Best Betting Odds for F1 in Australia 2022

Formula 1 Odds Comparison

Welcome to our F1 odds comparison. This gives you a quick and easy way to find those bookies who have the best Formula 1 betting odds for Australia. Perfect for getting more for your F1 bets!

It should be pretty easy to find fair bookmaker odds for F1 racing. But the trick is to make sure that you’re constantly getting the best betting odds for F1. After all, it’s the odds that determine what kind of returns you’ll get. So check out our  F1 odds comparison for the ultimate way to bet on this motor sport!

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Why it’s essential to use our F1 odds comparison

If you want to bet on F1, you’ll want to use our odds comparison. There’s truly no excuse for not doing so. After all, our comparison gives you an instant snapshot of who has the best betting odds for F1 motor racing. There might be other odds comparison services out there, but ours is the best. Here’s why:

Accurate: Our comparison will give you an accurate picture of what Australia’s best bookmakers are putting on in terms of F1 betting odds. The perfect way to see which bookies are edging ahead in their Formula betting odds for Australia.

Fast: The results that you see in our odds comparison reflect the very latest odds put on by the bookmakers. Each of these F1 odds is updated in real time to make sure that you’ll know you’re betting on the best odds on the market.

Free: Don’t forget that all of our odds comparison services can be used 100% free of charge. So that whether you want the best betting odds for football or the ultimate odds for the Australian Grand Prix, you won’t have to be charged a single cent.

How our F1 odds comparison works

We’ve made sure that our comparison makes it very easy for you to track down the best betting odds for F1 motor racing. It gives you the chance to instantly compare what kinds of bets dozens of different Australian bookmakers are giving you for each Grand Prix race. Plus you can use the odds comparison for the Drivers’ Championship and Constructors’ Championship too.

This means that you won’t have to shop around all of the different betting sites to see who is giving you the best value Formula 1 odds. Instead you can simply visit our comparison and instantly see the top F1 odds with just a few taps of your mouse button. It doesn’t get much simpler than that!

Step by step guide to using our F1 odds comparison

Tired of trawling around the internet in search of decent odds for that big upcoming Grand Prix race? Then just check out how easy it is to use our Formula 1 odds comparison. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Select your Grand Prix race: Just enter in which Grand Prix race you want to bet on. Whether it’s the Australian Grand Prix or the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, all will be featured in our odds comparison. Don’t forget that we can also reveal the best odds for the Drivers’ Championship and Constructors’ Championship too.
  2. Pick your betting market: Chances are that you’ll be looking to bet on the race winner. But our comparison can also help you see the bookies with the best F1 odds for things like podium finish. Just select your preferred betting market and hit submit.
  3. Check out the odds: Now our comparison will produce the results that show the bookie with the best Formula 1 betting odds for Australia. Easy!
  4. Visit the market-beating bookie: From here, you can just click on the link to go direct to the bookmaker who has put on the best value F1 bets. Now just sign up, put down your bets and rest easy in the knowledge that you’re betting on the most competitive odds on the market.

Finding the bookmakers with the best betting odds for F1 racing

Formula 1 motor racing is one of the world’s biggest sports. This means that pretty much all of Australia’s bookmakers will be fighting among themselves to produce the best F1 odds. While this is great news for you, it does provide you with a challenge in knowing whether you can trust all of the different bookmakers.

Thankfully, all of the bookies featured in our odds comparison have been checked to make sure that they offer a legal, safe and fair betting service. So by using any of the bookies included in our comparison, you’ll know that they’ve been checked out for the following features:

Australian licensing: We’ll never recommend that you use any bookmaker unless we’ve checked them to make sure that they have Australian licensing. This makes it legal to bet at these betting sites and you won’t get ripped off either.

SSL encryption: There’s no point a bookie offering you decent odds if it can’t keep your personal information and deposits safe. This is why our bookmaker reviews are quick to examine how each betting site safeguards your sensitive data.

Good customer support: We’ll also check that each bookie we feature has decent customer support. This means that if there was ever a problem in using the F1 betting odds, you’d be able to quickly get friendly and professional help.

Top Formula 1 betting odds for Australia Grand Prix and all other races

We’ll make sure that you are always within reach of market-beating odds for every Grand Prix race in each season. From those legendary races held in picturesque locations like Spa at the Belgian Grand Prix to some of the most exciting street circuits like the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, you’ll find it easy to get the best odds for the first driver to cross the chequered flag.

Most F1 seasons tend to begin with the Australian Grand Prix. The Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit in Melbourne has hosted some memorable races in the past, and it’s easily one of the most star-studded sporting events in the calendar.

Not far behind is the equally glamorous Monaco Grand Prix. Although the tight corners of this street circuit make overtaking almost impossible, it’s a race that attracts the interest of all bookies. We’ll make sure that you get the best odds.

From the legendary Italian Grand Prix at Monza to the no-less impressive British Grand Prix at Silverstone, we’ll be by your side signposting you to those bookies with the best odds. So that whether you want to bet on Grand Prix races in Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Russia, Hungary, France or Austria, you’ll always be able to find the best odds via our comparison.

Get the best betting odds for F1 Drivers’ Championship

Lots of betting fans will want to put down an outright bet at the beginning of the F1 season that predicts who the winner of the Drivers’ Championship will be. This is a great way to add intrigue throughout the months, and so we’ll always help you discover which bookie gives you the best odds for the F1 Drivers’ Championship.

Recently, we’ve seen Lewis Hamilton dominating the sport. But the British driver’s outstanding success can only last for so long. As such, there will be many people betting on the likes of Max Verstappen to live up to his potential and claim the Championship.

