Best Greyhound Betting Strategy 2021

How to bet on Greyhound in Australia

We’re pretty sure that we’ve got the best greyhound betting strategy. This will show you how you can get more consistent wins from this most unpredictable of sports. Take a look below to see how this strategy works.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to bet on the greyhounds at Sandown Park, Mandurah or even Hobart as you’ll need a decent strategy. This is because it can be all too easy to rely on gut instinct when betting on greyhounds.

Why it pays to use a greyhound betting strategy

OK, we know that just about anyone can get lucky with a bet on greyhound racing. After all, there will usually only be anywhere up to eight runners, and the laws of probability will mean that even a complete rookie will pick a winner every now and then.

However, if you want to make consistently good wins with your greyhound bets, then the chances are that you will need to get a little more strategic. This is because a good betting strategy will always work to help you get more methodical with how you bet on any sport.

As a result, you won’t just be betting on greyhounds haphazardly, but will know what variables to factor in and which to avoid. Each greyhound race will have dozens of variables that take in everything from the dogs themselves to their trap numbers, weather conditions, trainers, fitness and so on.

When you are learning how to bet on football, tennis, or any other sport for that matter, being able to read the statistics is vitally important. As such, a good greyhound betting strategy will always work to include the statistics and facts that matter, so as to stop you from basing your bets on little more than intuition. After all, it’s hard enough just to win a bet on one greyhound race, so you’ll need our help to win your greyhound bets over the long term.

Basing your greyhound bets on statistics

Your success at greyhound betting largely depends on being able to manipulate the massive number of statistics from previous races into something that resembles a decent prediction.

It’s fairly easy to do a decent amount of research on the internet and get information for how each of the runners have been performing over the past few races. Plus many decent bookies will also give you a brief commentary ahead of each race to give you a background into the key runners.

You’ll have to make a note of important things like each dog’s placing (where it finished in each previous race) along with the margin of the victory. Other important information includes things like the grade or class of the race and its overall distance. The box or trap information is also important as some runners will perform better on the outside or the inside.

It’s also helpful to know the dog’s weight on the day of the race as this can play an important part of evaluating the overall fitness of each runner. Plus pay attention to the overall race time of previous races to see how well your chosen runner could do in the next big event.

Why the best greyhound betting strategy will always know how each dog performs

Like with the best horse racing betting strategy, there’s truly no substitute for getting to know each runner in a greyhound race. After all, each animal will behave differently when raceday comes around, and it’s only by checking each greyhound’s past record that you’ll be able to make a decent prediction.

You don’t necessarily have to study a greyhound’s Bertillon card to get a good idea as to whether it’s got a chance of winning that next big race. Instead, it’s often enough to look back over the past five races. This will give you a decent amount of information as to whether the greyhound is enjoying some consistently strong form, or whether it should be avoided.

Pay attention to any information that tells you how a greyhound runs over the course of a race. Some greyhounds are renowned for their strong starts, while others can be better in the closing stages of a race. All of which could make a big difference as to whether you should bet on that dog in either a sprinter’s race or a stayer’s race.

We would also recommend doing some research to see whether that dog has suffered any important injuries over the past 12 months. Just because a runner has enjoyed a clean bill of health for the past couple of races doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s not a dormant injury that’s lurking below the radar.

Check the data on the greyhound racing trap

It’s fascinating to know that the trap that a greyhound runs from can have a big impact on its chances of winning. Plus certain racetracks seem to have traps that produce more winners than other traps. All of this means that you’ll have to investigate which trap could be the best option for your favoured runner.

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to find plenty of greyhound data sites currently online that will give you a wealth of statistics about traps. This will help you see whether certain dogs are better at running on the inside or on the outside.

Plus you will also discover some of those weird anomalies that mean that your runner being in the third trap at Albion Park might be much better than the fourth trap. All of which should help you put down a more confident greyhound racing bet.

