1.01 Betting Strategy Australia 2021

1.01 Betting Explained

We’ve found the best 1.01 betting strategy Australia has at the moment. This gives you a great way to make modest wins from surefire winning bets. Keep reading our guide to have 1.01 betting explained in simple terms!

You’ll see that 1.01 betting isn’t about making those massive wins. Instead, you’ll be gradually building up wins from some bets that have virtually no chance of losing. But how do you go about finding these bets? It’s actually pretty easy. So take a look below to see the best 1.01 betting strategy Australia has to offer.

1.01 betting explained in simple terms

So 1.01 betting means betting on odds of 1.01. These are odds that are highly likely to win. As 1.01 odds are very short, you’d stand an excellent chance of winning your bets, but you also won’t get much of a return from your bet.

This means that 1.01 betting is something that you’ll normally carry out over a series of bets on the same very low odds. By building up slender profits from betting on odds of 1.01 over a long time, you’ll hopefully make a decent profit over the long term.

As a result, we can see that 1.01 betting relies on you being able to find these short odds, and also putting in the work to bet over a long period of time. Despite this, it’s one of the more popular sports betting strategies and can easily be used for anything from cricket to rugby and Aussie rules football. Keep reading to see the best ways to use this betting strategy.

Using the best 1.01 betting strategy Australia has to offer

So the trick to 1.01 betting is being able to consistently find odds of 1.01. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. After all, massive sporting upsets happen in everything from soccer to basketball, and so most bookies will be pretty unlikely to give you odds of 1.01 for a team or player to win a sporting encounter. Despite this, the following situations tend to lend themselves to producing odds of 1.01.

Betting on the clear favourites

Let’s imagine that there’s a sporting encounter that is so one-sided that there’s barely any chance of the favourite losing. It could be something like Australia taking on Afghanistan in the Cricket World Cup, or England playing against San Marino in the soccer World Cup qualifiers. These are situations where you’ll probably find a few bookmakers who will give you odds of 1.01 for the favourite to win, while the underdog will probably have odds of over 100.00 to produce the sporting upset of the century.

This shows that you’re more likely to find prematch 1.01 odds in those knock-out tournaments. Finding such a one-sided encounter in a league like the NRL, AFL or the BBL is far less likely. Instead it’s those cup tournaments that bring together a David and a Goliath that will give you the best chance of spotting some 1.01 odds.

1.01 betting explained for live bets 

Many fans of 1.01 betting will keep this strategy exclusively to live bets. This is because odds of 1.01 tend to be found in the dying stages of a sporting encounter where the match result looks almost certain.

For example, Australia’s cricket team could be on 149 runs while chasing down England’s target of 150 runs with 10 wickets remaining. This result is almost guaranteed to win and so you’d probably see live betting odds of 1.01 at some sports betting sites. Just remember that you can’t put down live online bets in Australia, so you’d better be fast in calling up that bookmaker before the betting odds change!

1.01 betting explained with examples for your favourite sports

There’s only so much you can learn about betting from theories and mathematical equations. It’s in the real world where you get to see whether a betting strategy is worth sticking with or whether it should be discarded. Here are some simple examples of 1.01 betting with some of Australia’s biggest sports.


Let’s imagine that you wanted to bet on a big NRL game between Melbourne Storm and Gold Coast Titans. Melbourne were already the clear favourites to win as Gold Coast were having a terrible time in the current NRL season. It was already well into the second half and Melbourne were absolutely thrashing Gold Coast 46-4. Here, you’d check out which bookies had live betting odds of 1.01 for Melbourne to win. Now put down your bet safe in the knowledge that there’s almost no chance of Melbourne throwing this game away.

Australian rules football

We think that 1.01 betting can also work wonders with betting on Aussie rules football and might be the best football betting strategy Australia has to offer for easy wins. Say that Geelong were playing Carlton in a regular AFL game. Unsurprisingly, Geelong were running away with the game and had scored almost twice as many points as Carlton with just minutes left to play. Now’s the time to call up your friendly bookie to see if you can get odds of 1.01 for Geelong to seal the almost certain victory.


