Best Betting App for iPhone in Australia 2021

iPhone Bookmaker Apps

We’re lucky enough that today, pretty much all of the finest sportsbooks also have iOS betting apps. This means that the top betting apps are generally also the best betting app for iPhone in Australia candidates.

But which among them is the absolute best? Bookmaker iPhone apps are indeed complicated things with an awful lot of different facets to consider. That’s why we’ve created this ultimate guide to the best iPhone betting apps. Here, you’ll be able to wrap your head around everything we, and you, should consider when looking for a great app.

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Compare Top iPhone Bookmaker Apps in Australia

BlueBet Bonus
BlueBet Highlights
  • User-friendly betting site
  • Great for beginners
  • Lots of betting options
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New South Wales
BlueBet Review Visit Provider
PlayUp Bonus
PlayUp Highlights
  • Quality sports betting app
  • Competitive odds for horse racing
  • Diverse selection of betting markets
Credit Card
Australia’s Northern Territory
PlayUp Review Visit Provider
Unibet Bonus
Unibet Highlights
  • Diverse betting markets available
  • Live streaming on offer
  • Myriad of promotions offer
Credit Card
Australia’s Northern Territory
Unibet Review Visit Provider
Bet365 Bonus
Bet365 Highlights
  • Super competitive racing odds on offer
  • Standout sportsbook platform and design
  • Massive amount of betting markets
Australia’s Northern Territory
Bet365 Review Visit Provider
DraftStars Bonus
DraftStars Highlights
  • Some of the biggest fantasy sports tournaments
  • Diverse range of sports to build your team for
  • Offers a streamlined mobile app
Credit Card
Australia’s Northern Territory
DraftStars Review Visit Provider
Picklebet Bonus
Picklebet Highlights
  • Easy to use betting slips
  • Plethora of betting markets available
  • Competitive odds on offer
Credit Card
Australia’s Northern Territory
Picklebet Review Visit Provider
Betfair Bonus
Betfair Highlights
  • Huge selection of betting markets
  • Live streaming available
  • Possibility of great betting odds
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Australia’s Northern Territory

Secure & fair gambling with these top iPhone bookmaker apps

One of the biggest advantages that iOS apps have in general is that they’re very secure. Apple has pretty much total control of its operating system. This may have its downsides for some people in terms of creative flexibility, but it also maintains standards and security.

In general, they’re much less vulnerable to things like virus attacks than other kinds of apps. With that said, this should still not be a concern when it comes to quality bookmaker Android apps, but it’s reassuring to know. Beyond that, there’s also security features that the technology makes possible, with fingerprint recognition probably being the most common security feature to really take advantage of the possibilities in a mainstream way.

Otherwise, the security concerns for the best iPhone betting apps are very much the same as for the operator in general. We need to know about licensing to ensure they’re legitimate, and that they have encryption to protect your personal data, for instance.

Other considerations include privacy and responsible gaming policy, reliable banking options, account verification policy and reputation. All of which are thoroughly tested and researched to the highest possible standards before any can be considered a candidate for the best iPhone betting app.

Editor’s recommendation – the best betting app for iPhone in Australia

When it came to picking an editor’s recommendation for the best betting app for iPhone in Australia, we went back and forth between several different options. Betfair and Bet365, for instance, would have both been fantastic picks, with a truly international scope and appeal. That’s not to mention, a level of quality from design to markets that’s hard for many smaller names to match up.

However, this is about the finest iOS betting apps for an Australian audience, and it’s with that in mind that we’ve picked PlayUp for our recommendation. They already got our pick for the best betting app for rugby in Australia, and have a lot more to offer than that, with an app that’s fantastically fluid whether we’re talking about horse racing, NBA, Australian rules football, cricket, or even the likes of entertainment and elections. It’s a fantastically versatile operator, with a sideline in fantasy sports. Although that’s not included on this app, it’s an example of their versatility.

Of course, the “proudly Australian” app is especially great for Australian markets, but don’t underestimate its international scope either. This would be one of the best apps anywhere. If you don’t believe us, consider that this app has what we believe to be the most overwhelmingly positive reception from its users we’ve ever seen. There’s no greater indication of quality than that in our book. It’s great to have the best iPhone betting apps recommendation to be Australian owned.

