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Online Gambling Sites US 2021

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Captain Gambling is your source for what’s going on with gambling laws and online gambling websites in the United States. We are always up to date and will tell you what’s really going on with the best gambling sites. You can search us state by state and find out what is legal and what is not in the world of online gambling. We’ll also offer you casino reviews of popular gambling sites, strategy guides and general news in the world of gambling for real money. We are your one stop shop for online gambling sites in the United States. We’ll help answer questions like “is 888sport legit?” and reveal the best gambling websites in the US.

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Fantasy Sports US

Thinking about playing fantasy sports, but not sure where to start? Check the best gambling websites here.

Best US Bookies

On this page you will find everything you need to know about the best US sports betting sites.

The Best Comparison for US Online Gambling Sites:

We have examined the legal operators for sports betting and online gambling websites more closely and subjected them to an intensive test. Read on below to find out more about gambling for real money at gambling sites online.

Online Gambling Websites Results:

1. BetMGM Casino Brand
5 / 5
Live Casino
Free Spins
$500 100% Dep. Bonus
T&Cs Apply
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2. Harrah’s Online Casino Brand
4.9 / 5
Live Casino
Free Spins
$300 100% Welcome Bonus
T&Cs Apply
Play Now Harrah’s Online Casino Bonus
3. Caesars Online Casino Brand
4.9 / 5
Live Casino
Free Spins
$300 100% Dep. Bonus
T&Cs Apply
Play Now Caesars Online Casino Bonus

Best Gambling Sites US

Whether a new player looking to set up with a renowned site or a more experienced player looking to move all or parts of bankroll elsewhere, you’ll need to use the best gambling websites. All casino aficionados are always on the lookout for the best online gambling sites. While the ever-growing gambling USA market is full of exciting possibilities in terms of gambling sites online, the search is not always easy for a number of reasons.

Gambling for Real Money at the Top Gambling Websites – Top US Gambling Sites

Not all casino-goers have same preferences so it’s not really a matter of putting a finger on what’s the best for everyone in terms of gambling sites online. It’s rather a matter of knowing the specific player’s preferences and finding the best suit to put them into action at the best gambling websites. This opens doors for ambiguity and using other players’ experience in the said decision-making process when it comes to gambling for real money at popular gambling sites.

Gambling USA

Still, best online casinos have many features in common and we use these as industry standards of quality services, often used as points of reference. Online gambling is a high-risk entertainment by itself so people naturally want to minimize the other risks involved while still grabbing the best online gambling offers out there.

Betting Picks at Popular Gambling Sites – The Best American Gambling Sites

As well as seeking out the best sports betting and general casino sites, we’re also here to provide you with the best betting tips on offer. What this involves is getting the inside info and finding not just the bet. Additionally, we seek to help you find the best operator to place the bet with and at the best odds. A lot of work goes into creating top quality betting tips that are designed to help you have a genuine chance of winning.

Gambling for Real Money at Popular Gambling Sites

A top quality gambling USA betting tip doesn’t involve simply picking a favorite. In reality, any old Tom, Dick, or Harry can tell you the favorite is likely to win. What’s more, the odds offered on a favorite are slim and offer little to nothing in terms of value. For example, when gambling for real money, there’s no point in staking $10 for a $10.50 return is there?

So what do our experts look for when creating our top betting tips here at Well, there’s no short answer there, and it depends on the sport, but let’s run through some examples to use at the best gambling websites. For horses, we look at things including the horse’s race history, the jockey, the trainer and the track & weather conditions among other aspects. When it comes to team sports, such as football, hockey and basketball, we look at form, injuries and team mentality. We’ll even consider the small details, such as how a player or horse might be feeling the morning of the game. Betting tips aren’t just about picking the potential winner, however. We also have to choose the best bet type. Subsequently, we then have to find the online sports betting site that offers the best odds on which to place our chosen bet.

