Best Australian Rules Football Betting Strategy 2021

How to Bet on Australian Rules Football

Aussie rules is hugely-popular in Australia and our latest strategy piece aims at providing you with in-depth knowledge of how best to bet on a range of Aussie Rules markets. Be sure to up your betting game!

With our latest online strategy, you’ll gain a wider perspective of how to analyse potential Australian rules betting markets and which bet types provide you with great value. With the best Australian rules football betting strategy, you’ll find yourself in the position to increase your chances of success when betting on the thrilling homegrown sport!

Finding The Best Australian Rules Football Betting Strategy

If you love to watch and bet on the AFL, then our best Australian rules football betting strategy will enable you to bet on all of the games. From regular season games to the biggest game of the year – the AFL Grand Final. Our strategy will allow you to tweak your betting approach and put down more successful bets throughout the year.

We’re assuming you know the game inside and out. However, with teams like Richmond and the Western Bulldogs coming to the fore, the AFL has become more difficult to predict. This certainly makes it more exciting to follow as an avid Aussie rules fan but also more complex to bet on. Fortunately, our team at CaptainGambling how tailored the best Australian rules football betting strategy.

You might be wondering if it is necessary to apply a strategy to your bets as it is possible to follow your own path and back your favourite team. But, this won’t always provide you with the winning bets you are most-likely after. As such, we urge you to use our strategy to up your AFL betting skills!

Factors To Consider When Betting On Australian Rules - Strategy Tips

Many online bettors are looking to use the latest 1x2 betting strategy, it’s important to remember that there’s a lot more to the game – with a range of bets up for grabs. Plus, this approach won’t allow you to capitalize on advanced bets and it doesn’t take into account the complex scoring system that comes with AFL games. Therefore, we’ve outlined a number of factors that you should consider when betting on Aussie rules. We hope that you keep these pointers close by when using your strategy to place successful wagers.

Always follow recent form

As is the case with betting on any sport, it is vital that you take into account recent form. Even the top teams don’t always win. Team form is temporary and there are always ups-and-downs. Identifying when a team is playing with confidence and gathering some momentum is an important aspect of your best betting strategy. Another great part of finding a team that has just gathered momentum will allow you to take advantage of value bets as many bookies might not have priced this form into their latest odds.

Check in with top players

The form of a top player in the AFL may well dictate how a team is galvanized on game day. Be sure to track the fitness and form of the very best in the league. It will also enable you to identify which players are at risk of succumbing to injury. Australian rules is a tiresome affair and can be taxing on any player. Those who seem to be struggling to keep abreast of the rigorous season might find themselves sidelined before too long. Spotting potential injuries and no-starters is another crucial part of a successful strategy.

Home ground advantage and head-to-head results

As far as head-to-head rivalries and home ground advantage go, you can learn a lot by looking at past match-ups and figuring out which teams are better at home or which thrive while they are on the road. You can’t only take into account the latest league table when betting on two teams. Local derbies will dredge up passionate displays on the field and might well serve up a major upset. Assessing and understanding how these factors affect certain games will allow you to place strategic bets that can pay off handsomely.

Advanced Bet Types For Australian Rules

When it comes to some of the best bookmakers, you’ll not only be able to make use of traditional bet types. There are some very exciting advanced bets that allow you to have your say on a number of different outcomes. Below, we have outlined a number of these bets.

Handicap betting

Looking to bet on Geelong to walk away with bragging rights over Gold Coast but can’t find any bets with decent odds? Then you can always use handicap betting options. The process follows where you can put Gold Coast at a points disadvantage. If Gold Coast manages to pull a rabbit out the hat and win by the greater margin, you’ll stand to win more off your bet. Handicap betting is a clever way to induce more value in your bets – especially if you’re betting on teams that you feel stand a good chance to overcome the extended points difference.

Player’s possession and goals

If you want to bet on more than just the outright winner of any contest, then you can make the most of betting on a player and the amount of goals kicked or possessions gained by the player in question. It’s a great way to bet on your favourite player or someone who is in red-hot form. It’s a pretty tricky bet to get right and you’ll need to analyse a number of contributing factors. It is possible to bet on the best player in the league and hope for the best. But, it’s also a good idea to research past games in an effort to find out how player’s have matched up against one another in different circumstances. From here, you’ll be able to make more informed bets in these over/under markets.

Bet on different quarters

Here, you can make the most of over/under markets within a particular quarter. If you wish to bet on how many points might be scored in say, the second quarter, then you can make the most of this bet. It’s a great way to stake your claim and keep things exciting from quarter to quarter. It’s an especially good idea if you know that certain teams perform much better in the last two quarters or generally take their time to get into the swing of things.

Be sure to analyse who’s playing and what the bench looks like. A strong string of substitutions will mean that a team can power through the final minutes and really boost their scoring opportunities. A team that is currently facing an injury crisis might run out of steam in the final quarter and be unable to consistently score. These small factors will allow you to make the most of betting on quarters when it comes to AFL games.

Tips For Betting On Australian Rules Football - Top Strategies

In addition to what we have outlined above, you can also make use of a number of tips which will help you craft a good strategy that will ensure a higher chance of success.

