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Online Betting Guide for Australia 2023

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There’s an awful lot that goes into making the most out of your online betting experience. With the number of gambling sites Australia has to offer – and with so much conflicting advice out there – it can even appear overwhelming to many.

That’s why our online betting guide for Australia is here to cut through all the noise and the nonsense and provide the only guide to betting on sports online that you’ll ever need. All killer, no filler, from specific strategies like no risk matched betting to general advice – this is your blueprint.

Why is Our Beginner's Guide to Sports So important?

The aim of our guide to betting on sports online is really very simple: we want to make sure that your bets are the absolute best they can be and you’re getting the most value from your wagers. What do we mean by making your bets the best?

Firstly, there’s no magic bullet in betting, no matter what anyone says. No one has a magic sports betting crystal ball, and nothing can guarantee success. That's not what our online betting guide for Australia is about. However, what we can do and what we pride ourselves on is giving you every piece of knowledge available so you gamble as tactically sound as possible to maximise your chances of success. This can include everything from how to match multiple markets to how to optimise your research.

Now, when we talk about getting the most value from your bets, this is distinct from our previous points. If that’s about making your bets the best, this is about getting the best out of your bets. In other words, no beginner’s guide to sports betting is complete without taking into account the best odds, the best markets and the best promotions, to give a few examples. Doing everything you can to win is vital, but to do so, you’ll need the best betting exchanges or the best betting sites in Australia to implement any strategy in the first place.

On top of that, only the best bookmaker in Australia can net you the best odds, meaning this is absolutely of strategic relevance to our betting guide. We told you our beginner’s guide to sports betting was going to be comprehensive, and this is exactly what we meant.

Who Should Make Use of the Guides?

So, dear reader, who should make use of our online betting guide for Australia? Actually, before we get to that, let’s look at the alternative.

Let’s say you just decide to wing it. You head online and sign up to the first site you can think of. You then bet on whatever market you feel like without so much as a care of whether the bet makes sense or you’re getting decent odds. Now, you never know. You might win. If you manage your money properly, even if you lose, it shouldn’t be a big deal. But, there’s no doubt that you’re missing out.

Those who utilise our guide to betting on sports online have a whole different story to tell. They’ll have been able to find an operator that much better suits their style of betting, as well as likely finding one that is simply of a higher quality. On top of that, they’ll be able to analyse the markets properly to ensure the one they’re backing represents good value and gives them a decent chance of netting a return. That’s not to mention that they’ll also be better suited to making the most out of any juicy promotions out there.

For some people, it will simply mean the difference to whether or not they gamble, considering not everyone knows how to deposit money into a betting site in Australia and many still ask us is online gambling legal in Australia?

In other words, whatever experience you have betting online, if you want to make the most out of your online bets, you’ll want to check out our guides.

Betting Guides & Strategies

So, what specifically makes our online betting guide for Australia options so comprehensive? Well, because we go through a little bit of everything. That said and without further introduction, please enjoy our comprehensive beginner’s guide to sports betting.

The Basics of Betting

You can’t have any strategy without knowing the basics. First and foremost, betting online is legal in Australia, but make sure the sites you choose are licensed and secure.

Your betting odds are a representation of both implied probability and your return. If you just care about the return, then you can find that from your betting slip. You can use calculators to convert the odds into a percentage to better analyse the bookmaker’s prediction.

In terms of your basic understanding of the markets, you’ve got your pre-match markets and live betting markets. They’re exactly as their names suggest, referring to before or after a contest begins. Live betting odds change with ongoing events.

Single bets is a bet on one market, multiple bets are bets on multiple markets on one event. So for instance, it could be on the same football game but include a To Win and First To Score bet. The difference between this and an accumulator is that the latter requires all markets to win for any bets to be successful. System bets are, as the name suggests, a system of betting designed to yield (in theory at least) the best results. These are the mainstays of those who consider themselves professional bettors.

Money Management and Bonuses

There’s no more important part of betting strategy than money management. That’s why, before we move onto our top betting strategies and how to understand them, we’ve decided to give this some special attention in this part of our online betting guide for Australia.

The primary goal of money management is really simple: we want to ensure you never bet more than you can afford. There are two main rules we advise, which are to set a loss limit and to never chase losses. That means before you begin betting, you decide what’s the maximum you’re willing to lose before you step away. Making that choice and sticking to it – not ever chasing losses – is vital in keeping gambling safe and fun.

In addition, you should also have a winning limit. Remember, if you keep betting, you must eventually lose. This is why it’s so important that you always have a walk away point even if you’re winning. There’s multiple ways you can do this. You can often set them on the site yourself or make notes on wins and losses: it’s up to you as long as you keep in charge.

It’s also vital to note that although bonuses can be a really useful way of improving your returns – getting money back or even getting extra chances to bet – you should never let the pursuit of a bonus get in the way of good money management. In other words, don’t go chasing rollover requirements if it’s not in budget.

Understanding Betting Strategies

In terms of specific betting strategies, well, they’re countless. With that said, some pieces of advice are more fundamental than others. This is a beginner’s guide, so here are our foundational betting strategies that everyone should know.

Always read the promotional terms and conditions

When it comes to bonus quality, the devil is very much in the detail. That’s why you should always read the terms and conditions, paying particular attention to things like wagering requirements, time limits and geographical restrictions. Really though, you’ll want to read the lot to understand fully whether a bonus is worth your while.

Do your research

Ultimately, betting is all about making accurate predictions, and the key to making your bets as successful as they can possibly be is knowledge. The more you know about that game and that market, the better your chances are. This means we recommend you look up everything you can from recent form to the latest news on injuries, team news and even the expected managerial tactics. Even the ground itself is something to research, in particular with regards to something like horse racing.

