Best Betting Odds for Cricket in Australia 2022

Crickets Odds Comparison

This page helps you quickly find the most attractive cricket odds on offer at the leading bookmakers in Australia. It allows you to maximise your potential profits when betting on cricket, and ensures you never miss out on great value.

We only feature safe, reliable, licensed betting sites on this page. You can use our cricket odds comparison to find out which site is offering the most appealing odds at any time. Read on to learn how to read cricket odds and how to wager on cricket in Australia.

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Compare Australian Bookmaker Odds

Understanding bookmaker odds for cricket - Our cricket odds comparison

The odds compilers at the leading bookmakers in Australia will weigh up the relative strengths and weaknesses of each team before releasing odds on a match. The most common option is to bet on which team will win a match or series, but you can find all sorts of alternative betting markets, from the top batsman to the first wicket method. They are explained further down this guide to the best cricket betting odds for Australia.

Most Australian betting sites use a decimal odds format. This tells you the return you can expect to receive from a $1 bet. For example, you might find odds of 1.50 on Australia to beat England in an Ashes match, and 4.00 on England to secure victory. You can calculate your potential return by multiplying the amount you want to stake by the decimal odds.

If you bet $1 on Australia at odds of 1.50, you would expect to receive a $1.50 return if they won the match. A $10 bet at 1.50 would earn you a return of $15, while a $20,000 bet at 1.50 would result in a return of $30,000 if successful.

A $1 bet at odds of 4.00 on England would earn you a return of $4 if successful. The larger potential payout on England shows you that they are the underdogs.

Sometimes the decimal odds are quoted as a dollar amount. For example, a bookmaker might offer $1.50 on Australia to beat England. That just means the odds are 1.50.

Alternative odds formats - Cricket betting odds for Australia

Decimal odds are prevalent across Australia, but you might occasionally see alternative formats used. One common odds format is fractional. This tells you the profit you stand to make, as opposed to the return.

Sticking with the example used above, Australia would be priced at 1/2 to beat England in fractional odds, while England would be the 3/1 outsiders. You multiply your stake by the fraction to calculate your potential profit.

A $10 bet on Australia at 1/2 would earn you a $5 profit. You get your stake back when your bet is a winner, so your total return would be $15. A $10 bet on England at 3/1 would earn you a profit of $30. Your stake is also returned, so you would receive $40 if they won the match.

American odds are rarely seen on cricket matches, but it is useful to have a grasp of this format. A set of American odds will either begin with a plus symbol or a minus symbol. If it starts with a plus, it tells you the amount you would earn from a $100 bet. For example, England would be +300 to beat Australia. That tells you to expect a $300 profit from a $100 bet. You get your stake back on a winning bet, resulting in a return of $400. You do not have to actually bet $100. You could bet $20, which would result in a profit of $60 and a return of $80 if successful.

If the American odds start with a minus sign, it tells you the amount you would need to bet in order to generate a $100 profit. If you saw -200 on Australia to beat England, it would tell you that a $200 stake would be required to earn a $100 profit. You get your stake back if successful, resulting in a return of $300. Once again, you do not need to bet $200. You could bet $50 at -200 and earn a $25 profit, and a $75 return, if successful.

Decimal odds show you the total return you can expect – including your profit and the return of your stake – if your bet wins. Fractional odds and American odds only tell you the profit. Fractional odds are mainly used in the UK and Ireland, and you rarely see American odds outside of the United States.

Anyone searching for the best bookmaker cricket odds will be presented with a range of exciting wagering options. These are some of the most common cricket betting odds for Australia international matches, domestic matches and overseas action:


This is a straightforward bet on which team will win a match or a series. The oddsmakers at the various bookmakers will analyse the strengths and weaknesses of each team, and then release odds on the likelihood of either team securing victory. The odds are liable to change in the build-up to a match.

For example, New Zealand might be priced at 1.91 to beat the West Indies in an ODI. The odds might then drop to 1.85 if the majority of the bets are placed on New Zealand, or if a key player for the West Indies is injured. The odds might drift out to 2.00 if most of the betting action goes on the Windies, or if the New Zealand captain is injured.

You will also be able to bet in-play after the match begins. The odds will change in real time depending on how well each team is performing. For example, if a team takes a big wicket, the odds on them winning the match should grow shorter.

The various bookmakers will generally offer different odds on a particular team winning a match. It may be that they view the game differently, or one bookmaker may simply offer better value than its rivals, so it is always beneficial to use our cricket odds comparison tool and find the best cricket betting odds for Australia before placing your wagers.

Match Handicap

This seeks to level the playing field by giving the supposedly stronger team a handicap. Let’s say Australia are the 1.10 favourites to beat Bangladesh, and Bangladesh are the 6.50 underdogs. A $100 bet on Australia at 1.10 would only earn you a $10 profit if they won the match, and that might not be particularly appealing. If you want to unlock greater value, you can check out handicap betting.

You might then find odds of 1.91 on Australia -6.5 wickets / -59.5 runs. If you bet on Australia to cover the handicap, they would need to win by a margin of either seven wickets or 60 runs. However, you would receive a $91 profit from a $100 bet, so it is potentially much more valuable.

Alternatively, you could bet on Bangladesh +6.5 wickets / +59.5 runs at 1.91. Bangladesh could then either win the match, draw or lose by no more than six wickets or 59 runs, and your bet would pay off.

Top Team Batsman

This is a wager on the batsman that will score the most runs for a particular team over the course of a match. You generally find that the team’s most prolific batsman is the favourite, and a specialist bowler is the rank outsider. You can also bet on the top overall batsman in a match at some of the best cricket betting sites.

