Latest Rugby Betting Tips Australia 2021

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Free Betting Tips for Rugby

Our latest rugby betting tips Australia guide aims to offer you an insight into the lengths our researchers go in providing you with the most comprehensive free betting tips for rugby.

Below, we go into greater detail on the main stats to look out for when doing your own research, reasons why we should be your number one choice when looking for rugby betting tips for today and offer up some rugby betting lingo to help your understanding.

A brief guide to rugby betting – Points mean prizes!

Before we offload some ways in which our experts' research and provide free rugby betting tips, we have itemised a small list of three key points for you to consider before piecing together your next accumulator. Whether it's the rugby World Cup, the NRL or a Friendly fixture you are looking to bet on, be sure to take note of the below.


Our first rugby betting tip for today is an obvious choice, check the odds. The odds of a game are a huge deciding factor when selecting your overall winner, placing a wager on an over/under market, or building your accumulator. We discuss later in our Latest Rugby Betting Tips Australia guide the effort our experts put into researching the latest news, form and triggers that could affect a game's outcome.

Rugby League or Rugby Union

Our third free betting tip for rugby tests your knowledge of the sport. As an avid follower of rugby, we hope you are aware of the slight differences within the point system. For example, a try in Rugby League is worth four points compared with Rugby Union's five. This knowledge is critical when thinking of wagering on an under/over points market. So, if you aren't entirely savvy, get researching!


As well as reviewing your teams form, missing players, weather conditions and who has the home advantage, it is also worth checking the referee for your chosen match. Rugby fans will confirm there is a slight deviance in what is deemed "acceptable" from the northern to the southern hemisphere, which could play a pivotal role when betting on markets involving cards. It could also have a negative effect on points scored due to teams playing in a more reserved manner.

Main factors of importance when placing rugby betting tips - Bet with your head, not your heart!

 There are plenty of external factors that could influence you when selecting your favoured rugby betting tips for today. Fortunately, our experts have devised a short list to remind you what to keep in mind when placing your wagers:

How's your rugby knowledge? 

Everyone's betting knowledge differs. You may have followed rugby for the last 30 years, you may be a rugby rookie, you may have been to a World Cup or even played at some point yourself. Regardless of your understanding of the game and rugby knowledge, there are markets, tips and tricks out there to help you on your betting journey. Thanks to our free rugby betting tips, there's no need to go it alone, and if you're a fan of cricket too, you can take advantage of our Cricket Betting Tips for today as well.


Rugby is a hooligan's game, played by gentlemen, but gentlemen can still get heated in contested battles and local derbies. With passion and bragging rights on the table, a match between two rivals can often see high-energy and high-passion turn into high-scoring and high-penalty match-ups. When rivals meet, we think it is always worth looking at the over/under markets, for example, over 1.5 yellow cards or Both Teams to score over 35 points.

Everybody loves an underdog

For the most part, this saying runs true – just not when it involves you losing money. Our free rugby betting tips are based on extensive research hours, offering you outcomes based on real-life facts, figures & percentages. The thought of a relegation candidate toppling an NRL heavyweight is a nice thought, with even nicer returns, but your focus when betting should be about having fun and making money. If the odds are stacked against them, there's a reason why!

Choosing the right market

Not all matches are as easy to predict as a home win, away win or a draw (also known as a 1/X/2). However, when we compile our statistics, we uncover what markets are suited to a fixture. If you have a top of the table clash, it may not be able to distinguish a winner, but you can predict a close scoreline. On this occasion, we would recommend an exotic bet or placing a margin bet.

Why trust our betting tips? – Passionate fans + keen researchers = Great results   

You can search online for the latest Rugby betting tips in Australia and be met with an array of web pages claiming to be home to the most profitable free betting tips on the market. So, what sets our experts apart?

Quite simply, we are fans first. Whether we are part of the tennis team providing you with the latest tennis betting tips, or part of the football team offering daily football betting tips, we want to share our passion and research with you in the hope of instilling some industry knowledge and provide a helping hand in your betting journey.

Our experts review a plethora of rugby markets, assess individual performances, trys scored, team injuries, player suspensions, and even check the weather forecast to ensure we provide you with the best free betting tips for rugby.

Our key to success: The tools we use to analyse the daily betting market – No stone left unturned!  

Your rugby betting tips for today do not appear by chance. We have formed a solid group of experts with a genuine passion for the game, who are keen researchers, big on stats and pride themselves on bringing you the very best in free betting tips for rugby.

Alongside the readily available team, league, referee and player statistics, our experts follow sporting news religiously, scouring Twitter, Facebook and team websites to uncover the truth behind any transfer speculation, injury news, National call-ups and training reports.

We ensure no stone is left unturned when it comes to our rugby betting tips for today, covering every imaginable event that could affect a game's outcome before coming up with our final conclusions. A couple of key statistics that are often overlooked, but are always covered by our experts, include the percentage of scrum wins, average phases per possession, the amount of time the ball is in play, and the tackle success rate per position.

Things you should think about before placing a rugby bet – Preparation is key!