Best Sports Betting Sites

Here at, we’re dedicated to helping you find the best sports betting sites around for gambling with real money. This includes all new gambling sites. Our aim is to review and provide you with the best sports betting sites available. Both across the country as a whole and in your state. Naturally, there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to sports betting sites. Each and every person and type of bettor has different needs, wants and budgets. And here at, our experts understand that.

Finding the best new gambling sites

Ultimately, that’s why our aim is not to simply declare a single site as the best and be done with it. Moreover, we’ve divided the best betting sites into a number of categories so that you can find the best betting site for you. It’s never been easier to find new gambling sites.  Additionally, we’ll help you find the best sports betting site where you are – provided gambling is legal in your state, of course! Take a look below to see the best gambling websites.

Best Gambling Sites

So how do we categorize our top sports betting sites here at Let’s move ahead and take a look at some examples of the best gambling sites. For starters, each and every gambling USA site we review should be safe, secure and scam free. This applies to new gambling sites too. Additionally, they should also all have a quality platform. That is to say, the website and app should function well, the range of markets should be up to scratch, as should the range of bet types.

Picking the best gambling websites

Once a site has ticked all those boxes, we’ll look into the finer details. For example, we’ll seek out the gambling sites online with the best odds or the best welcome bonus offers. Getting more into specifics, we’ve also categorized our best betting sites into those that are best for specific sports. For example, we’ll provide you with popular gambling sites for horse racing, football, basketball and more. No matter how much money you’re working with, we’ll help find the best betting site for you. This includes those exciting new gambling sites too!

Latest Gambling Industry News – All About New Gambling Sites And More

If there’s one thing the gambling industry does here in the USA, it’s that it keeps you on your toes. That’s why our team of experts and reporters here at always keep an ear to the ground, so that we can provide you with all of the latest news from the industry as it happens. As most of you will likely know, the federal ban on online gambling was lifted in the US in 2018. Since then, a number of states have begun to legalize gambling in one form or another, with many more set to follow. If you’re waiting impatiently for your state to be the next in line to legalize gambling, this is the place to come for all of the updates you need. Ultimately, if online gambling is finally legalized in your state, we’ll be the first to let you know!

Top Gambling Websites USA

It’s not just news based around gambling USA legislation that we aim to bring you, however. We’ll also provide you with all of the best and most important updates from the gambling industry as a whole. Both here in the USA and across the world. We’re not simply tied down to online gambling news either, although that is our focal point. We’ll provide you with all of the latest news updates from the world of brick and mortar casinos and sports betting shops. So if you’re looking to keep a close eye on the goings on in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and other popular legal gambling havens, you need look no further than We also bring you the top breaking news stories on a state by state basis. So if you want to find out about gambling changes in your state, you can rest assured you’ll find that info right here.

Learn About Gambling Sites Online With Our Experts

Our experts know gambling USA inside and out. They’ve been to the casinos. They’ve been to the racetracks. They’ve placed wagers online. They know what the good deals are and when to pass on a bet at top gambling websites. Their years of experience in gambling for real money help you understand online gambling and the risks and rewards inherent in it. Their casino and sportsbook reviews can be trusted because they’ve seen what popular gambling sites and online gambling companies do right and where they make mistakes. They are here for you.

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Latest Gambling Sites: Gambling Licenses in the US

Since the 2011 initiative to legalize online gambling in New Jersey and its ten-year trial period approval in early 2013, many of the renowned brick-and-mortar casinos started online businesses to provide customers with entertainment from the comfort of their home. With the least restrictive gambling laws in the country, NJ opened doors for the best gambling operators to apply for licenses through the land-based casinos. Take a look here to find good gambling sites.

Licensed gambling sites online

Licensed by the state and closely regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, casinos now offer quality service which is legal and ensures diversity. Together with sports betting legalized and implemented in 2018, this goes a long way to provide users a safe environment online but also cope with Nevada’s regulation and open opportunities for similar movements in other states in near future. So what to look out for when picking among best American online gambling sites, or even new gambling websites?