Research each greyhound racetrack

It pretty much goes without saying that each greyhound racetrack will have its own quirks. The trick is to focus your attention on a couple of racetracks so that you’re perfectly placed to make some accurate predictions.

It could be a racetrack like Angle Park or even Dubbo as by focusing your efforts on these tracks, you’ll be able to spot which runners look like they might perform best in the given circumstances.

All greyhounds will have good and bad records at certain racetracks, and you’ll need to check over the past form to see which dogs have performed well anywhere from Mount Gambier to Warragul.

We should note that while most bookies will give you greyhound betting odds everywhere from New Zealand to the UK, it’s usually best to keep your racing bets close to home. After all, it’s only by betting on Australian greyhound races that you’ll have the expertise to know how the dogs will run on your local racetrack.

Noting the weather conditions in greyhound betting strategies

While most greyhound races can be over in the blink of an eye, it’s also true that these racing events are at the mercy of the elements. This is why all decent online bookmakers will give you a fair amount of information about the current weather conditions along with facts about how good the track is.

This is because certain greyhounds will only run well in fine weather conditions, while others might even have a distinct advantage if it’s raining. You should also check back over past races to see whether your favoured runner has managed to perform well on the hard ground after a sunny period or whether they can get the edge regardless of the weather conditions. So make sure that you check out the long range weather forecast before you put down your greyhound racing bets.

Make a note of the trainer

While the focus of the betting action is always on the greyhounds, it’s also worth noting that the trainer can also have a massive impact on the fate of your greyhound racing bets. After all, certain trainers have managed to have an incredible track record of producing numerous winnings in the greyhound racing industry. As such you’ll want to make a note of which trainers have a good winning record before you put your bets down.

It’s also worth noting which other greyhounds a trainer looks after alongside the dog that you’re betting on. After all, if a top Australian trainer like Christopher Riordon has trained a top dog like Joe Patch, then you’ll know that any of this trainer’s other dogs could also be worth a bet.

Obviously, it’s important not to get too hung up on the trainers who are behind the runners. This is because even star trainers like Gavin Harris aren’t always going to be accountable for an inexplicable lack of form from a particular dog. But we’ve found that those big name trainers are always capable of ensuring that each greyhound’s welfare is optimised and that they stay fully fit for even the toughest of racing challenges.

Taking advantage of the bookie’s greyhound odds

OK, so you’ll know that there are so many variables that will go into making your greyhound predictions. But this is only half of the battle. This is because you’ll always have to put plenty of effort into finding those bookmakers with the best greyhound odds for the race that you want to bet on. If you have experience betting on other sports, you will know that finding the best odds would also be a key part of a horse racing strategy or even the best tennis betting strategy, so it is an important skill to master.

Thankfully, by sticking with any of the bookmakers featured on our resource, we think that you’ll find a bookie who can give you market-leading odds for any race from Bendigo to Dapto. Just remember to shop around to see which bookie is capable of giving you the best value fixed odds for your chosen runner. Don’t forget that there’s plenty of fun to be had in trying a few exotic bets with your greyhound predictions. OK so things like quinellas, exactas and trifectas aren’t easy to win, but the rewards can be very impressive if luck is on your side. Plus it can be worth checking out those bookies who allow you to bet on the first four if you really want to push your luck.

At the other end of the scale, there are also situations when one dog looks to be such a firm favourite that they are judged by many to be a 'certainty' (or as close to one as you are likely to get). If you are wondering what is the best approach at times like this, then you could look at 1.01 Betting explained for what might be the perfect strategy.

We should also note the fact that all good bookies will give you a wealth of information that justifies the greyhound odds that they are offering. Some bookmakers will supply you with runner comments that explain how that dog has been performing recently, and you should also get facts about each greyhound’s best time on that particular racetrack. Plus with all good bookies including detailed information about the recent odds fluctuations, you’ll have everything you need to put your greyhound bets down with confidence.

