Best Cricket Betting Strategy Australia 2021

How to Bet on Cricket

Placing a bet and making a profit is a great way of enhancing your enjoyment of cricket. And if you’re looking to find out how to bet on cricket in Australia, you’ve come to exactly the right place.

This article will outline the best cricket betting strategy Australian fans can use. We’ll be giving you some top tips on what to look for when betting on cricket. We’ll be outlining a few markets that can be especially profitable and we’ll be revealing a couple of ways you can improve your chances of a win.

Best Cricket Betting Strategy Australia: Overview

Whilst cricket is a fantastic sport to bet on, it’s not as popular with gamblers as some other sports. Whilst finding, for example, the best horse racing betting strategy Australia is relatively easy, finding the best cricket betting strategy takes a little more effort.

Before outlining a few specific cricket betting strategies, it’s important to go over a few general rules that you should adopt when considering how to bet on cricket. They can help you avoid heavy losses and, hopefully, improve your chances of making a healthy profit:

Do your research

Cricket is rich with statistics and you can use that to your advantage when placing bets. Somewhere in amongst all of the information, there will be little nuggets that will help you find winning bets. Maybe Sri Lanka have a poor record in floodlit one day internationals. Maybe David Warner has a fantastic T20 record batting in South Africa. Or maybe Nathan Lyon never takes a wicket in Galle.

There are also more timely player factors to take into account, such as form and injuries. When looking at statistics, try to focus on a player’s more recent games. Whilst most players go through swings in form, it’s useful to know which players are currently at the top of their game and which are going through a slump.

Similarly, it’s always worth keeping an eye on the news in the run up to games. Discovering that a certain player is carrying a minor injury can impact upon your betting decisions.

You should also look carefully at the weather forecast before placing bets. If there’s a lot of rain forecast, then the draw suddenly becomes a lot more likely. If the game does go ahead, then overcast conditions could favour teams like England who have skillful swing bowlers, whereas a sunny forecast often favours the stronger batting line up.

The wicket that is being used is also an important factor. If the track is predicted to turn from ball one, then it will favour the side with the stronger spin bowling options. Whereas a green surface will give an advantage to the side with the best seam bowling attack.

None of the above factors are guaranteed ways of finding the best cricket betting strategy, but they can be important considerations to make when looking for the best value cricket odds.

Watch the game

In-play betting is extremely popular with cricket fans. The problem is that cricket scorecards can be misleading. For example, India are 270-2 after 35 overs in the first innings of a One Day International. This looks like a fantastic position, so the natural inclination is to back India regardless of the price. But had you been watching the game, you might have noticed a few mitigating factors - maybe India have been really lucky with umpiring decisions or dropped catches, maybe the wicket is a batting paradise and the opposition are loaded with attacking batters. Or maybe there’s heavy rain in the background and the game is likely to be abandoned or shortened.

Watching the game is the only way you can get a real feel for how to develop an in-play betting strategy in Australia.

Compare odds

The odds offered by betting sites are usually pretty similar, but sometimes you can find some extra value by shopping around. It can make a big difference to your potential winnings.

For instance, if you place $10 on Pakistan winning the T20 World Cup at odds of 12, then you’d win $130 in the event of Pakistan lifting the trophy. But if you’d placed the same stake at a betting site that was offering 14, then you’d win an extra $20 if your bet was successful.

Unfortunately, the site that offers the best odds varies from market to market and game to game, so the best sports betting strategy always involves shopping around to find the best value.

Bet with your head

It might be tempting to always bet on your favourite team or player. You want Australia to win, so it makes sense to put your money on them, right? Well, not necessarily. There are plenty of strong international sides out there, so do you really think Australia are guaranteed to beat the likes of India, England and New Zealand every time in every format?

When betting, it’s important to put your emotions to one side. Try to remain completely objective and look for the best value bets.

Best cricket betting strategy Australia: Top Tips

Now you’ve got a good overview of how to bet on cricket, we’re going to look at three specific approaches you can take to help maximise your chances of winning:

Lay the draw

Please note: This is only relevant for Test matches and 4 day cricket, such as the Sheffield Shield.

This is a popular cricket betting strategy that takes advantage of the fact that the draw is often incorrectly priced by bookmakers.

Back in the pre-T20 era of cricket, Test matches regularly ended in draws. Batters were naturally defensive and valued their wicket at a high price. Since the advent and growth of T20, batters have been more aggressive, and games (in all formats) have moved along at a much faster rate. Consequently, the percentage of drawn Tests has fallen from around 45% in the 1980s, to just 27% in the last decade.

Nowadays, there are only really two reasons why a Test ends in a draw. Firstly, you occasionally get wickets that offer absolutely nothing for the bowlers, combine that with strong batting line ups and a draw is very likely. Secondly, and more commonly in countries like England, the weather can ruin things.

Despite all this, draws are often available at short prices before a game begins. The way to take advantage of this is to bet against (lay) the draw. In other words, should either side win, your bet wins.

If, during the game, the chances of a draw increase significantly - either due to adverse weather or a flat batting track - you can negate your potential loss by betting in-play on a draw. This usually results in a small overall win.

Wait for the toss

The toss is a vitally important element of cricket and can have a huge impact on the best cricket betting strategy.

In some cases, especially in longer format games, winning the toss and batting first gives a side a huge advantage. Wickets can deteriorate after a few days, so getting runs on the board first can make a big difference. Alternatively, if a game is beginning under cloud cover, but the weather is expected to improve, teams will often elect to bowl first to take advantage of the bowler friendly conditions. Overall, the side winning the toss bat first in about 73% of Test matches.

