Latest Tennis Betting Tips Australia 2021

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Free Betting Tips for Tennis

Tennis has long been a favourite sport of many. Aside from the obvious Australian Open Grand Slam event, there are many other events and matches you can bet on throughout the year – if you know how to do it.

Fortunately, we’ve got all the facts to help you understand how and where to start betting on tennis. We’ll lay out plenty of tips and advice throughout this article. Think of it as the warmup before you’re ready to play. For Grand Slam fans and those who follow the ATP and WTA tours and more, we’ve got everything you need.

A brief guide to tennis betting – what to expect from tennis wagers

You may be surprised at the volume of bet types involved in tennis matches. All our latest betting tips bear this in mind. We’ll go deeper into various bet types later, but let’s begin by covering two of the basic bet types you can place.

Match or event winners

This is one of the easiest free betting tips for tennis you can use. The match winner is the eventual champion. You can choose your favourite player or the person you think is most likely to win the event before it begins. So, Roger Federer might be your pick for Wimbledon. Similarly, you may go for Naomi Osaka to grab the next US Open Championship.

Choosing the winner of a match works the same way, except here you choose which player (or team for doubles) you think will win the match.

Predicting sets or games played

This goes into detail in a specific match. You must guess whether you think the player will win in two or three sets. You could also guess three, four, or five sets for a men’s Grand Slam match. You can also predict how many games will be played in the match, regardless of which player wins.

Main Factors of Importance When Placing Tennis Betting Tips – key factors to note

As with the latest basketball betting tips for today, the latest tennis betting tips Australia should cover the basic factors to think about before you bet. We’ve covered two major areas you ought to consider before betting on this sport.

How much do you know about tennis?

If you’re a long-time fan who can reel off statistics about players, events, Grand Slam winners, and match details, you can use that knowledge to your advantage. However, if you only ever watch the Australian Open for two weeks per year, this restricts the amount of knowledge you’ll have. We’ll sprinkle plenty of free betting tips for tennis throughout this article, and we’ll reveal one here. The Australian Open is a hard-court event. Different players tend to rise to the top during the clay and grass-court seasons. That will influence who is likely to do better if you back them during a different event.

Keep things easy or drill down into the info and stats

Our latest tennis betting tips Australia cover major events, predicted winners, and plenty of detailed bets too. If you’re going to look at more complex bets, such as double results and the set exact score wager, you should check out the latest statistics for the players involved in that match.

Why trust our betting tips? Here are the main reasons why you should

We offer plenty of free betting tips for tennis. We’re not just experienced in tennis betting though. We’re fans of the game, bringing a depth of understanding to the betting market that few other sites can bring.

We can also strip out the passion we may feel for certain players. Instead, we look dispassionately at the statistics and bring you the best tennis betting tips for today. We spend hours crunching the numbers, looking at the history, assessing the players, and creating the best tips we can, just the same as we do with our latest cricket betting tips Australia.

Our key to success: The tools we use to analyze the daily betting market for tennis fans

We back up our free betting tips for tennis with years of experience, spending hours watching players on the ATP and WTA tours. One of the most important areas to assess when we create our tennis tips is recent form. Even if a player has many Grand Slams under their belt, how have they played in their most recent matches? Are they on a winning streak or have they exited early in their last few events?

We also consider the favoured surface for each player, the surface used for a specific event, and their track record there. Injury comes into it too. Then, we look at the competition as this can influence the outcome of any match. We consider both recent and historical statistics too, because both play a role in determining where the best latest tennis betting tips Australia can be found.

When we bring all these elements together, we can identify the best odds and opportunities you can use when you’re looking to place one or more bets on top players – or even those who may cause an upset.

Things you should think about before placing a tennis bet – major factors you should keep in mind

Which of the latest tennis betting tips Australia will appeal to you? Before you place a tennis wager, there are a few crucial areas to consider. We’ll go through them with you here.

Would you prefer pre-match or in-play betting?

With pre-match wagers, you need to place your bet before the match begins. In-play betting requires you to be available when the match takes place. You’ll see this in action with our latest Premier League betting tips as well. You also need to be alert to changing odds and placing a fast wager when you’re ready.

Do you prefer one type of bet over another?

The easiest ones to understand are outright winners. Pick a tournament winner or even just the winner of a match. The more complex bets, i.e., picking the correct number of sets or games played, requires more knowledge of the players taking part.

What are the best odds?

We all dream of winning a wager with long odds, giving us an excellent payout. However, some matches have shorter odds and a more likely result, depending on who is participating. Think about which way you’d rather go and what your risk level is.

Our top tips for finding your favourite bookie for tennis – use these to help you place those bets

1. Is it easy to use the site?

Sportsbooks can be tricky to navigate at times. Fortunately, some of them are easier than others with an intuitive feel. It’s far easier to take advantage of our latest tennis betting tips Australia when you can find your way around easily.