Due to Australian law, all bets need to be placed prior to your chosen fixture starting. So, with that in mind, our first tip is to plan your bet in advance! We don't mean days or weeks (unless you're placing a future's bet), but we would recommend giving yourself an hour or so, particularly if you are going to do some of your own research.

Although industry experts form our free rugby betting tips, we believe it is good practice to do some of your own research too. As we've done the hard work for you, you can either confirm some stats for peace of mind or do some research by yourself. We suggest keeping a log of your rugby betting successes and losses, a way to quickly look back and review what has or hasn't worked for you in the past!

The next stage before placing your rugby bet(s) is to confirm what type of bet you wish to place – you should be able to make your decision once you've reviewed your own wins/losses! But, for those of you who are new to the rugby betting world, we have also highlighted some betting markets and terminology in more detail further down this latest rugby betting tips Australia guide to help you out.

What are the odds!? Now you have your chosen market, teams, and stake at the ready, consider the returns. Will this be improved by using a line or margin bet? Will this be part of an accumulator? Or could it be improved by using a different bookie?

Our top tips for finding your favourite bookie for rugby – Is your bookie safe & stylish? 

Security features

When selecting a bookie to place your free rugby betting tips, consider your account's security first. Is the site encrypted? Can you access the Terms and Conditions freely? Are there plenty of recognised deposit and withdrawal methods? If you can answer yes to all of these, you could be on to a winner!

Market availability

A variety of markets can help drastically when looking to build accumulator bets or placing a wager on an exotic market. Simply put, if your chosen bookie has a limited selection of markets, it limits your chances of betting options and potential winnings.

Live streaming 

The performance of a website can be easily recognised by its ability to host live streaming. The best bookies will have top-end software allowing you to stream matches glitch-free from the comfort of your own home.

Although not imperative from your bookie, a simple layout mixed with high-performing software can really improve your overall betting experience. If all of your preferred markets are easily accessible, accumulators can be built in minutes, ensuring you don't miss out on any of the action. A site that allows for deposit/withdrawals within a couple of clicks gets a big tick from us too!

Useful Rugby betting tip vocabulary – Check the juice before betting on the underdog!

  • Accumulator Bet - A wager consisting of two or more selections. Accumulator bets offer higher payouts but naturally come with higher risks. For an accumulator to be successful, every fixture must result, meaning if you place a 10-fold accumulator, all ten fixtures must be correct to win.
  • Exotic bet – A bet that does not directly relate to the final score. Examples of this would include bets on the first scorer, the number of yellow cards or the total match points.
  • Futures bet – This type of bet generally relates to selecting a league winner or tournament winner, for example, placing a bet on the Canberra Raiders to become the NRL Premiership winner.
  • Head-to-head bet – Also known as a 1/X/2, this style of bet is the most common bet placed in the rugby world. Simply choose whether you believe the home team will win, the away team will win, or if it will be a draw. These bets can be placed as a first-half, second-half or full-time result.
  • Juice - Commission charged by bookmakers
  • Line Bet – Refers to a bet where the underdog is given a points head start. Typically, these types of bets aim to provide a 50/50 chance of winning. This bet can be used on either half of your chosen rugby match or full-time result.
  • Margin Bet - A bet on the number of points that a team finishes the match ahead of the opposition. For an NRL game between the Roosters and Knights, an example of a margin bet would be: Knights to win by 1-6 points. Again, this type of bet can be placed on the first-half, second-half, or full-time result.
  • Underdog - The team which is expected to lose.

Conclusion – Knowledge is Power!

We hope our latest rugby betting tips Australia guide has proved helpful in bolstering your knowledge of the rugby betting world.

Our experts are always looking at ways to improve their research methods, uncover more stats and produce the most up-to-date information as possible in the hope of continuing to deliver the most comprehensive free rugby betting tips available.

Now you understand some of the jargon and terminology used; you should be well on your way to understanding what, where and how you want to place your bets. Enjoy the process and ensure you stay within your limits!

If your betting intrigue doesn't just stop at acquiring free rugby betting tips, perhaps a look through our Australian Rules Football betting tips should be your next stop!

Latest Rugby Betting Tips FAQs

🌟 How can I improve my betting skills?

As experts within the field of free betting tips for rugby, we always advise that you do a little research before placing bets. Sure, experience is important, but so is the research behind your bets. In our free rugby betting tips, we share our top advice for placing bets on this popular sport.

💸 What markets can I make money betting on rugby?

Most top bookies allow you to track your own betting history, allowing you to decipher exactly what betting markets have proved positive to your bank account. To see how you can do this, among other top rugby betting tips, be sure to visit CaptainGambling AU. Our latest rugby betting tips offer everything you need to know.

🤝 What should I know before betting on Rugby?

When selecting your bookie it is important to know of any fees associated with withdrawing your funds. To find out everything you need to know before placing bets on the next rugby match, be sure to consult our latest rugby betting tips guide here at CaptainGambling AU. We’ll share our advice on choosing the right bookmaker, and the types of strategies you can use to improve your betting prowess.

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