One day and T20 cricket is a very different matter when it comes to the toss. In T20 internationals played in 2017/18 over 70% of teams opted to field after winning the toss. Not only do most sides prefer chasing in limited overs games, it also gives them an advantage if rain is scheduled and the Duckworth Lewis method comes into effect. What’s more, pitches really deteriorate to any great degree during a one day game, so that rarely impacts on the decision.

So what does all this tell us? Quite simply, that the toss is really important. Odds can change quickly after the toss, suddenly that bet on England to win in India looks a very long shot now you know they’ve got to bat last on a turning pitch.

One other factor to consider when betting after the toss is light. Floodlight games have far few successful run chases. Batting under floodlights can be very tricky and favours the fielding side. You might find greater value in betting against the chasing side in day/night games.

Your best cricket betting strategy is to wait until the toss has taken place before placing your best. Have a preconceived idea of what you’re going to do depending on the result, then place your best as soon as you know who is going to bat first. If you’re lucky, you can take advantage of some generous odds.

Look for in-play value

A lot can happen in a game of cricket and odds can change from over to over. A batting collapse here or a 20 ball half century there can make all the difference in a short space of time.

In-play betting is one of the best cricket betting strategies, as it gives you the chance to anticipate upcoming shifts in momentum. For instance, you know that in Test match cricket, the new bowl is taken after 80 overs and that often leads to wickets. So when it gets near to that point, you should look at the markets for when the next wicket will fall or the batting side’s final total.

Alternatively, in a T20 game, try to anticipate when the fielding side will be forced to use their fifth, sixth or even seventh bowlers. This could be a great time to bet on the ‘over’ for runs scored in the next over or even on the total scored by the batting side.

The key to making money from in-play cricket betting is to stay focussed on watching the game and react quickly when something happens.

Best cricket betting strategy Australia: Markets

You’ve got your strategy and you’ve done your research. The next step in knowing how to bet on cricket is knowing which markets to use. There are a huge range of cricket markets out there. You can bet on anything from the winner of the game, to the runs scored in the next over, right down to the outcome of the next ball. Some markets are virtually impossible to predict (which side wins the toss!) but there are a couple that are especially popular with bettors and can give you a great chance of landing a win.

Top run scorer

As it says on the tin, you bet on which player will be the top run scorer. This is usually done per team, but you might sometimes find markets for the entire match.

Naturally, the star players are always the shortest odds. Steve Smith and David Warner will usually be at the top of the odds when Australia are playing. However, their odds could be as short as 3 or 4. You can find better, but riskier, odds by opting for middle order batters like Matthew Wade or Tim Paine. Of course, they are less likely to win you the best, but you can often get far more attractive odds and it represents a better value gamble.

It’s worth noting that in the event of a tie (e.g. two or more batters scoring the same amount) dead heat rules apply and your winnings are halved. 

Under/over runs

This can apply to either a team or an individual player. Simply put, the market offers you a score for the theme or player and you can bet on whether the actual score will be over or under that amount.

The main reason for the popularity of this bet is that there are only two possible outcomes. Whilst the over/under amount is usually pitched in a way that means both outcomes are equally likely, research can help you identify factors that can increase your chances of picking the right option.

For example, the over/under market on Marnus Labuschagne 1st innings runs in the first Ashes test is:

  • Over 38.5: 1.93
  • Under 38.5: 1.93

On the face of it, this seems a tough call. Labuschagne is a world class player, but England have a potent bowling attack, so 38 looks like a fair spread.

However, by studying Labuschagne’s record, you might uncover information that suggests he’s likely to make a big score. For example, his track record against England, his scores in the first innings of a series or his form at the venue. Put all that together and suddenly the 1.93 on over 38.5 runs looks a really attractive price. Websites such as Cricinfo and Cricbuzz are great for conducting detailed research on how to bet on cricket.

The same principles apply to over-under markets on bowlers and team totals. Do your research and look for markets where the spread appears to be incorrect.

Best cricket betting strategy Australia: Conclusion

It’s not easy to find the best cricket betting strategy. Australia can be an erratic side, as can most other test and domestic teams. Even the best players have low scores and can go wicketless in games. Betting on cricket always carries an element of risk.

However, the strategies and markets outlined above can help you beat the bookies. If you carry out plenty of research, stick to a few markets and compare the odds on different betting sites, then you can spot value and increase your chances of success.

Best cricket betting strategy Australia FAQ

👀Where can I find the best cricket odds?

This can vary from market to market. It’s important to look at a few different sites before placing bets.

💸Is cricket betting profitable?

It can be, but having a successful sports betting strategy requires a lot of research and time.  This applies to most sports, so whether you’re looking to find out how to bet on football in Australia or looking for the ideal golf betting strategy, always make sure you do your research. Cricket is a very unpredictable game, but if you do enough research you can spot patterns and improve your chances of making a profit.

💡How do cricket betting odds work?

Cricket betting odds are compiled by bookmakers who consider the form, venue, conditions and other factors. However, cricket is a complex sport, full of statistics and details. If you follow the best cricket betting strategy you can find favourable odds.

🔮Which is the best cricket betting site?

This depends on what you’re looking for. Some sites have a greater range of markets, whilst some generally have more favourable odds. The best sports betting strategy involves looking at each bet objectively and weighing up it’s individual merits. You should also read more on the best cricket betting strategy Australia. /faq-item]

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