You’ll probably have to try live betting to find odds of 1.01 for cricket. Let’s imagine that Australia were playing England in the Ashes at The Gabba. Australia had scored 530 runs in their first innings and skittled out for England for 128 in their first innings and the visitors were now at 216 for eight wickets in their second innings. While there is the most remote chance that England could still win this game, it’s very unlikely. As such there might be a bookie out there with odds of 1.01 for an Australia victory.


One of the best things about soccer is the fact that it has lots of big tournaments where you get massive clubs playing against tiny teams. Take a recent FA Cup game in England where the mighty Tottenham Hotspur took on the non-league minnows Marine FC. Unsurprisingly many bookies were giving Tottenham odds of 1.01 to win. While you’d have gotten a fairly modest profit back from betting on Tottenham, a slender win is still better than no win at all.


While there is often a firm favourite in tennis matches, the instances of a player being 1.01 to win are very rare indeed. As a result, the 1.01 strategy is just one strategy used in this sport. Another very different technique is to bet in play, which can bear fruit as the position in the game can change every point. One you have in play tennis betting explained, you'll see that it can be a viable alternative in Tennis. However, this is not the case for all sports.

Places where even the best 1.01 betting strategy Australia has won’t work

We think that the 1.01 betting strategy is one of the simplest and most effective ways to build up some nice wins from your sports bets. However, it’s important to note that some sports might not be suited to this betting strategy.

In particular, it’s those racing events like horse racing where you won’t find odds of 1.01. This is because most horse races have lots of runners and it is highly unlikely that any favourite is going to be that good that they’ll have odds of 1.01. Plus the fact that you can’t bet live on horse racing also means that you’re not going to be able to use this strategy. So, you will have to look elsewhere for the best horse racing betting strategy Australia has to offer.

Why everyone wants to try the best 1.01 betting strategy Australia has at the moment

There are plenty of weird and wonderful betting strategies out there. Many of these tend to promise too much. But we think that the 1.01 betting strategy is one of the best that you’ll come across. Here are some of the key reasons why it’s worth hunting down those 1.01 odds.

Great way to build up wins

We think that this betting strategy offers you one of the best ways to build up your wins over the long term. You’re free to bet as much or as little as you want and you can still rest easy in the knowledge that there’s very little way that you’re going to lose your bets. Many punters have found that this betting strategy is great fun to carry out over the whole of a season in the NRL, AFL or BBL. This is because you might not get a massive payout instantly, but at the end of the season you’ll have a nice reward waiting for you for all of your hard work.

Takes the stress out of sports betting

It doesn’t matter how much experience of sports betting you have, the truth of the matter is that nobody likes losing their bets. So the fact that there’s a betting strategy that almost guarantees that you win your bets is undoubtedly great news. In fact the most stressful thing you’ll have to do is to find those bookies who have odds of 1.01. This means that you can simply sit back, watch your chosen team decimate their opponents, and then pick up your winnings at the end. If only all sports bets were so relaxing!

So simple even newbies can enjoy it

We have to admit that the majority of sports betting strategies can be massively complex. Things like matched betting are hard enough for even experienced punters to successfully use. So it’s nice to find a sports betting strategy like 1.01 betting that’s easy to understand and simple to put into action. As a result, we’d recommend this betting strategy to any newcomers to sports betting who want to make consistent wins without throwing their money away.

Why having 1.01 betting explained won’t always be a good idea

It’s important to note that all betting strategies have their limitations. After all, if there was such a thing as a 100% foolproof betting strategy, then we’d all be using it and we’d all be millionaires. So here are a few things to keep in mind when using a 1.01 betting strategy.

Australian live betting laws

So we’ve pointed out that you’re more likely to see odds of 1.01 when live betting. While nearly all Australian bookies have live odds, current Australian online gambling laws means that you can’t bet on these in-play odds over the internet. As a result, you’ll have to physically call up the bookie’s customer support team via telephone in order to put down your live bets. By the time that you’ve done all of this, then there’s a pretty good chance that either the sporting event had finished or that the odds had changed from 1.01. All of which could spell disaster for your 1.01 betting strategy.