Top Team Bowler

A market that allows you to predict which bowler will take the most wickets for a particular team during a match. Some sites also allow you to bet on the bowler that will take the most wickets overall in the match.

To Win the Toss

A pretty simple bet on which team will win the toss. There is no skill involved. It is simply a matter of chance. You will generally find odds of 1.91 on either team, giving the house a considerable edge on either outcome.

Most Match Fours

A bet on which batsman will score the most fours in the match. You can also bet on most match sixes at many bookmakers.

Total Runs

This is an interesting market, because it does not require you to predict which team will win the match. You simply speculate on whether it will be a high-scoring match or a low-scoring match. The odds compilers will set a total runs line, and you can either bet on over or under. You can also bet on the total runs in the first over, or in a particular innings, at many sites. Some bookmakers have bets on the total match fours and the total match sixes.

You should also be able to bet on the player of the match, the most runs outs, the number of runs at the fall of the first wicket, the race to 10 runs, the highest opening partnership, total match wickets for a bowler, and much more. You can often find individual head-to-head markets that pit one batsman against another, or one bowler against another.

There are special wagers on whether a 50 or a century will be scored in a match. You can find long-term bets, such as the team that will win a series, or a tournament such as the Big Bash, the World Cup or the IPL. It is always important to find the best betting odds for cricket, as that can make the difference between you earning a profit or a loss over the course of the year.

How to bet on cricket - More than simply finding the best cricket betting odds for Australia

You should always use our cricket odds comparison tool and then you can click through to the bookmaker offering the best price. Follow these steps to place your wager:

  • Click “Register”, “Sign Up” or “Get Started” on the homepage. Enter your personal details and agree to the terms and conditions. Click on a link sent to your email address to verify it, and then complete the KYC (know your customer) process by providing proof of identification and address.
  • Make sure you claim any sign-up bonus on offer. This can often take the form of free bets, but you have to complete wagering requirements, so read the bonus terms carefully.
  • Fund your account by visiting the cashier section. Choose “Deposit” and select your preferred method, such as a card payment, a wire transfer, or an e-wallet like PayPal, Skrill or Neteller. Enter the amount you would like to deposit and confirm the transaction.
  • Head over to the cricket section and find the match you want to bet on. Click on the odds displayed next to the betting option you like the look of, and it will automatically be added to the betting slip, which should immediately pop up on the screen.
  • You can then enter the amount you would like to wager, and the bet slip should inform you of the return you will receive if your bet is successful. Click to confirm the bet. If it wins the money will appear in your account balance as soon as the bet is settled.

You can also follow this process to bet on other sports. Just make sure you use our football odds comparison tools and F1 odds comparison tools to ensure you always enjoy the best value available on the market.

How to Find the Best Cricket Betting Sites

You can use this page to find the best online betting odds for the biggest cricket matches taking place each week. Using our cricket odds comparison is important, but you should also look out for these key criteria when searching for a cricket betting site:

Strong User Experience

The site should be easy to navigate and intuitively designed, with lots of shortcuts and helpful features. It should have an effective search function, which allows you to quickly find cricket matches without having to scroll through sections of the site. The best bookmakers will also provide you with stats and educational tools to help you make betting decisions from a position of strength.

Helpful Customer Service

You should benefit from 24/7 customer service via live chat, phone and email. The representatives should be knowledgeable, helpful and polite, and waiting times should be short.

Broad Range of Markets

The best bookmakers cover all the big international matches and domestic action from around the world, including first-class cricket and limited-overs. They offer a huge range of markets on each match, including special betting options on individual player performances. The top bookmakers will also cover a wide range of sports. You should be able to find the best betting odds for rugby and the best betting odds for golf, and place your wagers at the same site.

Excellent In-Play Product

You should be able to bet on big cricket matches in-play as the action unfolds. The odds should be above average, and the list of betting options should be wide. The best sites also offer live streaming, and helpful tools such as cash out and partial cash out.

Conclusion - Time to find those cricket betting odds for Australia!

It is really important to secure the best betting odds for cricket before wagering on a game. You can earn a significantly larger profit by shopping around for your odds, as some bookmakers offer vastly more appealing prices than their rivals. It helps to sign up for an account with multiple betting sites, as that allows you to unlock multiple bonuses and then quickly grab the best odds on a match you are interested in. You should always conduct thorough research before placing a cricket bet, and make sure you stick to the safe, reputable, trustworthy bookmakers listed on this cricket betting odds for Australia page.

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Best betting odds for cricket FAQ

🏏 Where can I find the best cricket betting odds in Australia?

Our odds comparison tool allows you to quickly find the best odds on offer among the leading betting sites in Australia. The odds at each site will be clearly displayed on the page, and you can click through to the bookmaker offering the best value. Visit CaptainGambling AU today to find the best betting odds for cricket.

❓ How do cricket odds work?

The odds compilers will assess the strengths and weaknesses of each team and they publish odds on a match. These odds tell you the potential profit you stand to make if your bet is successful. You can learn more about how to read odds and the key betting options at your disposal by visiting our best betting odds for cricket guide at CaptainGambling AU.

📊 What should I consider when betting on cricket?

You should arm yourself with a thorough understanding of the betting options available to you on each match. You can learn more about the best betting odds for cricket at CaptainGambling AU. Once you have conducted thorough research and made your selection, you can use our odds comparison tool to find the best price available on the market.

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