This is how our experts test for the best betting app for iPhone in Australia – data & criteria

Now we’ve selected our pick for the editor’s recommendation for the best betting app for iPhone in Australia, you’re probably wondering what factors go into making that kind of decision. Well, overwhelmingly, it comes down to a mixture of research and practical tests.

Researching iPhone betting apps

Since they’re a bit simpler by nature, we’re going to start off with the research side of things. These are the kind of things we analyse before making any recommendations:

  • License
  • Encryption
  • Privacy Policy
  • Responsible gaming policy
  • Practical responsible gaming measures
  • Banking options
  • Fees
  • Minimum and maximum deposit and withdrawal amounts
  • Transaction times
  • Market variety for sports
  • Game variety for casinos, including software developers
  • Betting limits for both casino and sportsbook
  • Terms and conditions
  • Help and FAQ sections
  • Customer service options
  • Other customer reviews and feedback

We check and compare all of these things, and more, to see how they stack up to the competition.

Practical tests

More practical tests we conduct include the following:

  • Checking out how easy it is to register
  • Seeing how straightforward the banking process is and if they delivered what they promised with regards to transaction times
  • Comparing the odds to other competitors, as well as testing the overround
  • Using the app as much as possible and noting any and all technical issues, paying special attention to any app-specific features and things like the responsiveness of the touch screen, for example
  • Testing the structure by trying to find everything on the site as quickly as we could
  • Checking the live performance for the speed of updates, details and any technical issues in live streaming
  • Noting how easy it is to add limits to an account
  • Testing for the simplicity and comprehensiveness of account verification
  • Contacting customer service several times to check response times and helpfulness

As you can tell from these notes of some of the tests we conduct, it’s an extensive process. The last step is considering who we think a betting app would be right for, because it’s not always the same for everyone. Keep that in mind for our next section.

Finding the best betting app for iPhone in Australia for you

Our tests, obviously, only cover the objective when it comes to bookmaker iPhone apps. The problem we have is really simple: not all iOS betting apps are aimed at the same people, and we can’t tell you what you like.

Obviously, everyone wants great customer service and fast payouts, for instance. Those are criteria where we can say that one is objectively better than another. But we couldn’t tell you that you should go with a betting exchange over a sportsbook, or something that focuses more one some sport than others. You could be looking for a best betting app for cricket or the finest bookmaker app for horse racing, to give a couple of examples.

We couldn’t tell you what kind of app style you enjoy because, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Because of this, a really important part of our job goes beyond just saying whether an app and operator can be considered good via all available information. We also have to consider all these different points and think about how broad an appeal the site would have and who we think they’re good for.

The final step though – which is deciding whether that app is right for you – has to come from you. We are partners in this journey to find you the ideal betting app, and we can only take you so far along the way. That final leap is yours. To prepare yourself for it, we suggest really thinking about what kind of things you want from an operator. Perhaps you want something niche or a jack-of-all-trades. You may want something suitable for absolute newcomers or something a bit more tailored to experienced bettors.

How do I know if my betting operator has an iOS app?

The good news here is that iOS apps are really very common amongst most big bookmakers. When they’re not available, you’ll usually find it’s from a less established operator. The reason for this is really simple: producing an app can be extremely expensive, so it makes sense that the most successful are the most consistent in this regard.

Very occasionally, you’ll have an operator that has an Android and not an iOS app, but it’s not likely. Usually, operators don’t wish to divide their audience across different operating systems, so wouldn’t risk alienating them. They would rather have a consistent product for non-desktop users – more on that in a moment.

In terms of where you would actually find the app, it would often be advertised on the bookmaker site itself and be available through the Apple App Store. If it’s not clearly advertised, then it should be fairly easy to find by simply searching the name of the operator in the search bar. If there’s still doubt, you could always ask customer service but if it’s available, it should be easily found by this point.

What if your favourite operator doesn’t have an iOS app?

Well, we suppose that’s up to you. It’s worth pointing out that plenty of betting sites do have a mobile version of the site which can be accessed through your browser. While these have limitations that apps do not, we have often been surprised by just how good they can be.

Obviously, they won’t qualify for our top app recommendations, but they can still be quite impressive. Nonetheless, it can be a compromise both in terms of convenience and features. If you decide this isn’t for you, remember there’s a whole world of amazing bookmakers out there, and there really is no reason you should settle for less.