Comprehend that it’s about finding opportunities

Opportunities for what exactly? Well, as we’ve said, you have to remember that every time you’re offered odds, they’re essentially a prediction by the bookmaker.  For instance, if the odds say 1/3, that means the bookmaker thinks they’re 75% likely to win. It’s identifying when you think the operator has got that prediction wrong by a significant margin where the smartest bets take place.

Put it this way, if you think team A is likely to win, but they have 1/10 odds (giving them a 90.9% probability of winning), then that may still not represent good value. If, however, they had 1/3 odds, it would. Remember you’re not just making predictions: you’re making predictions against the bookmaker.

Understand the markets and odds

A lot of people will stick to the basics and, sure, that may be all they’re looking for to enhance their betting experience. But that doesn’t mean that’s always the best thing to do strategically speaking. In fact, no market is always the best pick. That’s why it’s such a great thing that so many of the best betting sites have a huge number of markets available. It means there’s more chances to find great betting opportunities.

Make sure you choose the right operator

Many people view the quality of the operator and betting strategy to be separate issues but we would very much argue the contrary. For everything else we discuss in this guide to work to its optimal potential, you need to find an operator that works for you. That’s why our analysis of each and every bookmaker on this site is so extensive: it’s the foundation for everything else. If the foundation looks shaky, so does your strategy.

Useful Betting Knowledge

If knowledge is key to the implementation of any kind of betting strategy, then these are some common things we get asked and some things you’ll want to know when it comes to useful betting knowledge.

Despite Australia being one of the largest gambling nations, there’s some confusion surrounding the law. Essentially, while some other online gambling services are illegal, it’s very much legal for a person to access sports gambling websites and use them from Australia.

Should I bet online/offline?

Australia has betting shops owned by totalisator agencies, while similar markets like the UK tend to be run by competing chains. These were originally government-owned but have become increasingly privatised. In terms of whether you should bet online or offline, that’s a matter of preference, but online does offer a wider variety of options and is more convenient.

What tools can I use?

You could argue guides like this are tools to help you strategize and find which bookmaker is the best for beginners in Australia. There’s also calculators to help you understand your odds. Apps and features can make betting more practical, while promotions can add value to your bets.

Do I have to pay tax on my winnings?

While betting companies absolutely have to pay tax, your winnings as an individual are not subjected to any taxes.

Betting Quick Facts

Can any betting strategy guarantee winnings?

No betting strategy here, nor any else, can guarantee that you'll win. Regardless of how you choose to bet, you’re predicting the outcome of events no one can know for sure in advance. That means no matter how sound your strategy, if you make incorrect predictions, you’ll still lose.

There’s no magic formula which can make your bets risk-free. That’s why we consider money management to be an important part of any and all good betting strategy. If any site or source makes false promises in this regard, they’re not to be trusted.

What if I decide not to use any online betting guide for Australia strategy?

In that case, we come find you and put you in unwise betting jail. No, in all seriousness, if you just want to put a bet on because you feel like it, then that’s absolutely fine. Some people prefer to bet that way, and – even though it might not give you the best chance of success – as long as you’re using a trustworthy site and never betting more than you can afford to lose, that’s a perfectly valid way of enjoying betting on your favourite sports.

What’s the difference between betting systems and a more general strategy?

So, general strategy is what we’re focused on here and it’s all about betting in the most logically sound and effective way possible, with advice that can be applied generally. For instance, advice on researching properly would fall under that criteria, and is useful for pretty much any market. A betting system is much more specific. For example, arbitrage betting sees you use odds from different bookmakers to cover all markets with the same stake. We’d say the specificity is the key distinction here.

Are there differences between casino and sports betting strategies?

There certainly are in some instances. For example, a Martingale system is more apt for a game of roulette than horse racing due to odds and market distinctions. Some good advice though is universal, such as finding a reliable bookmaker and managing your money properly.

How do I implement promotions into my betting strategy?

Well, that depends on the bonus itself. For instance, a free bet could be used on a new market you want to test out, while free spins can be a way of getting to know a game before using your own cash. Those are great ways of using promotions to an effective strategic advantage. To get a better idea of specific promotions, we advise you to carefully read the terms and conditions.

Conclusion - Helping You Place Better Bets

It’s important to remember that any great online betting guide for Australia has many strategic parts. They work together to create something special. You may be looking into hedging your bets on an accumulator, but properly researching bookmakers and finding quality odds are still key considerations. Both general and specific strategies are not just important individual parts, but also boost each other. Finally, always make your enjoyment the primary factor of your strategy. That should always be the ultimate goal of betting, so don’t let that fall by the wayside in the pursuit of betting perfection.

Online Betting Guide for Australia FAQ

👍What is the best betting site in Australia for betting strategy?

Finding the right betting site for you is vital to any and all successful betting strategies, which is why it’s of such prime importance to our Australian sports betting guide. We’ll be discussing exactly what makes something a prime candidate for being considered among the fines cyberspace has to offer, so you won’t be left wondering after checking out our exclusive guide.

❓What does a beginner need to know about online betting in Australia?

There’s so many different things to take into account when you’re a newcomer to online betting in Australia. You may not even know what it is you don’t know! Answering all those key questions so anyone can get started in their online betting journey is what our handy guide is all about. We cover all the basics and then some, so you can hit the ground running and start betting on your favourite sports.

Naturally, no strategy or beginner’s guide really matters all that much if you’re not legally able to get onto a reputable betting site and enjoy their services in the first place. That’s why our analysis of everything you need to know to get started betting online in Australia answers that very question and much, much more.

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