2. How many markets do they cover?

If you want to bet on more than just tennis, find a bookie offering coverage for many other sports as well. Additionally, you want to see ongoing ATP and WTA events and not just the famous tennis Grand Slams.

3. How many payment methods does the bookie offer?

It’s vital to check this, especially if you have a favoured method you’d like to use.

4. Do they offer a wide range of tennis betting types?

You may notice that some sportsbooks offer a more limited range of tennis wagers. When you’re looking for the latest tennis betting tips Australia, it’s great to see lots of those tips displayed in a sportsbook. This isn’t always the case, so find one you can rely on.

Useful tennis betting tip vocabulary – terms you should know before you bet

To really make the most of our free betting tips for tennis, it makes sense to learn as much as you can about the terms we use. If you don’t know the difference between game spread, over/under, and futures, you can find out everything you need to know here. We’ve done the same for free horse racing betting tips too, so be sure and check those out.

  • Over/under – this refers to the game total seen in one match. You should see a figure giving a prediction for the game total. For example, it might be set at 20.5. You then need to decide whether to bet over or under. Going over means you think the match is going to last 21 or more games. Going under means you think it will be resolved within 20 or fewer games.
  • Moneyline – this sounds confusing, but it describes the process of betting on one player to win a match. It’s one of the most popular wagers people make. Another term for this is the outright winner bet. The eventual score doesn’t matter – if your chosen player wins the match, you win your bet.
  • Spread bets – you may also see these called handicaps. You’re still betting on the person you think will win the match. However, in this case, the bookie brings in a handicap. This usually appears in brackets, while the odds given for each player in the match are identical. The bracketed figure tells you the number of games the winning player needs to win the match by. It helps to have more knowledge of the players and their strengths and weaknesses to go for this type of wager, as our latest tennis betting tips Australia suggest.
  • Futures – also known as outrights, these are the bets most people would recognize when looking at a tennis tournament. Each player is given odds to win the tournament. So, for example, you could pick a predicted winner based on odds given for the next Australian Open. This is an outright market and means you only win that bet if your selected player gets all the way to the final and lifts the trophy.
  • Each way betting – this involves two bets rather than just one. The best example is to bet each way on a player to win the tournament. Your first bet is to back them to win it, and the second bet is to predict they will make it to the final but end up losing the match. If you bet AU$10 on a player each way, you’re wagering AU$5 for them to win and AU$5 for them to be the runner-up. Watch for some of our free betting tips for tennis that give these recommendations.
  • Set winner – much as it sounds, this is a bet on the player you think will win the set. You’ll see different odds for the first set, second set, and so on throughout the match.
  • In-play betting – this refers to live betting on a tennis match. You can often bet on the outcome of a set, the match winner, and number of sets or games to play. Watch for our tennis betting tips for today to find our recommendations for in-play betting.
  • Correct scoreline – these are riskier bets as the chances of predicting the exact scoreline of a match are long. However, you can also find great odds for these, as our latest tennis betting tips Australia can reveal. You can choose to bet on the correct score for one or more sets.

Conclusion: How to make the most of the latest tennis betting tips Australia

We hope our guide to free betting tips for tennis has been useful for you. You can see that we have the knowledge and experience to bring to the fore when assessing players, matchups, and tennis tournaments. Our tennis betting tips for today are based on years of experience and tennis stats. As such, we can bring you that wealth of experience together with our assessment of the best bets for today and every day in the world of tennis betting.

Whether you want to pick the potential winner of the Australian Open or you’re following the tennis tour and your favourite players traveling around the world, we’ve lined up some smart wagers for you. We’ll guide you to the best odds and bets we can find – every day.

Latest tennis betting tips Australia FAQ

📈 How do you always win in tennis betting?

Knowing the ins and outs of tennis betting is vital if you want to maximize your chances of winning your tennis wagers. CaptainGambling reveals more about tennis betting tips in our in-depth betting guides. We can also help you find the best bookmakers in Australia right now.

⚡ How can you use a tennis betting guide?

Before you start placing any bets, it’s worth catching up on a few betting guides. After all, you’ll want to go in armed with all the knowledge you possibly can to give you the best chances. Reading through a guide on the latest tennis betting tips Australia at Captain Gambling will help you understand the differences between various tennis wager types.

✅ How do you bet on tennis?

There are lots of different bets you can place on tennis matches and events. Learning more about them will help you decide which ones are best for you. Interested in finding out how to bet on tennis matches? Our latest tennis betting tips for Australia guide will tell you all you need to know about betting on this popular sport.

🆗 What can you learn from a tennis betting expert?

Some people know more about tennis betting than others. Learn everything you can from the guides at Captain Gambling, so you’re well placed to make some smart wagers. What’s more, we can also help you find the best bookmakers within the Australian market.

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