1×2 Betting Strategy Australia 2021

1×2 Betting Explained

Looking to have 1×2 betting explained in simple terms? We’re here to show you how 1×2 betting works, what sports you can use it on, and the best ways to use this sports bet. Keep reading to find out more.

We’ve prepared the best 1×2 betting strategy Australia has at the moment. This gives you a great way to focus your bets on anything from soccer and cricket, to hockey and even rugby and Australian rules football. All of which should help you get more clinical with your bets. Keep reading to have 1×2 betting explained.

1×2 betting explained in simple terms

A 1×2 bet refers to a bet on a sporting encounter that has three possible outcomes: a home win, and away win or a draw. It’s one of the simplest kinds of sports bets and most of us make our 1×2 predictions without even realising it.

A bookmaker will give you odds for each of the three 1×2 betting markets. This means that you could bet on the team or player to get a home win, the team or player to get an away win, or a match draw.

Just so you know, 1×2 betting also applies to those sporting events that are held on neutral venues like the soccer World Cup final. Here, there will be a general agreement about which team would be classed as the ‘home team’ and which would be classed as the ‘away team’.

Sports you can use with the best 1×2 betting strategy Australia has to offer

It’s easy to think of 1×2 betting as being like a basic match-winner bet. But it’s important to note that a 1×2 bet must always contain a draw. Many sports will only have a win or lose option for their competitors. Plus, while it is technically possible for some sports to have a draw outcome, the chances of this actually happening are pretty rare. This means that 1×2 betting is only applicable to certain kinds of sports that we’ll describe below.


Most soccer bets are 1×2 bets as all soccer matches either end up a home win, an away win or a draw. Let’s imagine that there’s an A-League soccer match between Perth Glory and Newcastle Jets. Here, Perth Glory would be the ‘1’ as it would be the home team, Newcastle Jets would be the ‘2’ representing the away team, and ‘X’ represents the draw. Now all that you have to do is to make your predictions on what the most likely match outcome is and put your bets down.


Cricket is another sport that works well with a 1×2 bet. Obviously this has to be one of those cricket matches like a Test match or a Sheffield Shield game that has a draw as a possible outcome. As such, you won’t be able to put down a 1×2 bet on limited overs cricket matches like the Big Bash League, Indian Premier League or a T20 international where there always has to be a winner. But if you wanted to try a 1×2 bet on a Test match between Australia and New Zealand, then you’d basically be betting on either Australia or New Zealand to win, or for there to be a draw.


It’s fair to say that 1×2 betting works best for those sports that produce plenty of draws after regular time, and that are also fairly low scoring. As such, you’ll see lots of 1×2 bets for both ice hockey and standard hockey. Remember that 1×2 bets usually only apply to the end of regular time. As such a 1×2 bet offers you a simple way to enjoy betting on top hockey leagues like the NHL.


OK so games of rugby league and rugby union rarely end up as draws, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t put down a 1×2 bet on that big NRL game. The chances of there being a draw might be as rare as hen’s teeth, but a handful of punters might have occasionally gotten lucky by backing both teams to get the same score.

American football

Similarly, ties are very rare in American football, but nearly every NFL season will have a tied result. This means that you’ll normally be faced with 1×2 betting markets when you want to bet on the gridiron action.

Sports that won’t work with a 1×2 betting system in Australia

A surprisingly large number of sporting events won’t have a draw outcome. This means that you simply won’t be able to use a 1×2 betting strategy with these sports. Here are just a handful of those sports that you won’t find any 1×2 bets for.

Tennis: All tennis matches have a clear winner and loser. This means that you won’t see any 1×2 betting markets for anything from the Australian Open to next year’s Wimbledon.

Horse racing: While horse races have a winner, they also have lots of losers. As a result, you won’t get a 1×2 bet for the Melbourne Cup.

Golf: Again there is normally a very large field for most golf tournaments like the PGA Championship. This means that you won’t find 1×2 bets for golf.

Formula 1: All motor racing events won’t have a draw and they have multiple participants. All of which means that you won’t be given 1×2 bets for F1 races like the Australian Grand Prix.

Basketball: OK so there’s a pretty slender chance of there being a draw in that NBA game at the end of regular time. But you’d have to be very brave to bet on the draw in any basketball game.

Why everyone benefits from having 1×2 betting explained

The great thing about 1×2 betting is just how simple it is. This is a kind of sports bet that everyone can easily understand and enjoy. As long as you know the basics of how sports like soccer and cricket work, then you’ll be able to put down a 1×2 bet.

This kind of sports bet is handy as it cuts down to the chase and gives you a clear way to see which bookmakers are offering you the best value with the 1×2 betting markets. Plus all bookies will have 1×2 bets available which means that you’ll benefit from being able to shop around for the best odds.

Above all, a basic understanding of 1×2 betting gives you a great doorway into enjoying plenty more complicated kinds of sports bets. So once you’ve got the basics of 1×2 betting sorted, there’ll be no stopping you on your journey.

Limitations of even the best 1×2 betting strategy Australia has at the moment

While 1×2 betting is hugely popular, it’s also a betting strategy that has plenty of limitations. The fact that you are restricted to three outcomes means that you might be stuck with either bets that are easy to win but give you little in the way of returns, or bets that may give you a big return but are very unlikely to win.

Plus as 1×2 betting only really works on those sports where there is a realistic chance of there being a draw, it’s clearly not a good option for sports ranging from tennis to F1 motor racing.

So if a standard 1×2 bet isn’t working for you, take a look at some of these popular alternative betting options:

Try a handicap bet

This is perfect for those 1×2 betting options where there’s a real imbalance between the two teams or players. Handicap betting basically means levelling the playing field by giving each of the competitors either a points advantage or a points disadvantage.

