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Cricket Betting Tips Australia 2023

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Publish Date: 09/04/2021
Fact checked by: Kane Gregan

Free Betting Tips for Cricket

Welcome to our comprehensive cricket betting tip guide where you’ll find free cricket betting tips from our expert Australian cricket betting team. Want to know how to make the most of your betting funds? Our tips will bowl you for six.

So, what will you find in our latest cricket betting tips Australia guide?  We’ll let you in on our keys to success, including how to manage your betting budget, how to recognise great odds and the different types of bets open to you before letting you know the betting terms you’ll need to know to take advantage of our completely free cricket betting tips. Excited? Let’s get started!

A brief guide to Cricket betting - What You Need to Know

When it comes to cricket betting, the simpler the better. But there are a few things that you need to know to get the most out of your wagers. These free cricket betting tips will help you get to grips with the sport and the nuances of the game. You’ll be an expert before you know it.

The weather

One of the key factors in cricket betting is the weather. The simple fact is this - games are sometimes rained off. Some bookmakers will automatically void the bet if the result isn’t finalised on the day the match was meant to be finished. Others will keep the bet open, assuming the game will be replayed at some point. As a bettor, you need to know how the weather will affect your wager. Read the fine print of your chosen bookmaker’s terms and conditions to find the answer to this question. !

Key players

Some sports have star players that can turn a sporting event from a non-starter to a showcase of their talents. In cricket the names of Virat Kohli, Ben Stokes and Rohit Sharma have bowlers cowering in their cricket whites. If a team is fielding one of these players or another star of the game, you can be sure this will influence the game’s outcome. Be sure to bear them in mind when betting online.


Whether you’re looking for the latest basketball betting tips, some free betting tips for australian rules football or cricket advice it is important to check out each bookmakers’ odds. This can be a time-consuming process if you do it alone, so use an odds checker software to take the hard work out of the job. Finding the best odds for your bet is essential if you want to reap the rewards of online betting.

Main factors of importance when placing cricket betting tips 

Have you been given some of the latest cricket betting tips for today or some time in the future and wondering what to do next? Here are some of the most important things to consider when wagering on cricket to avoid catastrophe.

Understanding the betting process

If you’ve been a bettor for any period of time you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘bet on what you know.’ It’s an adage that reminds us of the importance of only betting when there’s sound reason to do so, perhaps because we’re familiar with a specific cricket club or we know the form of the two teams involved inside out. This guide is all about free cricket betting tips, and if we can give you just one piece of betting advice for free it would be this - learn the betting process. Each bet has its own requirements that must be met for the bet to pay out. By understanding the sport thoroughly and by understanding the terms and conditions attached to your bet you are giving yourself the best chance for success.

The importance of a cricket team’s form

Research; it’s the word that fills us all with dread, but by taking the time to check out a cricket team’s form, perhaps even make a log of it somewhere on your computer will give you an edge when it comes to betting online. By recording this information you’ll be able to spot any trends or bogey teams on the horizon and know when to - and when not to - place a bet.

Why trust our betting tips? 

All of our latest cricket betting tips for Australia are written by our team of cricket experts. They’ve got years of experience in watching and writing about the sport. At games they’d be enjoying a bevvy with the Fanatics. At home they’re one step away from adding sunblock to their nose and ensuring their jumpers are freshly bleached when they watch the match on the telly.

We’re not just cricket fans, but fans of betting, too. We think cricket is a bit more fun with a few quid on the test match. We’ve experienced the highs and lows of online betting and come back for more. We want to share our expertise with you. Take a read of the latest betting tips Australia to join us on the betting journey.

Our key to success: The tools we use to analyze the daily betting market 

Know that as you glance over the latest cricket betting tips for today, they have been compiled by an expert team of passionate cricket fans who also have a penchant for sports betting. Every member of the team uses many tools to compile their tips. These include the latest online and offline cricket news on injuries, training, referees and weather. Our eyes and ears are everywhere, from dirt sheets to Facebook, Twitter to cricket forums and of course bookmaker’s form guide’s too.

We’re stat fans, so every one of our free cricket betting tips is offered to you once we’ve done individual research into the players of each team. We examine a player’s form, not just their ICC rankings, but their batting average or bowling average at county and international level. We match players up against each other for comparison to see who would come out on top and we also examine other match factors such as the weather, the team captain’s service record and even the form of players both at home and away. We leave no stone unturned in our search for betting glory!

Things you should think about before placing a cricket bet - The Importance of Research

OK, so we do a lot of research for you, but one of the best ways of learning is to research the betting markets and individual teams on your own. In doing this you will understand the numerous cricket betting markets available. If you don’t know where to start, how about researching the national team? You should already be familiar with most of the players, so googling their stats is a great place to start. From here you can have a look at the team’s home and away performance and then have a look at who is a great fast bowler and who is a great all-rounder. From these small steps you’ll be able to start building a bigger picture into the performances and chances of your chosen team.

Hunt the best odds

It goes without saying that if you’re going to wager on a sport, you want the best odds for your bet. The bigger the odds the bigger the return if you win, so don’t settle for the first bookmaker’s site you find that offers the bet you’re looking for. Use an odds comparison service to swiftly compare multiple bookmaker’s offers in one go. You’ll be glad you did.

Watch the pre-match broadcast

You can glean a lot of information from the pre-match broadcast. Don’t forget that the presenter team are all industry experts, many even former cricket players. They can offer a lot of insight into the current layout and performance of your chosen team. By watching the pre-match broadcast you’ll give yourself a bit of a head’s up before you wager on whether the bet will be worth your while.

Our Top5 tips for finding your favorite bookie for cricket - What makes the perfect bookie?

