Best Football Betting Strategy Australia 2021

How to Bet on Football

Football is the biggest sport in the world by some distance so it would make sense to arm yourself with some of the best football betting strategies for your online gambling endeavours.

There are a number of factors to keep in mind when executing the best football betting strategy in Australia such as the form of a team, the odds available for the fixture and the history of the fixture. Our guide on the best football betting strategy in Australia gives you all the know-how on how to execute a football betting strategy with a better chance for success.

Key factors that inform your betting strategy

When you are trying to execute the best football betting strategy in Australia there are a couple of things you need to consider in order to know how to bet on football in Australia with some success. Football is an intricate old game with a multitude of variables. These moving parts can influence the outcome of your betting strategy greatly if you haven’t considered them before betting. So, to get you started we highlighted a few of the most important factors for you to consider when curating your football betting strategy:

Injury record

The current state of injuries at a club is a big indicator of how well they might perform in their upcoming fixture. It doesn’t even have to be a host of injuries but rather one or two keys injuries to pivotal players in the squad. If a team that generally struggles for goals has lost its only real goal scoring striker then it’s a fairly safe bet that that team isn’t likely to score in the next fixture. Football is a fickle old game so there is never any guarantee but information like this can help you to make a more informed decision with your betting strategy.

Always be sure to do your research before putting the best football betting strategy in Australia into practice. While it may seem like trivial information to the untrained eye, knowing if certain players are going to play or not can give you a lot of ammunition when executing a betting strategy. Be sure to always give sporting news a good read before the weekend’s fixtures.

Form of the team

A team's injury record may have a direct influence on the team’s form as well, although this could be one of a number of different factors. The form of a footballing side is another great way for you to further inform your betting strategy. If the side is currently on a poor run of form and they are coming up against a strong side then you can feel pretty confident in your bet that they will lose. The same can be said if they are playing against a side that they would otherwise usually win against, you could maybe opt to go for the underdog this time.

A poor run of form can also influence the stability of the manager. If the manager begins to waver under pressure and starts to lose the faith of the fans then you can continue to use this disarray to your advantage. At the end of the day, doing a couple of minutes research on the team’s previous run of fixtures and listening to a few pundits can give your betting strategy an edge.

History of the fixture

If you are not an avid football fan then you probably don’t know a whole lot about the history of certain fixtures and what they mean. Each game can have its own detailed history. For example, Crystal Palace are by no means world beaters but they have been a constant thorn in Arsenal’s side over the past couple of years. For no explainable reason. That is a fixture that Arsenal should win 9 times out of 10 but they don’t. Check up on a fixtures history of past results to see if that side is a particular bogey team of the favourite.

The history of fixtures is not only good to see who the bogey teams are for certain clubs but also to understand the rich historic relevance of these fixtures. For example, Liverpool vs Man United is a rivalry that is drenched in a fierce rivalry dating back as far as the 60’s. The reason it can be important to know this kind of information is that these games are fiercely contested which means taking a punt at a betting market like “number of yellow cards” or even red cards might be worth your while.

It's always useful to have an understanding of the history of the fixture you might want to bet on, even if it is just a quick glance at the previous results between the two teams. For instance, you might find that historically, one team has always won the fixture, and judged by many (including bookmakers) to be a ceratinty to win. In such circumstances, a visit to our 1.01 Betting Strategy Australia page may be to your benefit.

Home ground advantage

And lastly, you should always keep in mind where the fixture you are betting on is being played. This will generally affect your odds as well, as the home team even if they are underdogs will have slightly more favourable odds than they otherwise would have if they were playing away from home. Home ground advantage is a very real thing as the team has the fans driving them forward.

Be sure to check out the current form of the team’s previous home fixtures. For example, Liverpool had previously gone on a run of 68-games unbeaten in the English Premier League. That is a phenomenal stat to have maintained in arguably the most competitive football league in the world. If you see a team is on a strong run of home form you can use that to your advantage for your football betting strategy.

Football betting strategies to use

There are many different strategies you can use to execute a solid string of football bets. At the end of the day you can even curate your own way of football betting in Australia. However, we wanted to give you a couple of the best betting strategies for Australia that have been known to be successful in the past.

Matched betting

A matched betting strategy relies on the punter being able to use two free bet offers from different bookmakers on the same fixture. The strategy is actually very simple to understand as all you are doing is using each free bet on each potential outcome of the fixture (other than a draw of course).

Essentially, you are going to use one free bet offer to “back” a winner in the fixture and the other free bet offer you are going to “lay” against the same team. In order for you to place a lay bet you will need to find a betting exchange platform that also offers a free bet (this is generally not a very difficult thing to do).

By doing this, you are essentially guaranteeing yourself a profit. It's always wise to check the odds out on these fixtures obviously as you can find more value odds on different sites if you look carefully enough. We should mention that this particular betting strategy is frowned upon by most bookmakers and they reserve the right to close your account should they feel you are using this strategy.

Price boost exploitation

A price boost exploitation strategy is fairly straightforward and is as the name suggests, using a price booster to increase your winnings. Most of your average punters will simply take the price or odds boost on a bookie’s site and essentially just gamble.