Bet on obscure markets

When it comes to the unique scoring structure of AFL, there's a lot of scope for betting on markets such as handicap markets (outlined above), winning margins, and more. As games can be a high scoring affair, there’s plenty of ways to get on the board for players. It’s possible to score 6 points by booting the ball through the central posts or pick up a single point for putting the ball through the large posts or smaller posts on the side. As such, you’ll find there are exciting bets which will allow you to utilise these opportunities. Certain bookies will provide you a range of variations to bet on and it’s a good idea to look into this.

Don’t forget about the underdog

If you want to bet on underdogs, then you’ll need to keep a watchful eye on the stats. However, it’s never a bad idea to follow the underdog and keep track of how they perform in certain situations, against certain teams. Following trends or simply backing your gut might allow you to take advantage of fantastic odds. If an underdog can cause an upset, you’ll be smiling all the way to the ‘bank’ – so to speak anyway.

Make sure you are betting in a calm environment

As always, we recommend that you keep your cool and only place bets when you are feeling calm and collected. Don’t get caught up in the moment as you might find yourself making a bet blindly. You can’t bet on live markets in Australia vai your device which does limit the chance of this happening. As such, we urge you to take the time to consider your pre-match bets as much as possible before confirming any bet. If you’re feeling stressed or trying to make up for a previous loss, it’s best to refrain. Only engage with online betting when you are confident and free of any external stress factors.

Remember That The Best Australian Rules Football Betting Strategy Has Its Limits

When it comes to the AFL, the competition continues to throw up a range of unexpected results – one of the reasons there are so many followers of the game. However, this means that it’s not possible to predict every outcome successfully. Not even the best Australian Rules football betting strategy will enable you to do so. We hope that you understand this and manage your own expectations accordingly.

However, you will find massive value by using our latest strategy guide for Australian rules. Be sure to tweak the strategy so as to suit your own playing style. There’s no need to follow each strategy by the letter as this might limit the way you bet. Using a combination of our pointers and your own gut feeling and past experience is the best way to unearth a betting approach that is right for you.

Alternative Strategies For Betting Online In Australia

At CaptainGambling, our team is wholly committed to providing you with the best betting strategy for Australia no matter the sport. We have become synonymous with detailed and comprehensive strategies that range in scope. You’ll be able to apply a number of techniques which allow you to bet with great precision and reduce your dependence on getting lucky. With more informed bets, you will begin to realise it’s possible to really apply your knowledge and combine it with some luck to make some actual winnings online.

If you love live betting, then you can make the most of our in play tennis betting strategy Australia where you’ll gain some valuable insights – allowing you to bet with confidence come January and the Australian Open.

Conclusion: How To Bet On Australia Rule Football

Making use of the best betting strategy for Australian rules is a great way to follow your passion and improve the chances that you put down winning bets with the top online bookies. Keep in mind that there are a number of different factors that come into play when betting on Aussie rules. You’ll need to track current form and fitness of star players and take into account past results and homeground advantage.

Once you combine all of these factors and include it in your latest strategy, you’ll be sure to find that it becomes a lot easier to make informed predictions as opposed to guessing off the top of your head. We’d like you to also remember that a strategy can only take you that far. It’s not possible to predict outcomes 100% of the time. However, you can make the most of your betting options and certainly improve your chances. If you’re keen to keep on learning, then take a look at our 1.01 betting strategy and latest matched betting explained guide.

Best Australian Rules Football Betting Strategy FAQ

💪What is the best Australian rules football betting strategy?

Many of you will be wondering what the best Australian rules football betting strategy is. We’d be remiss not to point out from the start that there isn’t necessarily one single strategy that works for all. Although the essence of each strategy incorporates the same factors, it’s best to find one that works for you. As such, we’ll be providing you with the skills to tailor your own strategy which can be used to bet on markets within Aussie rules fixtures that suit your betting style.

👀Where can I find the best Australian rules football betting strategy?

When it comes to the best Australian rules football betting strategy, you’ll find that many sites claim to offer the best strategy. However, not all sites take the time and effort to analyze all the important factors that make up a top strategy. As such, it is important to find a site that will provide you with a comprehensive overview of what strategies are best and how to utilise them properly. At CaptainGambling, we’ve pushed to incorporate all the necessary elements that will give you a complete overview.

❓How do I bet on Australian rules football?

Aussie rules is a favourite pastime in Australia and there’s a massive following behind the sport. Most online bookies will provide in-depth betting markets for this sport and as such, there’s a wide variety of bet types that you can take advantage of. Using the best Australian rules football betting strategy will put you in pole position to make these bet counts. To find out more, head on over to our latest strategy guide. We’ll outline how you can go about betting online.

💡Do all Australian rules football betting strategies work?

As we’ve alluded to, there are a number of strategies that are being punted from all across the internet. Not all of these strategies will work. As a matter of fact, no strategy will work 100% of the time. Strategies are crafted in an effort to improve your betting approach and act as guidance in putting down more insightful bets. Finding the best strategy will allow you to increase your chances of success. This is why you should visit CaptainGambling to find a strategy that works for you.

🏈Do all bookmakers offer Australian rules football betting markets?

The most notable online bookmakers will certainly cover all Aussie rules fixtures. But, this isn’t to say that every bookmaker is necessarily going to provide you with a range of markets and bet types. If you find a bookie that does, you’re more than likely going to find some great value bets and exciting promotions tailored for this sport. To find a bookie where you can put your latest strategy to use, head on over to CaptainGambling. We have insightful strategy guides and feature the top online bookies in Australia.

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