How an iPhone betting app could change your betting experience

For those of you who aren’t sure what the benefits of a great iPhone betting app are, we would say above everything else; it’s actually mostly about the complete experience, all coming together to create something truly special. However, if you want a closer look at some of those delicious details, here are five of the wonderful benefits of betting on the small screen.

It saves you time

This one is fairly self-explanatory. Turning the computer on, waiting for it to load, getting the site up, and placing your bets takes a little while. Hey, we know you’re busy, and those minutes matter. And that’s the best case scenario – if you’re away from home, then you may have to wait many hours. You could forget what markets you were interested in and even miss that betting opportunity. That’s something we’ll have more to say about in our next section.

Betting online is all about convenience, and often the desktop option sometimes fails to be that. Your mobile app, however, is a mere fingertip away.

You can bet live whenever you want

The worst case scenario, as we mentioned before, is that you completely miss your chance to bet on a game you’re interested in. Being able to bet live is a solution to that problem. Not only can you bet right at that moment, but you can also follow the game from wherever you are and respond to it in real-time. Being able to do that from any location, we think, might be the greatest achievement of any betting app.

Just think of how far we’ve come from having to physically go into a betting shop, come home, or go to a pub where the game is on. We’re not saying that cannot be a great experience. Some people love that way of betting to get really immersed in the experience. However, it’s often not convenient. You pretty much have to have a few hours all to yourself, and as we all know, real-life can get in the way.

It allows you to bet online without a computer

Speaking of being able to have that betting experience at all, remember that a lot of people do not have a traditional computer or laptop. Betting via their mobile device or tablet is quite literally, the only way they’re going to be able to wager online.

Remember too that a lot of people prefer to use something like a tablet because they’re more intuitive and they may struggle with traditional computer systems. This is especially true for people who may not have a betting shop near them or are unable to get to one. That would completely shut them out from being able to bet on their favourite sports. In other words, betting using an app is more than just a preference – it’s about accessibility.

Improved security features

iOS apps, in particular, are well known for their security and the ability to add things like fingerprint recognition means your personal security is heightened even further when using some mobile apps. We are, of course, dealing with sites that have sensitive financial information, alongside many more personal details, so this could not be more important.

You can find new and interesting ways to bet

While you can find new ways to bet with whatever kind of online betting experience you choose, we think the mobile app is the perfect platform to do so. The ease of use and intuitiveness of so many of the best apps out there makes searching through their many markets and options an absolute breeze. Of course, being able to do so makes things even easier.

Thanks to this, we just find we notice a great deal more interesting sports, markets and ways to bet than we had never noticed before. You never know, with the help of your new favourite iOS betting app, you may find a new way to look at your favourite sports, or a new sport altogether.


One of the things we want to make abundantly clear is the number of iOS bookmaker apps we consider to be among the best is absolutely massive. It’s not a case of having one or two gunning for the top spot: it’s many dozens. We went with what we thought was most exceptional, the absolute best of the best. But if that particular example doesn’t work for you, have no doubt that there’s such a huge amount of choice out there, you needn’t settle for anything less than perfect for you, regardless of your personal betting or stylistic preferences.

That’s the true magic of iOS apps. There seems to be something for everyone in this big betting universe. The best betting app for iPhone in Australia for you is out there. Our recommendations are a good place to start.

Best Betting App for iPhone in Australia FAQ

✅What’s the best betting app for iPhone users in Australia?

With such a wide variety of betting apps available on iPhone, it can be a challenge to discover which one is best for you and your betting preferences. Thankfully, we’re here to help. We conduct professional tests and analysis on everything from security to app design, betting variety, customer service and more to bring you our recommendations for the top picks. From there, you can find one you truly love.

🔒Is it safe to bet from an iPhone app?

Security is one of our top priorities when analysing any iPhone betting app. After all, you’re inputting sensitive financial and personal information into these bookmakers. So, knowing it’s all safe and secure is crucial. Thankfully, the iOS platform is renowned for being trustworthy and reliable. That alongside our expert analysis for all our betting app recommendations means you can wager with peace of mind.

📱Do I need to download iOS betting apps?

Mobile betting apps offer a number of benefits over desktop sites, including the ability to bet on the go and additional security features like touch ID. In order to access all these benefits, you will likely need to download the iOS betting app from the Apple App Store or by visiting the bookmaker’s site, although some operators also offer a mobile version of their site. For more information on choosing and accessing your ideal iOS betting app, be sure to read our guide here at CaptainGambling.

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