Latest Bonus Offers From the Best Gambling Websites

Most aficionados first go and check out the bonus offers with any given casino and top gambling websites for a reason. This allows one to boost their bankroll early on and set objectives with good gambling sites, often consisting of a welcome free money offer and a deposit bonus.

The sign-up bonus holds no restrictions more often than not and offers players an opportunity to check out the games with no immediate pressure of investing real money. The deposit bonuses, on the other hand, have more detailed terms and conditions which include a wagering requirement to release the said bonus into balance – which makes great attention to detail a must.

Everything About Casino Games

While the games in the offer were first very limited with all good gambling sites, the best online gambling sites now offer huge collections and a more diverse approach to gambling. The most popular are, of course, Slots and they are often the focal point of any library. However, it’s important to check out all options included, from Blackjack variations to Poker, Bingo, Slingo, and Live Dealer tables available – so that after setting up an account with the best gambling sites one can move away from their favorite machine with the same casino and no great hassle. Most renowned casinos and top gambling websites allow players to browse through the games in store without an account and it’s strongly advised to do so.

Most Recent Slot Reviews

Online slots are more popular than ever before on the best gambling sites. And we’ve taken a closer look at them here at! Slot games started off as the cheap, easy and fun machines to play on in Las Vegas casinos back in the 60s. Now, it’s fair to say that they have evolved substantially since then at all good gambling sites. Today, slots are the most prominent feature of almost every online casino. Modern video slot games are dynamic, versatile and very well produced by top software developers. The very best video slots offer graphics and gameplay that can be likened to the video games you’d play on your PlayStation or XBox. However, perhaps more importantly, the best slot games should also be fair and offer you a decent chance of winning. With some slot games offering mouthwatering potential jackpots these days, we’ve sought out the very best.

The best slots at all good gambling sites

As well as reviewing the slot games themselves here at, we’ve also reviewed the best sites (as well as all the new gambling websites) where you’ll find them. We understand that the modern online casino gambler is looking for a site that offers both quality and quantity when it comes to slot games. We’re not just on the lookout for the modern player either. Plenty of seasoned old school casino afficanados are now moving into the world of online casinos. That’s why we don’t just review high tech video slots games here. Additionally, we’ll provide you with top quality reviews of classic online slot games. By reading our expert slot games reviews here at, you’ll be sure to find the right casino slot game(s) for you. We rate and review slots based on a number of categories, including gameplay, winning potential and aesthetics, to name but a few.

Everything About Sports Betting At Good Gambling Sites

Here at, we’re experts, and we know all there is to know about sports betting. We don’t want to keep that expert knowledge to ourselves, however. Rather, what we’re here for is to pass that knowledge onto you. When we talk about sports betting, there are a number of elements to be considered. Firstly, and most importantly, there are the sports themselves. Without them, we’d have nothing to bet on. Then, we have the sports betting sites that make betting on these sports possible. These two make up the basic elements required – the bread and butter, so to speak. Getting into the nitty gritty, we have the bet types. Do you know your single stake from your combo? Or understand the complicated nature of exotic bets, such as the Exacta and Trifecta? Here at, we’re here to help you understand all that and more.

Latest Gambling Sites: Betting types

When it comes to betting types, we won’t simply help you to recognize the range of bets available and how they work. Additionally, we’ll help you to gain a deeper understanding of each bet so that you know how and when to use them. Most importantly, we’ll help you increase your chances of actually winning with each betting type. When it comes to sports, we’ll take you beyond the basic understanding of the games themselves and how they are played. On top of that, we’ll also provide you with detailed information on the leagues and top events on each sporting calendar. And finally, our sports betting advisor is here to help you realize the top sports to bet on and the best bet types to place. Additionally, we’ll help you find the sports betting site with the best odds available on the market.