Those who are in the know will essentially use a similar strategy to that of matched betting. You will place a back bet on the site with the price boost and then place a similar lay bet on a betting exchange. This way you cover all angles of the bet. You can use this for the best horse racing betting strategy as well.

Again, this is not something that bookmakers are particularly fond of so use this betting strategy sparingly as it can lead to your account being closed. While not technically illegal by any means, bookies reserve the right to shut down accounts if they feel they are being used in less than honorable ways.

Important football betting terminology

Whether you are learning how to bet on Greyhound in Australia, or want to make money wagering on Aussie Rules, your success depends on your knowledge of the sports type and the terms used in association with betting in that market. If you are already well accustomed to football betting then chances are you will be familiar with a couple of these terms. However, if you are quite new to the world of football betting then you need to get a hang of some of the lingo. Here are some of the most important phrases or terms that you will come across when betting on football online:

Accumulator bet: an accumulator bet is when you bet on several different football fixtures on the same betting ticket. You will almost always have to have all of the fixtures you used be correct in order for you to win. The acca bet keeps accumulating with every winnings fixture but it will also require more investment than your average straight bet.

Chalk: when you read or hear about the term chalk it is simply referring to the favourite in a particular fixture. Liverpool would be known as the chalk if they were playing against Brighton for example.

Even money: this essentially just means that the fixture is 50-50 and that no side has any distinct advantage over the other both in real life and in terms of the odds available.  

Over/Under: this is used as a betting market where you will place your wager on whether you think there will be more or less than a certain amount of goals in a fixture.

Prop bet: a prop bet is basically an exotic bet. It can be a lot of fun and is generally wagered on anything from the winner of the coin toss to what minute a certain song will be sung by the crowd.

Top 3 tips for your football betting strategy

We couldn’t send you on your way from our guide on the best betting strategy in Australia without giving you a bit of advice. Much of which can be applied to the best Australian Rules Football betting strategy as well.  Here are our top 3 tips for you to take with you:

Keep the greed to a minimal

We have seen punters in the past who have managed to win a decent sized acca bet selection and then proceed to lose every bet thereafter because they think they can get it right every time. This can be a pricey endeavour. This is not to say that you shouldn’t use acca bets but limit the size of your selections and don’t be greedy. The more selections you have the more difficult it is to win.

Shop around for the best odds

There are plenty of bookmakers out there for you to choose from and you don’t only have to stick to one. So, be sure to take a good look around for the best odds on a fixture you might be interested in betting on.

Stay away from friendlies

If there is one thing we would highly recommend is to stay away from all football friendlies when it comes to betting. Whether that be league or internationals. Teams are not going full tilt in these games and the team selections are often giving the youngsters a run so it's not worth putting all your eggs in one basket when it comes to friendly matches.

A final word on football betting strategies

When it comes to picking the best betting strategy in Australia it is really going to come down to what you feel comfortable doing and what suits your betting style best. As we mentioned before, you can even start to build your own football betting strategy after some time. Hopefully now you have a better idea about some of the betting strategies available to you, what you should be looking out for in the latest football matches and what some of the more common terminology means.

Also, it should be mentioned that all of these strategies are based on you placing your wager before kick-off. There are, of course, in play football strategies that you can use, as there is an in play tennis betting strategy Australia, as well alternative in play strategies for golf and cricket.

If you want to learn a little more, then we suggest taking a look at our guide on in-play betting strategies. Or you can find out the answer to the question “how do value bets work?”

Best football betting strategy Australia FAQ

❓What is the best football betting strategy in Australia?

Football betting strategies are a great way for you to take your wagering to the next level. These strategies can help you improve your overall knowledge of the sports but more importantly they can help you to give yourself a better chance at successful wagers. At CaptainGambling we help you find the best football betting strategy in Australia so that you can apply this to your everyday football betting. We want our readers to have the best chance at taking home some football betting winnings.

💡Are football betting strategies difficult to learn?

Like most things in life, you will need to give yourself at least a little bit of time to learn the lay of the land when it comes to football betting strategies. This does not necessarily mean that these strategies are difficult to learn, only that you will need to put in a small amount of effort to get the most out of your betting experience. At CaptainGambling we try to break these football betting strategies down in the simplest way possible so that you will have an easier time grasping the ideas behind them.

⚽Can I use football betting strategies in any league?

Football betting strategies can be unique in nature which begs the question, can you use these strategies for any football leagues around the world? At CaptainGambling, we tell you exactly whether or not you can use football betting strategies for any of your preferred leagues. Our guide on the best football betting strategy in Australia will give you all the information you need to know where and when you can use these strategies.

✅Are all football betting strategies legal?

Each football betting strategy is different in the way you go about executing your betting plan. Some of these football betting strategies may be frowned upon by bookmakers which is why at CaptainGambling we let you know exactly where you stand in terms of the legality of some of these betting strategies. You won’t have to worry about whether or not the strategy you want to use is legal or not after reading our guide.

💵Do I need a lot of money to bankroll a football betting strategy?

As we have mentioned before, every football betting strategy is different in nature which means that the amount of money you need to bankroll these strategies may vary. Our guide will give you the breakdown on what you can expect to pay to make these betting strategies work successfully. We make sure to go into detail about your bankroll management as well.

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