Betting on the Driver’s Championship might seem like a safe bet with legendary drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel or even Michael Schumacher dominating for several seasons at a time. But you never know when the likes of a Nico Rosberg or a Kimi Raikkonen might produce a big result.

This is why we’ll be by your side to show you whenever anyone from Valtteri Bottas to Lando Norris or Charles Leclerc looks like they might put in a strong challenge. Plus even if you want to bet on our own Daniel Ricciardo to do the unthinkable, we’ll happily show you those bookies with the top Formula 1 betting odds for Australia.

Discover the best betting odds for F1 Constructors’ Championship

It’s also great fun to put down an outright bet on the Constructors’ Championship. You might be able to get better odds by putting down this kind of bet well in advance of the start of the season. We’ll always direct you towards those bookies with the best odds for the Constructors’ Championship.

This is important as there might not be that much difference in what different bookmakers are offering. After all, the Mercedes team have dominated the Constructors’ Championship recently.

But all good things must come to an end, and we’ll also help you find those bookies with the best odds for when you think that it might be Red Bull’s time to shine again. Plus, if you really want to try your luck, we’ll highlight those bookies with the best odds for Ferrari, McLaren, Aston Martin and even Williams to put in a strong challenge.

Different betting markets for F1 betting

The great thing about F1 is the fact that it gives you so many more options than just betting on the first driver to cross the chequered flag or win the Drivers’ Championship. Here are some of the other betting markets that could give you great value with your bets:

Podium finish: This gives you a bit of insurance as the driver would just need to finish in the top-three for you to win your F1 bet.

Betting on a driver against a driver: We love these kinds of bets and they can be applied to an individual race or throughout the whole season. For example, you could bet on whether Carlos Sainz will end up ahead of Lance Stroll at the end of the French Grand Prix. But it’s also a good bet to try between teammates such as whether Max Verstappen or Sergio Perez has more points for Red Bull by the end of the season.

Fastest lap: This is another interesting bet that isn’t determined by the overall race winner. The winner of the fastest lap could even crash out half-way through the race, and as long as they held onto the fastest lap-time, you’d win your bet.

Safety car: OK so this might not be the most exciting of F1 bets, but betting on whether a safety car will appear is yet another way to add interest to even the dullest of Grand Prix races.

Got the best bookmaker Formula 1 odds? Try these F1 betting tips

Finding the best Formula 1 odds is only half the battle. This is because you’ll also have to do plenty of hard work in making your predictions for the Grand Prix race. Here are some key things to factor into your F1 prediction:

  • Track record: Certain drivers have a great winning record at particular circuits, so be sure to make a note of this.
  • Weather conditions: We’ve noticed that many drivers hate driving in wet conditions, while other drivers seem to benefit from it. Just another thing to factor into your F1 predictions.
  • Watch the qualifying sessions: This is where you get to see how each team and driver gets to grips with their car and the rigours of each circuit. Essential for knowing what’s most likely to happen when raceday comes around.
  • Factor in the engines: The engine of each F1 car can clearly make or break the success of a team in a race or throughout a season. Do your research and see what the team is doing to make sure that the car’s engine is up for the challenge.
  • In the pits: Tight Grand Prix races are won or lost in those split second pit stops. As such, a team’s choice of tyre is massively important. Definitely worth bearing in mind when you’re putting down your F1 bets.

Conclusion - Your perfect place to find the best betting odds for F1

Our F1 odds comparison has given you a quick and easy way to make sure that you’re always getting the best odds for any Grand Prix race. All that you have to do is to type in which Grand Prix you want to bet on, and our comparison will show you which bookie is leading the way.

Each of the bookmakers in our comparison has been checked to make sure that they’re licensed and regulated. This means that you can concentrate your efforts on making your predictions rather than worrying about which bookie to use. So remember to keep checking back here to make sure that you’re always using a bookmaker who has the top Formula 1 betting odds for Australia.

Best Betting Odds For F1 FAQs

👀Where can I find F1 betting tips?

It shouldn’t take much more than a quick internet search to find some betting tips for F1 motor racing. However, it’s worth noting that many of these tips will be pretty unreliable. Far better for you to do your own research and then check out our F1 odds comparison. Don’t forget that we can also give you a golf odds comparison and a comparison for pretty much any other sport.

🏆Who has the best F1 Constructors’ odds?

It’s fair to say that nearly all online bookmakers in Australia will aim to give you the best odds for the Constructors’ Championship. So just as you’d use a rugby odds comparison for the NRL, you can use our comparison to help you find the best betting odds for F1. This doesn’t just apply to each Grand Prix, but to the Constructors’ Championship too.

❓Is F1 betting legal in Australia?

You will probably know that Australia has fairly strict and complicated rules regarding online betting. For example, live betting on sports isn’t legal in Australia.  As a result, it’s hard to know where you’ll stand with your F1 bets. So we won’t just show you who is giving you the best Formula 1 betting odds for Australia, but can also reveal whether you can legally use these online bookmakers. 

🏅Who has the best F1 Championship odds?

There is plenty of debate about this. After all, how competitive a bookmaker’s Driver’s Championship odds are can change over the course of a season. So take a look at our sports betting odds comparison. This will reveal those bookmakers who consistently give you the best Formula 1 betting odds for Australia throughout the season.

💪Where can I get the best Australian Grand Prix odds?

As this is one of the major Grand Prix races, there will be plenty of competition among the bookies to put on the best odds for this big sporting event. So, just as you can come to our resource to find the bookies with the best betting odds for cricket, you can also use our F1 odds comparison to see who has the best bets for the Australian Grand Prix.

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