Value Bet Strategy Explained 2021

How Do Valuebets Work?

One of the best ways in which to take advantage of decent betting options is by using value bets. Here, you’ll manage to hammer home bets that provide you with real value. Thus, you should read our value bets explained.

It is, without a doubt, one of the best ways in which to claim exciting bets that offer inherent value and really get on over the bookies. To find value bets that will bump up your potential winnings, you’ll need to apply a good strategy. Having a value bet explained to you will be our point of departure!

Using Our Value Bet Strategy Guide

Before you have the concept of a value bet explained to you, it’s important to know if this guide is for you. At CaptainGambling, we’re always set on explaining the latest betting topics, much like our matched betting strategy Australia, to you so that you can improve your overall approach to sports betting online in Australia and develop the best horse racing betting strategy, if racing is your penchant instead. It is important to remember that our strategy guides are here to provide insights for all types of bettors. We aren’t prejudiced against newcomers or unable to provide useful resources to experienced bettors. Our team takes the time to create guides which are robust in nature and manage to provide you with an extensive and relevant outline of the topic at hand – no matter if you have just started out betting or have been in the game for some time.

Value Bet Explained

Now that you know that having value bet explained to you will certainly benefit your overall betting activities, it’s time to dive right in. Understanding the term ‘value bet’ is the most important aspect and this will ensure that you are able to start taking stock of what makes a good value bet strategy.

What is a value bet?

At first you might feel that having a value bet explained to you is rather confusing. However, once you understand the fundamental concept, you’re good to go. Thus, we recommend you follow closely for the next couple of sentences. A value bet, or at least the idea behind it, can be attributed to a similar concept that occurs on the stock market. In order to find a value bet, it’s important to consider the actual probability of an event occurring. Once you understand the likelihood of an event occuring, you can weigh it up with what the bookie has calculated. If the bookie thinks the probability of the event occurring is less than what you deem it to be in reality, you’ve found where the ‘value’ lies. Thus, it’s important to consider two different probabilities; the bookies idea of the probability of an outcome happening and the actual probability (or your own view) of an event occurring. If you deem the bookie to have made a mistake, you will find yourself with a value bet.

In order to really identify which event has been priced in the wrong direction, you need to have an explicit, and in-depth, knowledge of the sport in question. An expert-like understanding will allow you to quickly assess which odds have been overstated and which odds provide you with a real opportunity to exploit the market in question. Understanding the probability of an outcome is also important and we’ll touch on that next.

How best to understand probability

Understanding the actual probability requires you to be able to assess the probability of an event to the closest degree. Added to which, you need to understand how odds are displayed on a bookmaker site. This combination will give you necessary insight and enable you to quickly spot a value bet.

The most basic way of furthering our value is explained to you, we’ll use the example of flipping a coin. There are only two outcomes available; heads or tails. Without considering external factors and such, the chances of the coin landing on heads is set at 50% and the chances of the coin landing on tails is also 50%. Bookmakers will represent the odds of a 50/50 event occuring by way of decimal odds of 2.00 or fractional odds of 1/1. If you prefer using moneyline odds, the representation is -100/+100. Now, if you can bet on which face a coin will land on and a bookie has the odds at 2/1, then you will jump at the opportunity to do so. This simple outline can be applied to more complex bet types as long as you can predict what the actual probability of an outcome is and compare that to what the bookies have calculated.

Taking record of bookmaker odds

Having had the value bet explained to you, you will now be able to properly assess the actual probability of an event occurring. The next step is full understanding how bookies represent the odds on their platform. You’ll find that bookies will use fractional, decimal, and moneyline formats (as referred to above). You are able to change the format of the odds when you have a valid account on a bookmaker’s site. Be sure to use the odds that make it most easy for you to calculate your potential payout and what events the bookies consider to be more likely to occur. Once you are able to do this, you’ll be able to quickly put your expert sporting knowledge to the test to pick up which bets are sure to provide you with some value. Quickly glancing at the different odds on offer and comparing those odds to what you consider the odds should be is the key to identifying the best value bets online.

Acquaint yourself with all bet types

It is quite possible that you are not sure about all the different bet types available at online bookmakers. It is common for newcomers to assume that there are only a couple of likely outcomes that you can bet on. If you only know about betting on the outright winner, then the chances that you find an array of value bets is far less likely. As such, you need to understand all the different bet types as this will give you a better idea of where and how to find value bets.

There’s more chance that a bookie has priced an event incorrectly in a smaller market than when it comes to an outright winner. Today, there are so many different possible outcomes and bet types that you are sure to find value bets. All that you need to do is take the time to learn the different bet types so as to pool from a greater number of options.

Where To Find Value Bets

Having the concept of a value bet explained to you makes it a lot easier to embark on your goal of finding a suitable match and implementing the concept into your football betting strategy, cricket wager, or other sports events across the board. However, it is important to remember that you will require a number of platforms from which to look for the availability of value bets. Doing this will require patience from your end as you will need to do the necessary research and assess different bookmaker platforms.

