an award winning site to suit you.

Finding A Site With A Great Welcome Offer

For a lot of people, this is one of the most important aspects when it comes to finding the best horse racing betting sites. Bonus offers such as bookmaker free bet offers are very popular and aren't going to disappear anytime soon. They give people a reward for trying out a site. And they give site owners their best chance of making a good first impression.

Many people go to every site and try out all of the offers just to collect that sweet bonus money. Online bookies know this and generally compete to be the best horse betting sites for sign up offers. This takes various forms and you should know the differences between them.

The first is the no deposit bonus. These bonuses the site gives you simply for signing up. You just have to register and clear their verification process. Then a small amount of money will appear in your account at the site. You can't withdraw the money but you can use it to make bets. This is a great way to try out a site without risking any of your own money. It's fun and we wish more sites offered it.

The most common type of welcome offer is matching funds. With these, you make your first deposit and then the betting site puts the same amount of money into your account as bonus funds. There is a cap on how much they will give you in matching funds. That cap can range from $50 to $1,000.

Once again, you can't withdraw your bonus money. Instead, you need to use it to make bets. Once you have bet the money, if you win you'll be able to withdraw the money minus the amount you bet with bonus cash. So if you bet $50 on a 2/1 chance and won you'd be able to withdraw $50. A few places require you to bet your money through more than once, but they are rare.

What's good about this kind of bonus offer is that it helps out both the low rollers and the high rollers. If you only have about $50 a month you can afford to bet with, you'll still get $50 in bonus money for bets. If you happen to have $500 you can bet with, you'll get a full $500 sent to you. It is really the equalizing type of bonus money and in our opinion the best type of welcome offer.

Free bet offers

Next is the free bet. You get this when you make a minimum deposit. A common horse racing free bet offer is: “Deposit $25 and get a $25 free bet.” The free bet is different from matching funds or a no deposit bonus. It comes in the form of a voucher. You must then bet the entire free bet on one horse in one race. (No deposit bonuses can be bet on a variety of races.) Then if you win your bet you get your winnings minus the value of the voucher. If you lose, you lose nothing.

Free bets are a good way to make a much larger bet than you would usually feel comfortable making and perhaps winning much more than usual. Obviously they are not as flexible as matching funds but if you like making bets on long shots once in a while but don't feel comfortable risking your own money, then they are a great way of making those bets with no risk to your own cash.

Finally, there is a reward for betting a certain amount of money. This reward is generally used by online bookies who have a physical presence in the real world. This is either a racetrack or an off-track betting site. This means they are just trying to get high rollers used to online betting. What happens is that if you make a minimum number of bets in your first month online then you will get bonus money.

In general, you have to bet a minimum of $300 or $500 in your first month to qualify. Then you'll get the money added to your account. Like all bonus money, this has to be bet and cannot be withdrawn. Just as you would with any other bonus money you get to withdraw your winnings minus the value of the bonus money you bet with.

All of our #1 award winning bonuses are guaranteed to be the best around in each category. No matter what type of welcome bonus you’re after, we’ve got you covered.

The Best Sites For Claiming Your Cashout

Just as important as understanding withdrawal limits is knowing how long it will take to get your money. This is why going to the best horse racing betting sites for cash out is very important. When you place a bet on a race, and you win you want to get your money right away.

Obviously, the ones with the quickest cashout will be the ones with physical spaces. You place your bet online and then go to the track or the local OTB counter with your slip and immediately claim your winnings.

However most online bookies don't work this way. Instead, they have to process a withdrawal to you electronically, which can take some time. Most online bookies first have to approve your withdrawal. This can normally take 24 hours. Some sites will not process withdrawals on weekends or bank holidays. Therefore some make you wait 48 to 72 hours for them to process your withdrawal.

Once that happens then it's up to the method you used to pay with to determine how much longer it takes for you to get your money. Credit and debit cards can take up to five days to put your money into your account. Direct wire transfers can take up to seven days in order to show up.

We’ve thoroughly read through the terms and conditions of each and every betting site we’ve tested. Therefore, you can rest assured that our #1 award winning site has the best and quickest cash out times in the land! There's also a very good chance you'll be picking up some great horse racing bet offers along the way!

Accumulators Matter – Find The Best One

If you are new to betting on horse racing you may not have heard of accumulators. But as you get more experienced, accumulators will become more and more important to you. That's because they are a way to win big money on relatively small bets. In other words, going to the best bookmaker for horse racing accumulators can be a great side bet.

The way an accumulator works is simple. You bet on the winners of multiple horse races on the same day. If each of your picks come in, you win a bundle. This is because you don't simply get the odds of each race. You get a multiple on your odds. So, if two races were going to each pay off 2/1 if you bet, they separately might pay off at 10/1 if you bet them using an accumulator.

You can bet up to eight races at a time using accumulators. What many people do is make their regular $5 bets on each race and then bet a $1 accumulator on all of the races. If they come in, you stand to win a lot of money.

When you are betting on accumulators you want to find the ones that will give you the best odds. Having an accumulator come in is a rare experience. You want to win as much money as possible when does comes in.

We’ve tested and reviewed a multitude of websites in our search for the best accumulator around. Ultimately, we have found and named our #1 award winning site for accumulators. Betting with our award winning site for accumulators means, you’ll get the best odds and most easy to use online betting slip. To see award-winners by state, have a read of our top New York bookmakers and best Florida bookies reviews.

Now Is The Time To Try Our Award Winning Online Betting Sites!

Ok. We've now shown you what we look for when searching for the best online bookie to place bets on horse racing in the United States. Our award winning bookmakers are named across a number of categories, so you can now go forth and find the one that suits your needs. Betting with our #1 award winning betting sites horse racing means getting the best odds and markets as well as a safe and seamless betting experience. So please, go ahead and enjoy the best horse racing betting sites around thanks to our Awards!

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