When it comes to online bookies, it’s important to find the right fit. How do you know if you’ve found ‘the one?’ read our bookie guide, of course! 

Safety and security

You need to be sure that any bookie you use online is safe. After all, you’re giving them your personal information and cash! The easiest way to check that a bookie is as safe as houses is to check their licensing agreement. Every bookmaker in Aus needs to hold a license to operate in the country. The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) is responsible for licensing online betting in Australia. Check out a bookie’s terms and conditions to see where their license is from. Also, be sure to check what other security measures the site uses to keep your data safe. Common methods include SSL encryption, two-step login and ID verification.

A wide choice of bets

There are loads of different bet types in cricket. A good bookmaker will have a wide choice of them, from common options such as match result to toss winner, man of the match and top bowler. The more betting choices the more options you’ll have when it comes time to place your bets.

Multiple payment methods

We’ve all got a preferred payment method for online betting, but it’s good to have a spare in case you can’t use your usual choice. That’s where bookmakers with multiple payment methods come in. While most accept credit and debit cards, some also allow e-wallet payments such as PayPal and even Bitcoin. The more options the merrier we say!

Good customer service

If times at a bookies get tough, who do you turn to? Customer service of course! But if the customer service team is harder to find than a servo when you’re on your last gallon then that’s no good. Most customer service teams work 24/7 nowadays, but there are some exceptions. Be sure to check a bookie’s contact us page before registering with them to see how you can keep in touch.

A varied sports selection

While the emphasis of this page is on cricket, most sports fans don’t exclusively bet on the sport, instead choosing to branch out a little bit. While we offer a range of sports betting tips including rugby betting tips for today and greyhound betting tips, it’s important to make sure that a bookie has a bit of choice, too. Most bookmakers will offer common sports such as Aussie rules, golf and tennis, but some bookies have thousands of sporting events to choose from on a daily basis. Pick up some of our free betting tips to get you through and you’ll be fine.

Our Top5 tips for wagering your cricket bonuses - What to consider

Wagering is fun, but it’s important to keep in charge of your finances. Here are a few hints to help you make the most of our latest cricket betting tips in Australia while keeping ahold of the purse strings.

Never bet more than you can afford to lose

Organising your betting budget is an important part of online gambling. Fail to organise a budget and you may fall into the trap of spending more than you can afford to. This can be disastrous for your bank balance. To calculate how much you can afford to lose take a small percentage of your disposable income each month and set it aside. Then once you’ve done this, set a betting limit on your gambling account. This will stop you from creeping over the figure you decided upon.

Use your research carefully

Once you’ve researched your chosen betting market you should be able to find potential bets, but how you decide which bets are suitable is down to choice. Everyone has their own level of risk, and deciding upon yours before wagering can help you stay in control of your betting.

Don’t go on mate’s tips

We’ve all been in that situation where a mate’s told us about a dead cert bet that just can’t lose. But what do you do with this information? While we can judge how much research we’ve placed into a bet before parting with our cash, we don’t know how strict our friends have been about it. Make sure to research any potential wagers beforehand. If you’re stuck for the latest cricket betting tips Australia, visit us at Wetten. We’ll help you out!

Try in-play betting

In-play betting allows you to wager as the cricket match is going on. As you can imagine, odds will fluctuate quite a lot during the course of a match, and timing your bet right can give you greater odds than you would have got before the match. If you’re able to watch the cricket game at your chosen bookmaker or at home, this is a good option for you as you can react to the actions of the game as they happen, cashing out early if you feel the need.

Learn the bet types available to cricket bettors

There are lots of betting markets available to the cricket fan. You can bet on one day matches, on the number of runs scored or the numbers of boundaries scored, even the number of wickets. The options are endless. Be sure to get to grips with what your bookmaker of choice offers. Then and only then can you take advantage of all of their deals.

Useful Cricket betting tip vocabulary - Some cricket terminology

Want to know some of the bet types used for cricket? Look no further.


This is a simple bet in which you decide how the batsman currently in the crease will be dismissed. It’s a live betting option which allows you to choose between bowled, caught, LBW, run out, stumped or other. Choose the right method and you win the bet.

First innings runs

As the name suggests, you need to correctly predict the number of runs a team will score in their first innings. Usually a bookmaker will give a number of runs and you need to decide whether the team will score more or less than that number in an over/under bet.

Match bet

A common bet where you choose whether a team will win, lose or draw. There are no other outcomes available for the bet.

Most run out

This is a bet to predict which team will score the most runs during a series or a match. Here’s where your research will really come into play.

Odds/Evens runs

Will your chosen team score an even or odd amount of runs? One of the simplest bets you’ll ever encounter.

Series winner

Many teams will play a series of matches against their opposing team. This bet allows you to choose the overall winner of the series of matches.

Win toss

Every cricket match starts with a coin toss. This is a guess on who will win that initial coin toss.

Conclusion - Free Cricket Betting Tips for All 

We’ve reached the end of our guide now, but we do hope you’ll join us regularly for the latest cricket betting tips for Australia. Whether you’re new to cricket betting or you’re an experienced bettor it’s never too late to research your bets and find up-to-date free cricket betting tips from our team to help you in your winning ways. We never charge for our hints, tips or cricket know-how.

Latest Cricket Betting Tips Australia FAQ

👀Can you tell me where to find the latest cricket betting tips in Australia?

We don’t like to blow our own horn, but check out our cricket betting tips page for more information on the latest deals.

👉Should I research my bets before wagering?

That sounds like a good idea. For information on how to research thoroughly read our cricket betting guide.

❓What’s the difference between a ‘Most Runs Out’ and a ‘First Innings Run’ bet?

Both of these are very similar, but it’s when the runs are committed that count. Please read our latest coverage of the best cricket betting tips.

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