Let’s imagine that you wanted to bet on Australia to beat England in an Ashes Test match. Australia were the clear favourites which meant that you won’t get much back from your bets by backing Australia in standard 1×2 betting markets.

But by trying a handicap bet, it would put Australia at a points disadvantage. This would mean that Australia would have to win by a greater number of runs or wickets for you to win your bet. It means Australia would have to work harder to win, but you’d benefit from the tougher odds by getting a better return from your bet.

Don’t forget that handicap betting is also good for getting more wins with an underdog. Let’s say that you wanted to bet on Australia to beat Brazil in the next soccer World Cup. It would be almost impossible for you to win this bet with a standard 1×2 bet. But with a handicap bet, Australia would start with a goal advantage. This means that Australia could theoretically draw the match with Brazil and you’d still win your bets.

Give Asian handicap betting a try

Asian handicap betting refers to simply taking the draw out of the equation while using the above points advantage or disadvantage. This basically reduces betting on a sporting encounter to have just two outcomes. As a result, an Asian handicap can be another great way of manipulating the odds in your favour. While Asian handicap betting can take a fair amount of skill, it can still be an excellent way to get more value from the standard 1×2 betting markets.

Best ways to enjoy betting on 1×2

We think that just about anyone can appreciate the simplicity of a good 1×2 bet. But that’s not to say that 1×2 betting is always going to be easy. After all, big sporting upsets happen more often than you think. All of which means that you’ll need to take care whenever you’re ready to put down a 1×2 bet. Here are some key things to consider for your 1×2 bets.

Do your research: OK this is the same for all kinds of sports bets, but we can’t overemphasise how important it is to do your research ahead of a 1×2 bet. This is especially true as most of us will fall into the trap of betting on the teams and players that we support. As a result, it can be pretty easy to think the team that we’re backing are better than they actually are. You can avoid this by doing detailed research into the past form of the competitors. It’s also a good idea to examine how the previous head-to-head encounters between the competitors have gone down.

Factor in home advantage: We all know how important home advantage can be to a big sporting encounter. Anything from an Ashes Test match to a soccer game in the A-League can see the home crowd doing all they can to affect the outcome. So be sure to factor in the home advantage into the sport that you’re betting on. A particularly vocal crowd at a legendary stadium like The Gabba could make all the difference between your 1×2 bet staying at a draw or being pushed into a win.

Don’t underestimate the draw: It’s fairly common to find that both punters and bookmakers will have a real tendency to underestimate the chances of a draw happening. But draws can occur more commonly than you may think especially in those cloudy cricket matches in England. While betting on a draw might seem to be the direct opposite of what sports are all about, it can be a great way to get a touch more value on your 1×2 bets.

Gamble responsibly: Finally, just a reminder that nobody’s going to last too long by gambling recklessly. Sure you might get lucky every now and then, but the sad fact is that everyone loses their 1×2 bets sooner or later. The key is to only bet with stakes that you don’t mind losing so that you don’t fall into the trap of chasing after your losses and betting with money that you don’t have.

Conclusion – Putting down your 1×2 bets

By now you should be well-equipped with the best 1×2 betting strategy Australia has to offer. We’ve had 1×2 betting explained so that you can see how it works for many popular sports like soccer and cricket. This means that you can approach betting on these sports in a whole new light.

You’ll know how 1×2 betting keeps things simple, but might be limited in terms of finding value in your odds. But we think that once you’ve mastered the basics of 1×2 betting, you’ll be able to incorporate it into many more types of bets like handicap betting and so on. All of this means that 1×2 betting is one of the basic building blocks of sports betting. Now it’s time to take things up a level!

1×2 betting strategy Australia FAQ

💪What is a good 1×2 bet strategy?

Unlike a matched betting strategy, the best kind of 1×2 bet ultimately depends on what kind of sport you’re betting on and how the actual sporting encounter is going. However, there are always a few things you can do to keep things in your favour. We’ve worked hard to come up with the best 1×2 betting strategy Australia has at the moment. Perfect for getting more wins with this classic kind of sports bet. 

❓Can you tell me what a 1×2 bet means?

1×2 betting is one of the most basic kinds of sports bet that you’ll come across, and not even the easiest 1.01 betting strategy Australia has to offer can come close to the simplicity of a 1×2 bet. But just because this bet is simple doesn’t mean that it’s easy to win. So we’ll have 1×2 betting explained in basic terms so that you can see whether you should give it a try. 

🏏What can you use 1×2 sports betting for?

You can use a 1×2 bet on many of the world’s most popular sports. However certain sports definitely won’t work in conjunction with a 1×2 bet. So don’t even think about using an in play tennis betting strategy with your 1×2 bets. But in our guide to the best 1×2 betting strategy Australia has to offer, you’ll get to see all of the sports that you can use this bet type for and we’ll give you some great tips to try too.

⚽Where can I find some good 1×2 soccer tips?

It shouldn’t take much more than a quick internet search to find 1×2 betting tips for soccer. This is because soccer is the world’s most popular sport and 1×2 bets are the most popular bets for soccer. However, many of these betting tips might not be too reliable. So we’ll have 1×2 betting explained so that you can implement it into the best betting strategy for Australia.

👀Where can I find a 1×2 betting site?

We think that it should be pretty easy to find a betting site who has lots of 1×2 bets. After all this kind of bet can be used on many of the world’s most popular sports, although you won’t need to have 1×2 betting explained to know how to bet on tennis. But read our guide to 1×2 betting where we’ll show you those betting sites that excel at this iconic kind of sports bet. 

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