However, if you find after doing your homework that a bookie is underselling a dog, it may be the perfect hound to bet on. In short, it constitutes a value bet. A value bet strategy explained in full could be the perfect resource to help you reap the best rewards from a dog. It's simply exploitation of an underestimation by a bookmaker. Take advantage of the unusually high odds for a better return.

Staying safe with the best greyhound betting strategy

While a good strategy can work wonders with your greyhound bets, it’s important to note that there is no such thing as a 100% foolproof greyhound betting strategy. After all, if there was an unbeatable greyhound strategy, then the betting industry would probably collapse overnight.

Above all, successfully betting on greyhound racing is all about managing risk. Just because a dog like Right Way won its last two races at Angle Park doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to win its next race there. Plus no amount of statistical research is going to give you everything you need to master each of the infinite number of variables that determine the result of each greyhound race.

The best thing that you can do is control the few things that are under your power. These are the bookmakers you choose to use and the kinds of bets that you put down. By picking one of the bookies on our shortlist, you’ll get fair and competitive racing bets from a fully licensed and secure betting platform.

Plus each of our recommended bookies will give you all of the tools you need to gamble responsibly. This is important as the worst thing that you can do when betting on greyhounds is to bet beyond your means. But by doing something as simple as putting down a limit on your deposits, you’ll find that you’re always in control of your greyhound bets. It’s never been easier to enjoy safe greyhound betting!

It should also be mentioned that all of these strategies involve placing a wager before the race starts. Unlike some other events, greyhound racing is not a always a good fit for in play betting. For this reason, you are far more likely to see a in-play football strategy or an in play tennis betting strategy than one for greyhound betting.

Conclusion - Time to put your betting knowledge to the test!

Now that you know the best greyhound betting strategy, there should be nothing stopping you in how you bet on the dogs. It doesn’t matter whether you’re betting in Bendigo or Dapto, as this strategy will help you avoid making some serious rookie mistakes. You’ll know how to analyse everything from past form to the racetrack to make a decent prediction as to what’s going to happen.

Plus we’ve revealed how you’ll have to do your work to manage your money and make the most of what kinds of greyhound bets the bookies are offering. It’s never been easier to put the best greyhound betting strategy into action!

Best Greyhound Betting Strategy FAQ

❓Is there such thing as a profitable greyhound system?

All sports betting fans would like to find a profitable system. It doesn’t matter whether you know how to bet on golf or greyhound racing as it’s always nice to get something back from your bets. So read our guide that outlines how you can make the best greyhound betting strategy. Perfect for betting on the greyhounds and standing a good chance of getting that winning result.  

💪Where can I find an unbeatable greyhound system?

We’re fairly sure that all sportsbetting strategies for Australia are designed to help you avoid losing your bets. However, finding a strategy that gives you a 100% winning record is another thing entirely. So take a look at our guide to using the best greyhound betting strategy. This won’t just show you how to bet on greyhound in Australia, as it’ll reveal how you can win consistently with your greyhound bets too. 

👀Where can I get tips on dog racing betting?

It shouldn’t take much more than a quick internet search to find plenty of tips for greyhound races. However, it has to be said that most of these betting tips amount to little more than just wild speculation and are about as much use as the best football betting strategy for a night at the greyhounds. We think that you’d be much better served by checking out the best greyhound betting strategy instead.

🏆What is the best trap to bet on greyhound racing?

There are many variables to factor in when you want to bet on the greyhounds. After all, you aren’t going to be able to use an in play betting system here. This is why our guide to the best greyhound betting strategy will show you all of the key things that you should be considering. Check out our guide to see which trap works best and what other things are worth looking at for your greyhound bets. 

⭐What is a simple greyhound system?

We think that all of the best betting systems should be simple enough for anyone to use. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the best cricket betting strategy Australia has to offer or one for greyhounds, as it should be easy to put into action. So we’ll show you the best greyhound betting strategy for those just starting out on betting on this sport. Perfect for even the biggest newbies. 

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