We see this a lot with golf betting strategy. A player may have a 2 stroke lead towards the end of the final round and be pegged at 1.01, only to sink his ball in a water hazard and succumb to a 1 shot penalty, changing the outcome dramatically.

Small chance of an upset

Betting on odds of 1.01 means that a certain team or player is almost certain to claim the victory. The important word in that sentence is ‘almost’. After all, there’s a very slender chance that the underdogs might pull off a remarkable shock result. Such events are hugely rare in the world of elite sport, but they do happen. Many rugby fans will remember Japan beating South Africa in the Rugby World Cup a few years ago, and there will be plenty of people who lost their stakes on odds of 1.01 for this game. All of which shows that while this betting strategy gives you a good chance of winning your bets, it’s not 100% foolproof.

Takes a long time 

OK so the 1.01 betting strategy takes a long time to make much of a return. The odds are so short that any profit you make from a single bet will be so minimal that you’ll probably wonder why you’re bothering in the first place. Even if you won lots of bets at odds of 1.01, the overall returns may still be fairly unspectacular.

In this case, we recommend that you look rather to finding value bets where the probability of an outcome is greater than the predictions of the bookmaker's odds, thereby giving you a slight edge over the sportsbook. This may provide a quicker way to make more favourable returns. Refer to our expert CaptainGambling strategy guides to have the value bet strategy explained in more detail.

Takes the fun out of betting

Most of us like to bet on sport because it’s fun and unpredictable. While winning your bets is nice, we have to say that endlessly betting on clear favourites gets pretty boring after a while. Sure you may be gradually building up your wins, but it’s probably one of the most tedious ways to get a return from your sports bets.

Conclusion - Key points of 1.01 betting

Now that we’ve had 1.01 betting explained, you’ll know that it offers you a seriously simple way to get close to a guaranteed win with your sports bets. But while 1.01 betting is easy to understand, it’s not always so simple to put into action.

Firstly, 1.01 betting odds might not be as common as you’d initially think. Plus Australia’s live betting laws make it pretty hard to put a good 1.01 betting strategy into action. Despite this, we think that 1.01 betting can still be worth your time. While it’s a betting strategy that requires plenty of work, there’s nothing like 1.01 betting for taking some of the uncertainty out of your sports bets.

1.01 betting strategy Australia FAQ

⭐Will a 1.01 betting system always work?

All betting strategies will aim to help you get more wins when you bet on sport. However, it’s important to note that even the best tennis betting strategy or even a top cricket betting strategy can only go so far. So take a look at our guide to using the best 1.01 betting strategy Australia has to offer.  This will reveal your chances of winning when using this strategy.

👀Where can I get betting 1.01 odds?

It might be harder than you think to find 1.01 betting odds. However, it’s important to note that these kinds of odds do crop up more often in certain parts of a sports betting site. For example, if you used an in play tennis betting strategy, you might have more chance of finding 1.01 odds. Take a look at our guide that will have 1.01 betting explained so that you can see what we mean.

✅Is 1.01 betting safe?

It’s always best to be cautious with all forms of sports betting. It doesn’t matter if you know how to bet on rugby or how to bet on greyhound in Australia as you’ll need to be careful not to lose your real money stakes. But by reading our guide to the best 1.01 betting strategy Australia has at the moment, you’ll be perfectly placed to see exactly how safe you’ll be when you use this strategy.

❓How do I try a 1.01 bet challenge?

Chances are that you might have stumbled across this challenge that basically sets some fairly specific targets for your sports bets. But once you have read our guide and had 1.01 betting explained, you’ll see that such a challenge might not always be such a good idea. So make sure that you read our guide and then see how you can use the best betting strategies for Australia instead.

✨How does a 1.1 odds strategy work?

In theory a 1.1 odds strategy should work just like a 1.01 betting system in Australia. But if you’ve had matched betting explained you’ll know that things rarely work simply when it comes to betting strategies. So take a look at our guide to using the best 1.01 betting strategy Australia has to offer. This will reveal why this strategy could be the best option for your sports bets.

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