You won’t need to necessarily sign up with every single bookie in order to do so. You can usually view the sportsbook odds on a range of different sports and markets. You will need to spend a considerable amount of time – unless you are only looking for value bets for one sport at a handful of bookies. Even so, make sure that you have the patience to do so. All in all, bookies don’t often get it wrong. They take the time and effort to price events so as to protect their own profits. However, there are always golden nuggets that you can take advantage of. But, you can’t bank on this happening at one bookie. It is vital to do your research by visiting a number of sites before signing up.

Times You Should Steer Clear

There are occasions where going after a value bet is not worth it. We recommend that you try your best to steer clear in these situations. You might stumble across a value bet that you think is a good idea. However, it’s possible that the value is just too thin to really pursue. It’s a waste of time and energy – especially if you are looking to realise a substantial retrain in your value bet.

Be aware of the fact that discrepancies in the odds on offer from a bookie and your own implied probability will never be that big. Or, not a lot of the time. The difference in value will usually be a lot smaller. As such, you need to remember this when searching for, and taking advantage of, value bets. When the value is simply too thin, you might be better off opting for another bet. You will still find value in these bets but the value is almost negligible. You need to decide if going after a bet like that is really worth the effort. Judgement calls like this work across all sports, whether it be part of your golf betting strategy or your tennis betting strategy, so can play a major part in deciding the amount of money in your pocket at the end of the day.

Find A Range Of Guides For Your Betting Needs

At CaptainGambling, we have come across a large number of queries from online bettors who are looking to find out more about a variety of different betting terms and activities. Thus, our team has set out to craft a number of guides and strategy pieces which will help you in your online betting endeavours.

Now that you have a better grip on how to take advantage of value bets, why not improve your ever-expanding knowledge just a little bit more? We’ll take you through all those different topics that will make you a well-rounded online bettor. Find our more about the best betting strategy, Australian Rules football betting strategy and the 1x2 betting system in Australia.

All of which will help you comb through a range of online betting options and enable you to narrow down the best online bets available to you. Make the most of your strategy as you take on the bookies and put them to the test.

Value Bet Explained: Take Your Time To Find Value

We’re happy to announce that you are now more acquainted with the value bet strategy. For those of you who have been asking, “How do valuebets work?” you now have a far clearer picture. In terms of actually finding and utilising value bets, it’s clear that you need to make use of your sound sporting knowledge (vital to finding value bets in the first), understand how to place online bets using a range of different bet types, and bring it together which an unwavering amount of patience.

In order to spot value bets, you really need to understand the dynamics of the relevant sport you wish to take advantage of. Thus, you really must have decent insights into which best bookies are seriously undervalued and why. The only way to do so is by understanding the sport to the fullest.

Secondly, you’ll need to know how to take advantage of different bet types in a fast-paced environment. As such, we recommend you take a peek at the 1.01 betting strategy or simply read up about bet types that might affect your value bet strategy. Once you can combine your in-depth knowledge of sports with an understanding of how pre-match and in play betting strategies work, you’ll be able to tailor a successful value strategy.

Lastly, you’ll need to do all of the above via a patient approach. It takes time to identify which bookies and subsequent markets actually have value bets. You won’t be able to quickly match a bookie and value bet as there’s no clear advertisement with regards to value bets. This is the opposite to finding a decent bonus offer. Thus, you require the patience in order to follow through and keep digging until you manage to find a series of value bets online.

Value Bet Strategy Explained FAQ

❓How do value bets work?

When it comes to figuring out how value bets work, it’s vital to understand what the term means A value bet is a bet where the price is valued at less than what it is worth. Sounds confusing? Once you get to know the fundamentals of value betting and how to identify value bets, then you’ll find it much easier to take advantage of them. At CaptainGambling, we have a comprehensive guide which aims at giving you the much-needed knowledge to use value bets whenever you come across them.

💯Can I find value bets at all online bookmakers?

When it comes to finding value bets, you need to know what to look out for and where to look. It’s possible to find value bets across the board if you take the time to assess viable options. That is why we’ve crafted our latest value bet strategy which aims at giving you a leg up and enabling you to find the bookies and exchanges where value bets are common. Use CaptainGambling for all your betting-related needs. We’ve covered all the nitty-gritty aspects of online betting. You’ll be at the forefront of the latest offers and strategies.

🔮What does a value bet strategy entail?

When it comes to any betting strategy, there are a number of factors that make up a successful strategy. it ‘s no different with a value bet strategy. There are a number of elements that you need to consider in order to put a good value bet strategy to use. Value bets explained by us will enable you to do so. After which, you can take on the online betting industry by storm and put your newly-minted knowledge to the test. Be sure to stay in loop with us at CaptainGambling. We strive to make your life as simple as possible.

💣What is the best value bet strategy?

There are a variety of pundits touting successful value bet strategies. However, these strategies aren’t always going to be of help. Plus, you must use a strategy that works for you. The best value bet strategy is one that you are able to incorporate into your own betting agenda. Our team at CaptainGambling have spent an age addressing this issue and have managed to come up with a guide which will outline how you can do this.

📍Where can I find the reliable value bet strategies?

As we’ve already stated, there are a range of value bet strategies and tips that flood the internet. But, these strategies are not always conclusive. Plus, if you are a newcomer to the scene of online betting, you’ll be looking for something that explains value betting in simple terms but still manages to provide you with valuable insight. At CaptainGambling, we are eager to assist you in your endeavour to uncover the best strategies for value betting and figure out how best to put them to use.

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